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Why Is My Snake Plant Falling Over – 7 Reasons and Solutions

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Are you a beginner at gardening? Do you want a plant that will be easy to take care of? Well, then the snake plant will be the best bet for you. Snake plants are low maintenance and will thrive indoors and outdoors. What more can a gardener want?

The leaves have sharply shaped margins that resemble a snake, but something that leaves you wondering why is my snake plant falling over. This plant will make a perfect addition to your living space if you’re looking for a pop of nature and a way to brighten up a monotonous area.

Even though snake plants are easy to care for, they still have some requirements. And if these requirements aren’t fulfilled, the plant reacts in the worst way possible. The plant starts to fall over!

Are you wondering why is my snake plant falling over? Well, don’t fret over it. We have all the answers here for you, along with solutions and preventive methods. Keep on reading to find out more!

Why Is My Snake Plant Falling Over 1
Snake plant falling over. – via Reddit

Why Is My Snake Plant Falling Over

1. Incorrect Watering

Snake plants have thick leaves built to store water that they might need later for survival in dry conditions. When you over-water the plant, the unwanted water stays behind in the soil, leaving the roots open to fungal infections, specifically root rot.

Root rot is a fungal disease in plants that is caused by over-watering. The soggy soil is a perfect home for pathogens. These pathogens use the root cells as hosts and stop the supply of air, water, and nutrients to the plant.

Due to a lack of water and nourishment, the plant droops and eventually dies. The first sign of root rot stress in snake plants will be droopy leaves with slight or more discoloration. 


Make sure that the soil is dry between waterings. You can check whether the soil is dry by inserting your finger a few inches deep. If the soil is still moist inside, let it dry up completely before watering it again.

Brass Metal Small Watering Can is a product that’ll help you control the water intake of the plant due to its thin nozzle. It’s available on Amazon.

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2. Incorrect Lighting

Snake plants are hardy houseplants that can tolerate any lighting but prefer bright and indirect light. Snake plants can live in dim light for some time, but if kept in the shade for a long time, they’ll start to droop. 

Light is a source of energy for plants. It helps the plant carry out the process of photosynthesis and helps the plant form its food. Without an adequate amount of light, the plant will starve to death.

Excessive light can also cause your snake plant to droop and it’ll evaporate the moisture from the plant quickly. First, the leaves will lose their color and curl up, and eventually, the whole plant will start to show signs of stress.


The only way to fix this problem is to move your plant to a spot with bright but indirect light. But remember to move the plant gradually. Keep the plant a couple of feet away from a south-facing window. That’ll help your snake plant get ample sunlight all day long.

Why Is My Snake Plant Falling Over 2
Snake plant seems to be falling over. What can I do? – via Reddit

3. High Humidity

Snake plants aren’t moisture-loving plants. Too much moisture can cause the plant to fall over. Moisture levels above 60 percent can get too much for a snake plant. The humidity level should be around 40 percent for a snake plant, as the plant stores its water and doesn’t need atmospheric moisture to thrive.


A humidifier is a great way to maintain a constant moisture level around plants. LEVOIT Humidifiers for Bedroom is a great product with excellent reviews. Plus, it’s available on Amazon.

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4. Poorly Drained Soil

If your soil mix is not well-drained, it will start to accumulate water and cause problems that accompany overwatering, such as root rot, fungal infections, and the plant falling over.


Any regular soil mix can be made well-drained by mixing half perlite with the potting mix. You should also add worm compost to make it fertile. If this seems like a big hassle, which is why well-drained potting mixes such as Mother Earth Perlite #3 are available on Amazon.

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5. Pests Infestation

Snake plants are prone to pests infestations. These infestations make the plants vulnerable to further problems because the pests keep sucking their sap which causes a loss of energy. This leads to the plant falling over.


If your plant is under a pest infestation, cut off the affected parts immediately to stop further spread. If the soil is affected, repot your snake plant in a new pot. Insecticides will also help you prevent infestations. Neem oil is a great pesticide for the job.

6. Overfertilization

Snake plants don’t need a lot of fertilizers to survive. When you start over-fertilizing your snake plant, it can lead to salt buildups in the soil and will raise the soil’s temperature. This will cause the plant to fall over.


Fertilize your snake plant during the spring and summer. The plant takes winter off as a resting period so don’t fertilize it during the winter months. Always keep a two-month gap between fertilizing.

7. Temperature Fluctuations

Fluctuations in temperature can cause stress to the plant and the plant will suffer due to the change in environmental conditions. This will cause the leaves to droop and the plant to fall over.


Keep the plant away from any open drafts, air conditioners, and heating devices. Keep it in a spot with a constant temperature.


Snake plants are easy to care for and will add a beautiful touch to your space. But if their needs aren’t met, snake plants will start to droop and fall over. Anything from overfertilization to pest infestations can cause the plant to fall over.

But if proper care techniques are used and products like Brass Metal Small Watering Can, LEVOIT Humidifiers for Bedroom, and Mother Earth Perlite #3 are used, your snake plant will grow healthy and happy, and you won’t ever have to wonder why is my snake plant falling over.

Hopefully, this answered your questions. If you have any more queries, leave them down below and we’ll get back to you.