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Why Is My Senetti Plant Dying? 5 Causes & Solutions!

Senetti has been climbing the ladder of fame steadily all around the world. This popularity in the garden world is due to several reasons. One of them is that Senetti is easy to grow and can tolerate a wide range of weather conditions. Another reason is the colorful beauty of this plant.

The Senetti plant comes in various bright colors, including shades of blue, purple, and magenta. Adding these plants to your garden is easy, requires low maintenance, and makes your place more vibrant.

However, even after doing your best, you may notice that your Senetti plants are dying and losing their shine, leaving you wondering – why is my Senetti plant dying? If that question has been bugging you, fret no more as you will get all your answers in this guide. Keep reading to find out the answer to your problem – why is my Senetti plant dying.

Why Is My Senetti Plant Dying
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Why Is My Senetti Plant Dying?

Although Senetti is a perennial plant, it is grown all year round due to its high tolerance to varying environmental conditions. But Senetti is also a plant, and it needs certain conditions to grow properly.

If those conditions are not provided, the plant can be affected badly and may even be fatal. So, make sure to take notes as we find out the reasons for your question, “why is my Senetti plant dying.” Let’s begin.

1. Inadequate Amount of Water

Senetti plants need just the right amount of water. For these perennials to grow in their optimal condition, ensure that the soil is moist and wet, but it should not be drenched or soggy. To achieve this, you need to ensure that the soil is well-drained.

If the aeration system or drainage holes are blocked, the water will stay and cause the issue of overwatering. Overwatering can lead to black root rot in worst-case scenarios. In other cases, the plant may become brown or dull and lose its vitality.

Besides overwatering, the Senetti plant could also become a victim of underwatering. If you don’t water enough and the soil remains dry for longer periods of time, the plant may start to lose its vigor, turn brown, and even die in the end. In the wintertime, you need to water the Senetti plant during mid-day so as not to give it a shock with cold water.

Watering once or twice a week might be enough during the colder weather. In the summer season, the watering needs to be more regular. Make it a point to give water regularly. Keep checking the soil with your finger. At least the above 2 inches of the soil should be wet. If not, it is a good time to water the plants.

2. Frost and Temperature Conditions

The Senetti plants are very tolerant of extreme conditions, and you will often see them thriving in the scorching heat of June and in the freezing winters of January. But this does not mean that you should become complacent about the temperature and weather requirements for the plants and leave them in fighting off harsh weather conditions.

This plant’s best growing and flowering temperature is below 10 degrees as they thrive in colder weather. To provide these conditions, you must ensure that the plant is kept out of bright, direct sunlight at most times, but indirect sunlight should be available to the plant for best growth.

In keeping with the fact that these perennial plants can survive harsh winters and live in temperatures as low as -1 degree Celsius, you must still be careful not to leave them outside in frost as heavy frosting can damage the plants and may even kill them.

Why Is My Senetti Plant Dying 2
Senetti been damaged by the frost – via Reddit

3. Infection Caused By Leafminers

Leafminers are small worm-like insects that may start inhabiting your Senetti plant. They can cause severe damage to the plant. Leafminers lay eggs on the leaves, and larvae hatch out of these eggs. The larvae get their feed from the leaf tissue. It converts into a pupa which then travels down into the soil. From the soil, the insects spread out to other plants in the garden and create a lawn-wide infection.

Depending on how severe the infection and how rapidly the Leafminers have spread out, you may or may not be able to save your plants. The early signs of these insects on your plants are the white trails you will be able to see on the leaves.

If the infection is still contained and you don’t see any signs of distress on other plants, get some neem oil in a bottle, spray thoroughly all over the leaves, and make sure not to miss the underside of the leaves.

In some severe cases, where the infection has spread to the plant completely or is starting to spread rapidly, you have to take that plant out or cut the leaves and throw it away. Don’t even keep a small piece from the infected plant and spray neem oil on the neighboring plants for precaution anyway.

4. Black Root Rot

The black root rot is not an unusual sighting in the Senetti plant. It can be easily caused due to the issue of overwatering. Just follow the steps above, water in moderation, keep a close check, and your plants will be saved from this rot.

5. Fungal Infections

A few different types of fungal infections are seen in the Senetti plant. Alternaria leaf spot is caused by a fungal infection where dark brown or black spots form on the leaves. These spots invade the whole leaf causing the death of the plant. Ensure to remove the infected plant as soon as possible and check the adjacent plants for any early symptoms of a fungal infection.

Fungal infections can be caused by different reasons, such as keeping the soil too drenched in water. Prevent that and use resistant varieties.

Another fungal infection is Downy mildew which brings yellow spots on the leaves. These spots usually form on the underside of the leaf and turn black over time. To prevent this, add water at the plant base near the soil and not on the leaves.


I hope you found your answer to “why is my Senetti plant dying” in this comprehensive guide. Now that you know the root of the issue, you can start taking steps to ensure the best growth for your new Senetti plants.

They make a great choice and a wonderful addition to the blooming garden. The Senetti plant is a great decoration for your home and the perfect way to give your home a truly lovely look.

If you have any unique experiences with Senetti plant, share them with us in the comment section below.