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Why is My Peace Lily Flower Turning Brown?

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Is your peace lily flower turning brown? Although it might be normal in some cases as they turn brown at the end of their life cycle, at the same time, it could be of concern because the flowers sometimes turn brown prematurely.

So, if you’re wondering, ‘Is my peace lily flower turning brown prematurely?’, we have the answers you’re looking for in this article.

Why is My Peace Lily Flower Turning Brown
“Why is My Peace Lily Flower Turning Brown?” via Reddit

Why is My Peace Lily Flower Turning Brown?

Flowers have a very short lifespan. They wither away in a while, and the color on them fades. There are some flowers that have a longer lifespan, but that too is not by a big percentage. 

Your peace lily flowers can, in some cases, last upto a month if you take extra special care of them. However, they are more likely to fade in around 10-14 days. Once the flowers lose their bloom, the plant enters a phase where it loses its bloom. This phase can last upto a year.

If you have your peace lilies indoors, they will probably bloom in the early summer or spring. If you’re lucky, the plant will flower twice in the year. The plants don’t have the energy to support the flowers on them for a long period of time.

If you’re careful with your plant, it will surely bloom again!

External Reasons For Peace Lily Flowers Turning Brown

In other cases, when it’s not their short lifespan, the peace lily flowers might be turning brown sooner than normal due to inadequate plant care.

If there’s a lot of stress on the plant, it may divert its energy away from the flowers. The plant does this to preserve its foliage.

So what puts stress on the plant?


Your peace lily wants moist soil, but don’t water-log it. The plant can’t take that for long periods of time. This can potentially kill the plant or cause it to be weak and lose its flowers.

Too Much Light

The peace lily plant is a low-light plant. It cannot tolerate direct sun. You have to keep them around 3-5 feet back away from the sun, so they do not receive direct sunlight. You can also place them in a window which faces north, so they don’t become stressed at any time.

Why is My Peace Lily Flower Turning Brown 2
“Why are the flowers on my peace lily turning brown?” via Reddit


Probably even more damaging than over-watering. Giving your peace lily flower water in small quantities will make the flowers turn brown sooner than usual.

Keep the soil around the plant moist, but do allow the water to drain out as well, so it’s not water-logged.

In normal cases, peace lily flowers turn brown because of natural aging. It’s not very common that the flowers turn brown because of care-related reasons. This is because if proper care wasn’t taken of the plant, the plant wouldn’t bloom in the first place!

So if you’re still wondering, “Why is my peace lily flower turning brown?” Another reason for this could be moving your plant to a different location when it starts flowering. In addition to this, if you change your watering routine, that may also cause the flowers to die early.

Once your plant starts blooming, try to keep it in the same place and don’t make any big changes that might cause the flowers to die.

Ways to Make The Flowers Last Longer

The plant’s maturity is the time of flowering. The flowers don’t grow until the plant has fully matured. However, there are some catalysts to speed up the process. Commercial growers are known to use gibberellic acid, which is a natural hormone for the plant.

It basically forces the immature plant to bloom before its time. This way, they can sell them earlier in time by increasing their appeal to their customers.

What this means is that when the flower comes home from the nursery, it is probably not fully mature. Once the flower dies, you might even have to wait another year or even two before it blooms again.

It is not recommended that you try to force the plant to bloom. This is hazardous for the plant’s health, and we should give the plant an optimum environment to bloom in.

Tips to Make The Peace Lily Flower Last Longer

Slightly Higher Temperature

Warmer environments are the key to healthy peace lily flowers. Keep the temperature between 18-30 degrees celsius at all times to help the flower bloom with extra might.

Keep The Light Low

Do not put a flowering peace lily in a spot where there’s direct sunlight. This will cause the leaves and flowers to burn. The best way to keep the flowers around for longer is to only give them access to indirect light.

Keep The Soil Around Them Moist

You should water your flowering peace lily 2-3 times per week. This will give adequate moisture to the soil. Always use spring water or distilled water because tap water contains harmful chemicals that can hurt the plant.

Removing The Brown Flowers

When your peace lily flowers turn brown, you should remove them from the plant to keep it in good health.

Follow the flower stalk down to the base of the plant and then cut it from there. You can use a sharp pair of shears or a pair of kitchen scissors.

Don’t try pulling the flower stalk to remove the brown flower. This can damage the plant or even make it all come out!

Give the plant a few months, and it will bloom again. This depends on the health of the plant and the environmental conditions.


Peace lily flowers usually don’t even last that long. If you want them to last longer, follow the tips in this article for better plant health.

But do remember, all flowers eventually die. Do not be disheartened by the brown flowers, and keep taking good care of your peace lily.

I hope this article answers your question of why do peace lily flowers turn brown. If you need additional help, you can reach out to us on the email given below.

Good luck!