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Why You Must Have A Philodendron Rio In Your Home?

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Are you looking for a plant that’s easy to care for, beautiful, and requires less maintenance? Every beginner gardener has the same wish. When I was starting, I was just like you. So, I understand your confusion.

I brought home a little Philodendron Rio a few years back, and it’s the best decision I have made when it comes to my little garden. I can’t stop talking about it to my gardening enthusiast friends. Thus, I am writing this blog to help you bring this houseplant, take good care of it, and add some beauty to your place.

Philodendron Rio
Philodendron Rio via Reddit

Benefits of Having A Philodendron Rio In Your Place

Attention! Make a place in your home first for this plant. After reading this, that’s the first thing you will do, i.e., bring it home. 

#1- It Is An Amazing Plant

Philodendron Rio is an amazing plant that doesn’t demand much sunlight or special weather conditions. It is a leafy plant that has come to our homes from the Brazilian rainforests.

Its name has come from a combination of two Greek words. It is made of “Philo” which means “love” and “Dendron” which means “tree”. It has heart-shaped leaves, thus named so.

What I love about this plant is, Oh! Wait. I love everything about this plant. Over the decades, it has earned the title of the most popular houseplant.

Philodendron has around 450 species in total and three subgenera. Philodendron Rio belongs to meconostigma. They can grow in water as well as soil.

The leaves are lush green, and they can stem from stem cutting and seed. Once they double up in size, you can cut the stems and repot them.

They come in two varieties- vining and non-climbing. You can place a structure and let the Philodendron shade your place. If you are placing them inside your home, you can choose a non-climbing variety.

Their flowers are beautiful too. When my Philodendron Rio first had flowers, I saw some really beautiful insects in my home. Their sap attracts ants, beetles, and several other insects.      

#2 – It Is A Good Fit For Every Gardener

I was not someone who could take great care of plants. Regular watering and keep sitting beside plants for hours with gloves and shovels were not my thing. I needed a plant that could add some warmth and beauty to my place. And then I found this.

If you are starting gardening, it should be your first choice. The reasons are, you can place it anywhere in your home. The plant is a native of Brazil, South America.

It is habitual of humidity, lack of sunlight, and growing anywhere it can. So, it won’t make you run home hurriedly to water it.

Plus, if you have kids or pets, they are curious beings who want to touch everything they shouldn’t. Thus, you can shift it from your living room to the balcony or place it at a height where your baby and dog don’t disturb the plant.

If you are a gardener who loves to grow plants, you can add this to your garden. It was the first plant I brought home, and today, I have different species of this plant, plus some other flowering plants. Trust me; you will love it.

Philodendron Rio 2
Philodendron Rio via Reddit

#3 – Its Care Is Simple

I have friends who keep talking about their plants and how tough it is to grow them. I look at mine and smile. Philodendron Rio is not Boston’s Fern or Zebra Plant that will make you worry half the time if you are taking proper care of it or not.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this plant will require a little of your time, and it will be worth it. Some important points about the care of philodendron Rio are mentioned below-

  • It requires indirect sunlight. Do not place it directly under the sun, like your roof or balcony. If placing it near the window, keep it 6 feet away from it. It needs warmth, not harsh rays.
  • The ideal temperature for the plant is 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Placing them in direct heat causes them to get leggy. Too much cold makes the leaves shrink and curl.
  • It is a sensitive plant that doesn’t prefer sudden temperature changes. Shifting them is not a great idea if they are placed where they get everything they need.
  • The best thing I like about the plant is that you don’t need to water it daily. It suits me and everyone who forget they have a new plant. Watering the Philodendron Rio once in eight days or two weeks is ideal.
  • Do not overwater or underwater it. In winters, if you water them exceedingly, the frostbite can affect the leaves.  
  • Don’t place them in the sunlight for more than two hours a day. But monitor the plant daily, and if you see that it is affecting the leaves and the foliage, keep them in indirect sunlight.

After reading this, you are probably getting ready to get a Rio home, aren’t you?

#4 – They Are Beautiful

Today, plants are not only a part of your home kitchen or balcony. They are finding places in your drawing room, living room, and offices as well. Why? Because they add a class and character of your place.

Philodendron Rio is one such plant. I have potted it in my hall and balcony in hang baskets to make a little “My Place”. These are beautiful plants. It is a mixture of colors.

There is light green color in the middle that flows from the stem to the tip of the heart. A thin silver stripe surrounds it. Then the cream color borders around the silver line, and another silver stripe completes the pattern. The rest of the leaf is dark green. It looks like a painter’s palette.

Philodendron has various species like Brasil, Gabby, Cream Splash, Silver Stripe, etc. But Rio is different from all the others. You can use them as a tool to change the look of your office or add charm to your home. You can choose anyone you like.

Plants lure us with their beauty and make us forget our worries. That’s why you need a Philodendron Rio in your place.

#5 – They Are Good For Your Overall Well-Being

Seems overrated? I thought so too earlier when I didn’t have a plant or pet in my place. Today I have both, and I can tell you that having a Philodendron Rio is good. How?

Growing a plant is like taking care of a baby. You planted it, and you see it growing every day. Once you have a Philodendron Rio in your place, you will be able to see the difference in your plant.

Every leaf, every stem, every inch of growth makes you look at it proudly. You water them, see them grow, and it is a great feeling. When I look around my place, I feel better. You will, too.

You must have also heard about people talking to their plants, naming them, and treating them like people. Plants are great companions. Having plants around makes you feel happy from the inside.

You can talk to them, and they will listen patiently. Studies have also proved that when you are between nature, you feel good. Maybe it has a connection with our evolution, but it is right.

 I sometimes tell my Philodendron Rio about my day over a coffee. It gives me an insight into the whole thing. Plus, I get to sit around in peace among my plants.  

#6 – They Are Good For Air

Plants give us oxygen. But, plants with broad and bigger leaves are more efficient. Planting a Philodendron Rio in your home will change the quality of air at your place. How?

They have bigger leaves with invisible pores on them. They absorb a great number of toxins and carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. The bigger foliage of the plant makes them a great contender to be a member of your garden.

Plus, it is a plant that grows in a shady area and loves humidity. If you keep watering it on time, it will keep the area humid and avoid any problems caused by the dryness of the air.

It can be very risky for people with respiratory problems to breathe in dry air. It has waxy leaves; thus, the dirt gets humid due to air and sit on top of the leaves instead of flying everywhere.

The added health benefits and qualitative improvement of air compel you to get a Philodendron Rio.

#7 – It’s Easy To Propagate

Since I brought home this plant, I have planted it in more than 10 baskets and vases at my place. Apart from it, I have also gifted it to some of my friends. Yes, plants make great gifts.

Propagating Philodendron Rio is easy, and thus, you won’t have to bring in more plants after this one grows to a certain height. After you have planted it in your place, you will love it and want more of them. You can propagate it from a seed or stem cutting.

It’s a very simple process. Cut a cutting of 3-6 inches from the stem. Use a clean knife. Cut it from just above the leaves so the new leaves can grow from up there. Now, take your cutting, and clean all the leaves except a few on the top of the stem.

Keep a cup of soil or vase ready for the new cutting. After cleaning the leaves, plant them in the pot. Ensure that you don’t bury any leaves.

Place it somewhere where there is sufficient indirect sunlight. Keep them watering for 2-3 weeks to see the new roots forming.

Philodendron Rio can also grow into the water only; though they don’t grow as large as they grow into the soil, but if you wish to keep them in water, you can.

It depends on your mother plant if you should plant a single stem cutting or multiple stem cutting. To make a full, lush pot of Philodendron Rio, you can stem 5-6 stems in a container, each 2 inches apart. When they grow up, they will grow beautifully.

It’s easy to grow this one, isn’t it? Let’s do it then.

#8 – These Are Low-Maintenance Plants

Even though the Philodendron Rio doesn’t require much attention, monitor it for any issues which may occur if their thriving conditions are not met. But, you don’t need to worry. It’s easy to handle them.

  • You may see that the leaves are getting yellow. If you offer it very cold water, place it in direct sunlight for hours, or place it indoors where there is no indirect sunlight, the leaves start getting yellow. In this case, change the location of the plant. If the leaves are too yellow, you can cut them off.
  • Sometimes, you may smell a rotting smell. It is important to catch it in time. Check the roots and smell the odor.  Cut the rotting roots, and plant the Rio in a fresh container with fresh soil. The rotting root can slowly kill your plant.
  • Philodendron Rio has patterned leaves with silver, cream, silver and dark green. If you see splotches or patterns on these leaves, it is an indication of a virus. To cure this-
    • Separate your plant from other plants.
    • Keep it in an area with bright indirect sunlight and cut out the leaves with the patterns.
    • Use fertilizer to boost the growth of your plant.
  • Browning leaves should also worry you. You are overwatering the plant, causing its leaves to go mushy. You must water the soil and not the leaves. If the leaves are browning and curling, you are under-watering. Change your watering habits and see the changes.   

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This is everything you should know about Philodendron Rio. It is an exclusive list that has stemmed from my experience and some research into my plant. Did you enjoy it? This list helped me a lot in caring for my plants, and it will help you too, once you have potted a small Philodendron Rio.

If you find this helpful, please do share your love in the comments below. If you want to add something, please enrich the article. Share it with your friends and show some more love.