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6 Reasons Why Is My Majesty Palm Dying?

Growing and caring for your majesty palm plant is not a difficult task if you have been looking after plants for some time. But, sometimes, things can be different and it becomes difficult to identify the problem.

If you want to save your plant’s life but do not know the answer to the question why is my majesty palm dying, then we are here to help you!

This article covers all the possible reasons to provide you with full information on the topic of why is my majesty palm dying?

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Help for a dying majesty palm? – via Reddit

What Is A Majesty Palm?

Majesty palm is a tropical palm plant that can grow to a height of 100 feet in its natural habitat. But when planted in pots as house plants, they can grow up to 10 to 12 feet tall. It is an easy-to-grow plant.

Majesty palms are natives of Madagascar and have upward arching leaves. They are slow growers and prefer humid weather conditions. They can grow even if they are given little or no sunlight.

Why Is My Majesty Palm Plant Dying?

The majesty plant is a tropical tree and is a popular greenery plant for many households. Normally these plants should be planted outdoors but are also placed in pots to be planted indoors. They add a lush green look to the scenery wherever they are planted.

Such plants normally prefer indirect light, moderate moisture in the soil, and humid weather. If you notice any unusual behavior in your plant and do not know what to do, start looking for the problem.

To save your majesty plant from dying, here is a list of common problems that your plant might be facing with all the possible treatments:

1. Improper Lightning

The ideal place to grow a majesty palm plant is where it can access indirect sunlight. Unlike other plants, they grow best in intermittent light. To place a majesty plant, look for a place where bright light is present but not directly.

If they are exposed to direct sunlight for a longer period, they are likely to get a sunburn.

To save your plants from dying, make sure they get adequate sunlight required for their growth. The majesty palm plant will be the happiest if it is placed in a sunny window.

Even if the plant is placed indoors, make sure it is getting enough light for six to eight hours a day. If you are unable to provide adequate light, your plant might not live for a longer period.

2. Lack Of Moisture

Almost every plant needs water for its survival. The same is the case with a majesty palm plant that requires water for its growth.

The best piece of advice you can work on while planting a majesty palm plant is to never let the plant dry completely. Such plants need water and moisture all the time. You can get an idea of its water requirements by knowing that in the wilds, majesty palm is found in areas along rivers and streams.

Along with lots of water, the plant needs a proper drainage system. If it is planted in pots as indoor plants, make sure that the pots have holes at the bottom for draining excess water. If more than required water is not well-drained, it might result in root rot as they will not be able to get the oxygen properly.

The question that arises here is how will you know whether the plant is receiving less water or more than required?

The most effective way to determine if the plant is receiving enough water is by looking at the fronds. The fronds at their tips start to turn brown if the plants lack water. In such cases, the fronds start dying near the tips. If you notice any such problem, try increasing the watering capacity of the plant.

However, if your plant leaves are changing color to yellow, there is a chance that you might be overwatering your plant. You don’t have to entirely stop watering the plant, rather start watering in lower quantities.

Why Is My Majesty Palm Dying 2
First time growing majestic palm indoor and she is dying!! – via Reddit

3. Humidity

In the case of a majesty palm plant, it requires moisture around it due to its tropical nature. Lack of moisture can kill the plant. So if you see your plant turning brown, this might be the cause.

To maintain moisture indoors, use an electric humidifier. In case you don’t have it, place a pot filled with water near your plant to maintain humidity. Refill the water after a few days to prevent drying.

4. Fertilizers

Majesty palm plant requires fertilizers to grow well. They need to be fertilized atleast after every six months. The ideal seasons to fertilize your plant are before spring and after summer. Use fertilizers that are rich in iron quantity.

Also, if your plant is turning yellow, it can be due to magnesium deficiency. Use Epsom salt to treat magnesium deficiency in your plant.

5. Pests

Another common reason that can be the cause of your plant death is pests. The plant is more vulnerable to pests and insects if it is suffering from plant stress.

Spider mites can damage your majesty palm plant to death. Other bugs, such as mealybugs, can extract moisture from the environment and can cause life-threatening problems for your plant.

Keep a check on your plants to notice if it is attacked by any pests or insects. Use chemically manufactured pesticides to prevent plant death.

6. Repotting

The majesty palm plants require a lot of space to grow. If you don’t transfer your pot plant to your garden timely, there is a chance that the roots of your plants might suffocate.

To prevent plant death due to not enough space, try repotting your plant when you think it is spreading around the pot. Don’t let the plant’s stem and roots get overcrowded.


This article answers the questionof why is my majesty palm dying. If you have now traced down the problem with your plant, you can easily save your majesty plant’s life.

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