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Why Is My Money Tree Dying? How to Save a Dying Money Tree?

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Money tree, aka Pachira aquatica, is a unique indoor ornamental plant and is a famous icon of wealth and prosperity.

But if we think like a plant parent, it symbolizes wealth and provision till it looks completely healthy.

Although the “Provision tree” symbolizes health and wealth, it can occasionally start to look unhealthy and leave you thinking: “Why is my money tree dying?”

But, don’t you worry, because I have got a solution for you!

Why is my money tree dying, you say? Stay with me as I dive into the article because I will explain all the essential tips and tricks to save a dying money tree.

Money tree leaves turning yellow and falling off daily. Why is my money tree dying
“Is my money tree dying? Its leaves have been turning yellow and falling off daily.” – Image via Reddit.

I’ll also explain the best caring techniques to help your money tree thrive at its peak level.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight into our topic.

Why Is My Money Tree Dying? – Causes and Solutions

One of the leading and the most common cause of a dying money tree is Root Rot.

Root Rot

Root rot has been one of the most common causes of dying houseplants.

Most of the time, it is better to discard the plant with severe root rot.

But if some healthy roots are present, there is an excellent chance you can save your precious money tree.

You can check this article out to know all about root rot and how to treat it.

Here I’ll discuss the origin (causes) of root rot. How how can you prevent the decay from happening in the future.

Causes of Root Rot

The primary cause of root rot is overwatering, and it can leave you thinking, “why is my money tree dying?”

How Overwatering Causes Root Rot?

To know this, you should understand what overwatering actually is.

“Overwatering your plant doesn’t necessarily mean giving it a lot of water.”

Well… it does mean, but in a different sense.

Overwatering occurs if you are “frequently” watering your plant. A general rule is to thoroughly moisturize your potted plants until the water seeps out from the drainage holes.

That’s why if you have your money tree in a pot without drainage holes, and as trouble to distress, you are using an unhealthy potting mix, your plant is highly susceptible to overwatering. And thus, to root rot.

How to make the best potting mix for indoor plants to prevent root rot.

“Roots sitting in a pool of water get deprived of oxygen leading to root decay.”

Therefore, you must use a potting mix that’s well-draining and well-aerated.

How to Correctly Water Money Tree Plant?

It is always better not to follow a persistent watering schedule because the water needs of your money tree depend upon the conditions you are providing to the plant.

For instance, in winter, your money tree will need less water than it needs in summer.

Therefore, the best way to water your money tree is to wait for at least the top half of the soil to get entirely dry before giving your plant another shot of hydration.

“Never let your money tree live in a soggy wet environment.”

Because overwatering coupled with poorly-draining soil can lead to plant death.

Low Humidity Levels

An answer to “why is my money tree dying?” can be low humidity levels.

The money tree is a plant that loves higher humidity levels.

“So, if you keep your money tree in a place where it doesn’t receive adequate air moisture, it can show yellowing and occasional dropping of leaves.”

If we look at the stats,

Average relative humidity of Brasilia, Brazil. - Why is my money tree dying?
Average relative humidity in Brasilia, Brazil (Native plant region.) – Image via

We can see that the money tree thrives best in average humidity levels of 65%.

How to Fix

If you live in relatively dry regions where the household humidity levels are less than 50%, your money tree is probably yellowing and dropping leaves due to fewer moisture levels.

If you want to increase the moisture levels around your plant, there are many ways to do it.

  • You can place your plant near a kitchen or a bathroom. These places have more water vapors than other parts of the house.
  • Weekly misting. (Try not to spray water on the stems.)
  • You can place your plant on a pebble tray filled with water.
  • And, you can group all your tropical moisture-loving plants in one place.

Too Much or Too Little Sunlight

Pachira aquatica or the money tree requires bright, indirect sunlight.

“I have mentioned many times in my articles that bright, indirect light means you have to keep your plant away from the direct rays of the sun but also away from complete shade.”

Therefore, another answer to “why is my money tree dying?” can be too little or too much sunlight.

Placing your money tree in front of direct sunlight can burn its foliage while, on the other hand putting your plant in shady areas with too little sunlight can cause stunted growth and leaf drop.

Best Lighting Conditions for Money Trees

Although money tree requires bright sunlight, it can also thrive in somewhat shaded areas.

If you keep your money tree indoors, placing it in front of an east or west-facing window is the best place to go.

If you place your plant in front of a south-facing window, make sure to move it a few feet away so that the direct sun rays cannot touch the foliage. The same goes with east or west-facing windows.

A north-facing window is not ideal for money trees because they wouldn’t receive enough sunlight there.

Extreme Temperatures

If you want to know the best living conditions for your plant, you first need to look at the native plant regions.

By observing the environment of the native areas, you can effortlessly replicate the same conditions to make your plants thrive indoors.

The money tree is native to Central and South America.

If we look at the stats,

Brasilia temperature graph. - Why is my money tree dying?
Average year-round temperature range of Brasília (Brazil), South America. – Image via

Money trees would flourish best in temperatures ranging from 60°F to 80°F or 16°C to 27°C.

Therefore, if you keep your beautiful Pachira aquatica beyond this temperature range, it can leave you wondering, “why is my money tree dying?”

How to Fix

Try to mimic the average temperature (68°F to 77°F) range of the native plant areas.

It is best to keep your plant somewhere between the average household temperature of 17°C to 25°C.

Most gardeners move money trees indoors to protect them from the outdoor cold. Temperature less than 15°C can cause the plant to go into cold stress leading to limited growth and leaf drop.

Also, keep your plant away from air vents, heaters, and air conditioners. Placing your money tree near such areas will drastically reduce the moisture levels and thus, damage the plant.


The money tree is one of the most loved indoor houseplants all over the world.

Its glorious history related to wealth and success leads to us taking more care of it.

I hope that after reading today’s article, you got your answer.

If this helped, please consider sharing it with your friends and family. Also, don’t forget to drop a comment and let us know your thoughts about this article.

With that said, let’s conclude the talk.

Happy planting!


Mahad H.