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Why Is My Ficus Dropping Leaves – With 5 Solutions!

A ficus tree is a popular choice for a houseplant, you wonder why? Because it is easy to care for and has a beautiful look. But it can leave its owner asking the question, ‘why is my ficus dropping leaves?’ because of its capability to drop leaves ever so often.

According to recent research, the ficus tree is a potential source for the exploration of new antioxidant compounds and antimicrobial agents. But above that, it is the perfect houseplant.

That is why the question, ‘why is my ficus dropping leaves’ is daunting. Losing the fresh green leaves makes the plant lifeless.

It is completely normal for a ficus to drop leaves and there are many reasons why, which we are going to discuss in-depth. And every cause comes with a solution. If you want to know the answer to ‘why is my ficus dropping leaves’, you’re absolutely in the right place.

Why Is My Ficus Dropping Leaves
Why are the leaves falling off my Ficus – via Reddit

Why Is My Ficus Dropping Leaves – 5 Reasons

If your ficus is dropping leaves, the first step in the way is to realize that it is completely normal for that to happen. These leaves will probably grow back again, and your tree will remain healthy. But if you think it’s losing more than just a few leaves, then you might want to look into it.

The following are some of the reasons that might be responsible for the ficus dropping leaves.

Unstable Environment

This is the most possible cause. The change in temperature and humidity inside your house can cause ficus leaves to drop. As soon as the environmental factors variate, ficus leaves start dropping.

This can be seen occurring when the seasons are changing. As the weather changes, leaves begin to drop. That is just how a ficus tree copes with changes in its surrounding. For the plant, it’s a way to adapt.


Ficus trees aren’t happy in wet conditions, but they prefer a medium that is well-drained and moist. This might lead to many people making the mistake of under-watering a ficus tree. And this will lead to leaves dropping.

A ficus tree is evolutionarily designed to drop its leaves in anticipation of the dry season. It drops its foliage to reduce the need for water. When the tree isn’t receiving the required amount of water, it will assume the arrival of the dry season and start dropping leaves.

Root Rot Disease

As a plant that doesn’t like wet conditions, over-watering can cause big damage. In the case of over-watering, a condition called root rot can develop in ficus plants. The soil becomes oxygen-depleted and very soggy, and a perfect medium for pathogens to grow in.

Studies show that the root rot pathogens have an aggressive nature. There is variability in their structure. Root rots can be caused by different types of pathogens like bacteria, viruses, oomycetes, and fungi. This makes it very difficult to protect the ficus plants from this disease.

The root ends up not getting as many nutrients as they need and this leads to the ficus roots turning brown and losing their structure. As all of this is happening under the soil, it can go unnoticed and when the symptoms reach the leaves, it might be too late.

Not Enough Light

Sunlight is the key to the well-being of any plant. It provides food to the tree and its radiant green color. If your ficus plant isn’t getting enough light, the leaves of the tree will start getting pale and even white. These leaves will later fall off. A ficus tree with not enough light will look sparse and lifeless.


Pests are a threat to all plants. A ficus tree might be losing its leaves because of pests. To confirm, you’ll have to observe your plant closely and look for stickiness on leaves and liquid droppings. These are both clear indicators of the presence of pests.

Some pests that can affect a ficus tree are:

They all can be extremely damaging if not treated properly.

Why Is My Ficus Dropping Leaves 2
HELP! The leaves are falling off my ficus tree – via Reddit

How to Prevent the Ficus Leaves from Dropping?

If you’re worried about your ficus plant and want to do something to avoid the leaf dropping, the following are things you can do to help your ficus tree.

Consistent Watering

Figuring out the perfect watering schedule is the key to a happy ficus plant. Maintain a consistent watering routine and water according to each season. In warmer months, increase the water intake of the plant and decrease it in the winters.

Dissect the Plant (in case of root rot)

As soon as you start to see signs of root rot in your plants, start dissecting the plant. Remove the part of the plant that is infected and keep the healthy portion. This will stop the spread of the rot.

Consistent Environment

A ficus tree is sensitive to environmental changes, so the owner must make sure that no drastic changes in temperature and humidity are made. Keep the plant away from any drafty windows, air conditioners, heaters, and doors.

It is recommended that during the winter season you should keep the air humid since dry air can also affect the plant. You might need to invest in a humidifier at this point.

Perfect Lighting

Make sure that your plant is receiving an adequate amount of light. Move it to a location where it will get more light.

Neem Oil

Fungal infections are very common in houseplants like ficus, so are insect infestations. Neem oil can be used as an insecticide and fungicide to prevent the leaves from dropping.


In conclusion, if you are going through the dilemma of ‘why is my ficus dropping leaves,’ you don’t need to worry. The first step in solving a problem is recognizing it. And after you have identified it, solving it won’t be a problem.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Hopefully, this will aid you in preventing and treating dropping leaves in your plant. Happy gardening!