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Why Is My Pothos Droopy – 6 Main Reasons With Solutions!

The Pothos or Epipremnum aureum is native to the Society Islands of French Polynesia and belongs to the arum family Araceae. It is an evergreen plant with thick, waxy, green, heart-shaped leaves speckled with yellow. For specifications like easily cared and aesthetic looks, this plant is great for houseplant.

Pothos commonly suffer from droopy leaves, and you wonder why is my Pothos droopy. It happens to the plant when it is not cared properly. You can easily resolve this problem by taking a few measures and following some amazing tips mentioned below in this article.

Why Is My Pothos Droopy
My pothos started drooping after repotting via Reddit

Why Is My Pothos Droopy – 6 Reasons

The Pothos can adapt to various growing conditions; however, certain challenges can make its leaves wilt. Here are the factors behind the droopy leaves of this plant.

1.     Water Deficiency

Pothos plants like to stay moist. If you over-water them too much, they will start to droop and eventually brown up. Just make sure not to leave the potting soil sitting around dry for more than a few days at most. An occasional soaking of the soil is preferred.

This plant will thrive with regular watering. You can tell how moist the ground beneath your plant’s roots is by placing one finger 1 inch below its surface. If the soil is dry, then it needs watering immediately.

2.     Overwatering

Overwatering is the biggest problem with Pothos plants. When plants droop, it is often an indication that they need more water. If you don’t pay attention, your leaves will curl and cause them to drop. The best way to avoid this? Always make sure that the Pothos soil is moist but not clogged with water!

Make sure you provide the plant with the right conditions for thriving in containers. These conditions include the soilless medium formulated specifically for this growth and drainage hole at the base.

Why Is My Pothos Droopy 2
Only watered when droopy via Reddit

3.     Root Rot

Root rot is a condition that can crop up in cool and wet soil. Root-knotting fungi causes infection to plants’ roots resulting in bald spots or wilted leaves. Root rot is a very serious issue that can quickly turn a healthy plant into something unrecognizable.

Roots show symptoms such as wilted leaves and yellowing near the base, often with brown or blackened roots for those infected by this condition.

4.     Frost Damage

During freezing temperatures, the leaves of an outdoor Pothos plant may become limp and may become damaged. This damage is best left on the plant until it grows again in early spring when temps are warmer.

5.     Low Humidity

Among other common factors that can affect the health and growth of your Pothos plants, one important thing is humidity. It should generally range from 40% to 80%. If it falls below 35%, you may notice browning leaves with loss in size and drooping branches.

In addition, there’s also water conservation – if left unchecked, neglect will result in root rot. So, make sure the plant gets enough water daily by misting regularly (and don’t forget those sunshine hours!).

Why Is My Pothos Droopy 3
pothos droopy and yellowing via Reddit

6.     Disease Infestation

Pothos plants are known for their striking color change from green to gold or bronze. If your plant has developed a disease, it will show up visually on the leaves. It can be due to both droopy-looking leaves and infection at certain spots, causing them to turn blackish in appearance with some wilting.

Get Rid Of Pothos’ Droopy Leaves

Pothos is a popular houseplant, but many people are not aware of its care requirements. These plants enjoy plenty of sunlight and will grow well in suitable environment. See the following tips to help your Pothos grow well, preventing any wilting.

Adequate Watering

Please pay attention to your plant’s watering routine so as not to cause harm by overwatering them. There must be a delicate balance watering it. Make sure not to let the soil dry out more than 2 inches and water them with generous amounts of moisture to ensure they stay healthy.

Keep Away From Cold Weather

Moving the Pothos plant from the window is important to keep it away from the cold winds. Cold weather will cause its leaves to droop as well. Keeping the plant in warm weather can help avoid this issue.

Balanced Humidity

To ensure the health and growth of your Pothos plant, make sure that it is in an environment with 60% humidity.

Proper Light

Pothos need to be placed in an area with 8-12 hours of bright but indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause its delicate leaves to burn, so make sure to keep it away from direct sun rays.

Use Of Fungicides

To avoid disease infestation, spray Pothos with fungicide. BOTANOHEALTH Natural Organic Fungicide Insecticide Spray Pest Control can be the best in this regard.

BOTANOHEALTH Natural Organic Fungicide Why Is My Pothos Droopy
BOTANOHEALTH Natural Organic Fungicide via

Few Additional Tips

  • Carefully transplant the Pothos plant to avoid transplant shock that causes its leaves to bend or become droopy.
  • Insufficient container size also makes your Pothos leaves droopy by lacking a proper area for growth. Thus, if you see such a situation replace the small container with a spacious one.
  • Ensure the soil in which you are planting Pothos is not water repellent and has a proper drainage system.
  • Although this plant is tolerant of a wide range of temperatures, it does its best around the 21 to 32 °C temperature range.
  • Propagate Pothos, and the best way to do this is by cutting stems.
  • This plant is toxic to cats, dogs, and children, so make sure to keep it out of their reach.

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Pothos plant It’s easy and undemanding, so people love keeping this lovely burgeoning green in their home. However, the limp leaves of this plant snatch its beauty which you can cure by following some easy tips mentioned above.

  • Scarce watering, overwatering, low humidity, direct sunlight, and disease infestation are some main issues that cause Pothos leaves to wilt.
  • To avoid leaves drooping on your plant, give adequate water, ensure proper humidity, and drain soil.

If you have any questions, please head over to the comment section below and ask away. We’ll do our best not only with responding but also by providing helpful information that will help your garden grow!