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6 Reasons on Why Won’t My Morning Glories Bloom?

Morning glories can be the perfect addition to your beautiful garden if you want a pop of color in it. The term morning glory refers to over a thousand species that produce colorful trumpet-shaped flowers. No matter which variety you are planting, it is known for its beautiful flowers.

Although morning glories are pretty low maintenance, still some factors can affect their normal growth. This might cause the failure of your plants to bloom.

If this is the case and you are worried that why won’t my morning glories bloom, then stop worrying because luckily, some simple things can help your flower bloom.

This article discusses your problem about why won’t my morning glories bloom and provide you with every possible solution. Keep on reading to find out the possible causes behind this problem and how to solve it.

Why Wont My Morning Glories Bloom 1
Morning glories won’t bloom. – via Reddit

About Morning Glories

Morning glories start to bloom in early summer. Depending on the type of variety planted, the colors of their flowers vary from pink, purple, blue, and white, to magenta. Their beautiful and colorful flowers not only attract people but also attract butterflies and other insects.

This flower gets its uniqueness from its behavior to blooming in the morning and closing as the afternoon approaches. To grow normally and to bloom, it requires direct sunlight and soil, along with a trellis to climb up.

Why Won’t My Morning Glories Bloom?

If you are worried that your morning glories did not bloom this season, this article will help you solve your problem. There are several different steps you can take to make sure that your plant starts blooming:

1. Too Rich Soil

Unlike other plants that grow best in high nutrient soil, morning glories can fail to bloom if you provide soil that is too rich. Astonishingly, they need poor quality soil and improper watering, and a few nutrients to provide you with beautiful colorful flowers.

2. Excess Of Nitrogen

Nitrogen can be the reason behind your plant’s inability to bloom, as it is a very common reason in many cases. Morning glories use nitrogen for their growth, but when present in excess, it might cause a problem.

Stems, stalks, and vines of morning glories grow in the presence of nitrogen. But when too much nitrogen is absorbed by the plant and the level of nitrogen rises, the vines will not produce flower buds. Rather the plant will continue to grow.

If the failure to bloom is caused by too much nitrogen, it can easily be identified. Plants having more than required nitrogen will have a bright vibrant green color, excessive vine growth, and no bud formation.

3. Too Much Sunlight

A very important external factor required by the plant to grow and bloom perfectly is sunlight. Morning glories need full sun to thrive in sunlight and grow. Six to seven hours of direct sunlight is required by a morning glory for its growth.

Consider transplanting the young plant if you think that it is not getting enough sunlight, as it will fail to bloom in the future. You can also consider transplanting or repotting the plant that is blocking the sunlight to provide your morning glory with direct sun.

Why Wont My Morning Glories Bloom 2
When will my morning glory make blooms? – via Reddit

4. Excessive Moisture

Overwatering can be the reason why your morning glories are not blooming. When watering your plant, water consciously. Make sure you don’t overwater if you want your plant to bloom.

One deep watering session per week is enough for your morning glory to survive and grow. If you water your plant too frequently, it might result in surface rooting in your plant.

Get a soil moisture meter or check the soil moisture level by placing your fingers. Water only if you notice dryness in the soil.

5. Phosphorus Deficiency

Morning glory plants can fail to bloom if there is a phosphorus deficiency in the plant. You can get the soil tested for phosphorus deficiency.

The low level of phosphorus is related to the high level of nitrogen. The plant is unable to absorb phosphorus if nitrogen is present in excess. If the level of nitrogen is higher than the level of phosphorus, the plant will produce a lot of leaves but little or no flowers.

To treat this deficiency, use a suitable fertilizer for your morning glory plant. Add wood ash to the soil if you want to amend the soil naturally.

6. Maturation

The morning glory does not flower until the plant reaches a certain age. Be patient when planting them as they require time for their growth.

This is the most common reason why won’t my morning glories bloom. They may take extra days depending upon the weather conditions and external circumstances, but they end up producing beautiful flowers.


  • If you are over-fertilizing the soil, then stop right away. It might be the problem you are looking for.
  • Plant the morning glories in direct sunlight. Remove any hurdles or plants that are causing shadowing.
  • Do not overwater as moisture can be the enemy of your plant. Water only when the soil feels dry.
  • Too much nitrogen in the soil being absorbed by the plant can be the reason. If you are fertilizing your plant, stop using the fertilizer or change it according to the plant’s needs.
  • If the plant is suffering from phosphorus deficiency, act accordingly and add phosphorus-rich fertilizers to help the plant bloom.
  • At last, if nothing seems to be the reason, wait for the plant to grow old enough to produce flowers and bloom. It might take some time and patience.


Growing morning glories is not very difficult as it is a low-maintenance plant. But in some cases, a lack of knowledge about how to care for a morning glory can fail to bloom the plant flowers.

This article gives you a detailed answer for why won’t my morning glories bloom. After reading the article, you just have to figure out the correct reason and act accordingly.