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Why is My Poinsettia Wilting – 4+ Reasons And Their Solutions!

Do you often ask yourself ‘why is my poinsettia wilting?’. Are you looking for ways to stop the wilting? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then you are in the right place.

Poinsettia is a beautiful flowering shrub, which is often used as floral displays at Christmas because of its red and green colors. It is also a great Christmas gift.

This plant originally comes from Central America and Mexico and was grown by ancient Aztecs. This makes Poinsettia a tropical plant, and hence it requires some extra care by the owner to keep it healthy in temperate climates. If you notice that your poinsettia has started to wilt, it can be caused by many reasons.

To find out the answer to the question, ‘why is my poinsettia wilting’, and ways to prevent it, keep on reading.

Why is My Poinsettia Wilting
My poinsettia are wilting away slowly – via Reddit

Why is My Poinsettia Wilting – 5 Reasons

Many factors can contribute to beginning the wilting of your poinsettia. Only by recognizing these factors will you be able to find the appropriate solutions. As this plant requires a lot of care, many things can go wrong.

The following are a few reasons behind ‘why is my poinsettia wilting’ and the leaves are curling up.


Many people overwater their plants without knowing how damaging this can be. Too much water accumulated in the soil will prevent the root from absorbing enough oxygen.

This can lead to the development of a disease called Pythium root rot in poinsettias. As the oxygen-deprived roots decay, their rot starts to spread to the healthy roots as well, ultimately killing the whole plant.

These weakened roots are now endangered by soil fungi and other pathogens. Soggy soil activates these pathogens and makes them capable of attacking and killing the roots. According to research, pathogens that cause root rot include Fungi, Oomycetes, Bacteria, and Viruses.


Even though overwatering is harmful, underwatering your poinsettia is also not the solution. If you do not provide enough water to your plant, the roots will eventually die out. And as roots are the organ of the plant that takes up all the nutrients and food, the plant will eventually die as well.

Incorrect Lighting

Sunlight is the main energy source for all plants. It provides energy to the plant, which is used to make food. In other words, not enough light for the plant can cause it to starve to death. Poinsettia prefers indirect, but bright sunlight.

If the sunlight is too excessive, the plant will turn brown and crisp, the leaves will start falling and wilting, and ultimately the plant will burn to death. That is why a gardener should make sure that the plant is provided with light, but not intense sunlight.


Humidity is another environmental factor that can contribute to the well-being of the plant. If your poinsettia is wilting, it might be because it needs a more humid environment. Due to less humidity, the leaves will start to seem brown, begin to curl, and might even start to fall off the plant.

Cold Temperatures

Poinsettias originated from semitropical areas and that is why if the temperature is too cold, the plant will begin to dry out or wilt. According to studies, temperatures between 60° and 80° Fahrenheit are optimal for the growth of poinsettias.

Why is My Poinsettia Wilting 2
Poinsettia is wilting – via Reddit


Yes, wilting is an issue, but not one without a solution. There are many ways you can prevent your plant from wilting, and many ways to even reverse the damage. The following are ways you can bid adieu to brown and curling leaves.

Perfect Watering

The perfect way to ensure that your poinsettia is getting just the right amount of water is by touching the surface of the soil, and if it feels dry, then water it. Pour water in until water starts to flow out of a drainage hole and discard the excess water.

As these plants are used as Christmas decorations, they usually come with pot covers. So make sure that you remove these pot covers before watering them. And water them in a sink so the water out of the drain does not create a mess.

Perfect Lighting

As too much light can burn the plant, and too little light can starve it, finding a location for your plant can be tricky. What we recommend is to place your plant next to an eastern window. And if you have a southern or western window, place the pot a little further back.

After selecting a location, keep an eye on the plant. If you see any sign of stress, change the location before the damage accelerates.

Keep the Cold Away

Poinsettia plants are happiest in moderate environments. As an owner, you must make sure that the plant is never left in an air-conditioned room. Keep the plant away from drafty areas or open vents to prevent wilting.

The temperatures ideal for poinsettias is between 65 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything below 50 degrees Fahrenheit could end up killing the plant. Very high temperatures are also harmful, so try to keep the plant away from fireplaces and heat ducts as well.

Control the Humidity

Lack of humidity can cause wilting in plants. You have to make sure that the plant is in a humid environment at all times. Try misting or placing a humidifier nearby. A pebble tray will also come in handy.


In conclusion, poinsettias are prone to wilting. It can be caused by many reasons ranging from cold temperatures, less humidity, and over-watering.

But this wilting can be avoided just by adopting some strategies like placing the poinsettias near a humidifier, putting the pot near an eastern window, and controlling the temperature.

We hope this helped you answer the question, ‘why is my poinsettia wilting?’. If you have any further questions or queries, feel free to leave them down below in the comments section.