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Why Is My Strawberry Plant Drooping? | 4 Causes and Solutions!

Strawberries come from the family of rose plants.

These red fruits with seeds on the outside are one of the most popular fruits in the world. The popularity stems from the fact that strawberries are not only delicious and versatile, but they are also effortless to grow.

You can put a strawberry plant in your garden and use the fruit in sweet and lovely meals.

However, even the easiest of plants are not entirely resistant to stress, and strawberries are no different. Sometimes, you may notice that your strawberry plant is in a slack position—the leaves might be wilting, and the plant looks limp.

You put so much care and effort into bringing up a strawberry plant, and if it becomes limp and wilted, it could leave you wondering, why is my strawberry plant drooping?

There could be several reasons for this condition. If you want to explore more, please read further!

Strawberry plant drooping—why is my strawberry plant drooping
Why is my strawberry plant drooping? – Image via Reddit.

Why Is My Strawberry Plant Drooping?

So, you have tried to be exact with all the prerequisites of growing a strawberry plant, and still, you see that your plant is not looking well.

All your focus revolves around one question, why is my strawberry plant drooping?

From overwatering and underwatering to not having the right amount of sunlight, there could be several reasons for the droopy look of your strawberry plant.

The strawberry plant needs specific conditions like a temperate environment to grow in, and if these conditions are not fulfilled with precision, you might have to witness droopiness of the plant.

The good news is that the strawberry plant can survive many extreme conditions, so you can get it back to its original condition in no time if you take the proper steps.

But first, you should know the root cause of your plant’s stressful appearance.

Why is my strawberry plant drooping, you say? Let us find out.

1. Not the Right Balance of Adding Water

If you don’t give the right amount of water to the plant, it can lead to the drooping of the strawberry plant.

Overwatering and underwatering both can put stress on the plant.

The right balance for a strawberry plant is moist soil with good drainage. This plant will start drooping if you are not giving enough or too much water.

Here’s the thing:

  • Underwatering can lead to dry soil and insufficient water for the roots and plants to maintain turgidity. That will give your plant that wilted, drooping look.
  • It is better to water in the early hours of dawn before sunrise as this will give enough time to the plant roots to absorb water instead of it evaporating under the scorching sun.
  • Stick a finger into the soil to see if the surface below is dry. If it is, you should add more water.
  • Overwatering the strawberry plant also causes it to wilt and droop.
  • Since the roots of this plant are shallow, you must remember to water often but ensure the soil drains well and that there is no pool of water accumulated around the roots.
  • Excess water around the base can block the oxygen supply and lead to drooping plants. Check the soil with your finger or a moisture meter before giving more water to it.

Pro Tip: Using improper soil mix that’s not well-draining or using a plant pot without drainage holes can cause waterlogging, eventually leading to root rot.

Therefore, make sure you use a well-drained pot and proper soil mixture for your plants.

2. Low Temperature

If the temperature gets too low, the strawberry plant will likely wilt.

That is because the strawberry plant thrives in a warm environment.

While it can be grown in several different areas, the best places for the strawberries are zones with a temperate climate (avg. temperatures of -3°C to 18°C), as these plants don’t grow in the harsh cold and will go limp.

The good news is that these plants won’t die when the weather gets cold. Instead, it will just go dormant until the next warm season hits.

When even a hint of warm temperature comes by, the plant will grow new foliage as a sign of waking up. So, if you are between seasons, the limping could be a seasonal change, and it is not much you can do about it.

3. Poorly Draining Soil

Another reason for the strawberry plants’ wilting is poor soil drainage.

  • If there are no holes at the bottom of the pot for proper drainage or if the soil is blocked, it can cause the water to accumulate and lead to wilting.
  • If you suspect poor drainage, you can shift the plant’s location and put it in a new/better pot. Make sure to check the pots before buying and get ones with suitable drainage holes.
  • You can also add mulch or compost to the soil to drain some water if the drainage system is poor and you haven’t been able to solve it yet.

Here’s an article that can help you to make the best potting mix for indoor plants.

4. Fungal Diseases

If you do not take proper care of the strawberry plant, it can also end up attacked by fungal diseases.

Mostly, fungal diseases are caused by fungi on the leaves when the foliage is too wet, such as during the rainy season or in the winter when water doesn’t have a chance to evaporate.

The fungal diseases thrive in moist, dark places and spread pretty quickly to other parts of the plant. Besides the wilting of the plant, you will notice browning of the leaves and spots on the leaves as indications of fungal attacks.

Some other diseases, like bacterial and viral attacks, can also cause the plant to wilt.

Once the fungal disease has spread, not much can be done about it. You must immediately remove all the infected plants and throw them out to prevent the other plants from getting the same disease.

Also, make sure not to plant any other crops in the same place, at least for a while.

You can watch this video to learn more about plant drooping:

Why is my strawberry plant drooping? | Why Are My Plants Drooping and Wilting? – YouTube

That would be all for today!


I hope this answers your question, why is my strawberry plant drooping?

Several reasons could lead to the wilting appearance of your strawberry plant.

Overwatering and underwatering are common ones, and they are conjoined by poor drainage.

The plant will wilt if too much water stays in the soil due to poor drainage. Moreover, low temperatures, cold weather, and some wilting diseases caused by fungi can lead to a drooping strawberry plant.

Make sure to take the proper precautions and fulfill the requirements to keep your plant healthy.

That’s all!