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7 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Grow Adagio Maiden Grass

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Both beautiful and soft, adagio maiden grass is a resilient shrub that will enhance the outdoor section of any location. There are many reasons why you should use adagio maiden grass wherever you can. Not only is it easy to grow, but once established, it requires very little maintenance.​

Why You Should Grow Adagio Maiden Grass

Because of these and other reasons, I’ve come up with seven ideas on where you can place these awesome plants. Under each of these locations, I’ll show you why they are such a good fit and how you can benefit from using them there.

#1 Garden Entrance Ways

Why You Should Grow Adagio Maiden Grass

The first reason you should plant adagio maiden grass is because of its aesthetically pleasing appearance. These shrubs look lovely on both sides of a garden entrance way or a path. They will enhance the overall view of your garden with a look of extravagance, while lending the area a natural atmosphere.

Another good reason to plant adagio maiden grass on both sides of a pathway is because of the shrub’s ability to grow more or less the same. This adds a symmetrical look to your garden—especially if you plant more than one row of the plant for a fuller effect.

Those who love to boast beautiful gardens will find adagio maiden grass a wonderful addition to their back or front yard. It adds a softer look to an otherwise bare and uninteresting grass area.

So if you’re looking to add some extravagance to your garden, this is one plant you shouldn’t leave out.

#2 Public Gardens And Parks

Adagio Maiden Grass

A wonderful attribute of adagio maiden grass is that once it’s established, it doesn’t need too much care. Weekly or bi-weekly watering is enough to sustain the shrub once it’s gotten to a decent size. This makes it perfect for public gardens and park areas where maintenance is not too regular.

Adagio maiden grass is also child friendly. It doesn’t have sharp edges or dangerous leaves that cause irritation on the skin. Many parks are filled with this versatile shrub because of this very fact.

Planting this shrub is a great way to fill up empty spaces and create patches of greenery in between pathways, benches and play areas. It’s not only wonderful for parents to look at, but perfectly appropriate for places where their children frequent.

That’s why I’ve added public gardens and park areas to this list for adagio maiden grass.

#3 Wedding Venues

Adagio Maiden Grass

As one of the most elegant plants, adagio maiden grass will add a touch of sophistication to any wedding venue. What’s lovely about this shrub is the fact that it is so soft looking, which is more than appropriate for the feel of a wedding.

Not only is adagio maiden grass a beautiful soft green colour, but it also flowers with fluffy white stems during warmer seasons. These stems of fluff turn brown in autumn, creating a warm, glowing effect on any wedding venue.

I highly recommend planting lots of adagio maiden grass at outdoor wedding venues. You’ll soon see how majestic this plant can appear—giving your bridal customers that much-desired feeling of being a princess.

#4 Churches And Schools

Why You Should Grow Adagio Maiden Grass

For many of the reasons we’ve already looked at, adagio maiden grass is also a wonderful addition to schools and churches. Imagine the lushness this shrub brings to these types of areas, and at the same time knowing that it’s safe for children. Adagio maiden grass looks amazing against buildings such as churches and schools.

More than this, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better plant for school and church gardens. Again the need for little maintenance comes into play for these areas. They’ll fill up lots of space, look great, and for the most part take care of themselves throughout the year.

Don’t forget colleges, universities, and nursery schools. There’s no reason to leave this bushy plant out of your garden if you’re in charge of the grounds at one of these institutions. Against a building or out in the open—both are fine, since adagio maiden grass only requires partial day’s sun.

#5 Outdoor Restaurants And Tea Gardens

Why You Should Grow Adagio Maiden Grass

If you want your outdoor restaurant to look and feel cosy, then adagio maiden grass is the way to go. These shrubs are more than just space fillers; they’re excellent garden additions that will make your guests feel warm and content. Combine a natural feel with a cosy warm atmosphere and you have a sure winner.

Even if you don’t manage an outdoor restaurant, consider adagio maiden grass for your indoor establishment’s entrance way. An adagio maiden grass shrub on either side of your entrance will look amazing and make your guests feel so welcome—without even realizing why.

Bear in mind that adagio maiden grass is an Asian plant and has, as such, a very oriental look to it. This is perfect for restaurants that hold a Chinese, Japanese, or Thai theme. If your restaurant is characterized by Asian food, why not give it an authentic Asian look too?

#6 Shop Fronts

Adagio Maiden Grass

Any store front can benefit from the elegant look of adagio maiden grass. Remember that this resilient plant doesn’t need much sun—and once it’s established, not much water either. Nevertheless it’s a shrub that will thrive under most conditions and will do so all year round.

Decorating the inside of your store is important. However, the outside is what attracts customers because it depicts your affluence as a shop manager or owner. Adagio maiden grass is a grand addition to your store’s exterior and will thrive just about anywhere you choose to put it.

It’s incredible what a difference you can make with a few simple plants around your store. If you’re looking to spruce up your outside area, choose adagio maiden grass and watch how quickly your store’s personality is transformed. No more dull shopping for your customers.

#7 Health Spas

Why You Should Grow Adagio Maiden Grass

Plants that possess a feng shui quality are usually used at spas, health clubs and martial arts classes. These plants give off a sense of wellbeing that is synonymous with healthy living and physical fitness.

Spas are especially fond of adagio maiden grass because of its smooth, peaceful look. Add to that its affordability and low maintenance requirements and you have a sure winner with this awesome shrub. Not only will it lift the mood of your establishment, but also the moods of your patrons.


Again, that Asian feel is appropriate for these types of places. They’re relaxing, mood-enhancing plants that your health establishment simply cannot do without. These shrubs also reach a significant size, an attribute that will show off your establishment’s natural setting.

It’s easy to grow, easy to maintain, and considerably pleasant to look at. Adagio maiden grass is one of those plants you can use just about anywhere to spruce up the place.

Landscapers who do work for these types of places are encouraged to add adagio maiden grass to their preferred list of plants. Customers are sure to enjoy the serenity and beauty brought on by this amazing, versatile plant.

If you haven’t considered it yet, you’ll be amazed at how quickly it can transform any area into a fuller, lush space.


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