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Best 9 Ideas For Fall Window Boxes

Window boxes in front of your home enable you to enhance your home exterior in charming and delightful ways. As the allure of fall sets in and your summer florals begin to dwindle, you can still create a welcoming atmosphere right before your guests enter the front door.

Fall is a beloved season for its foliage, Thanksgiving, and the weather. If you want to give your window boxes a fall makeover or freshen up the window area, here are nine fabulous window box ideas to try this fall. 

9 Ideas For Fall Window Boxes

1. Try Companion Planting

Ideas For Fall Window Boxes - Try Companion Planting

If you’re searching for tips to exterior renovations, don’t overlook the impact of well-designed window boxes. Preparing your window boxes to grow seasonal vegetables alongside specific florals and herbs can significantly enhance your home’s exterior. 

If your windows have sizable window boxes, you can do companion planting, which involves cultivating multiple plants that benefit each other’s growth. You can grow two to three companion plants at a time to create an attractive and functional display. 

For instance, if you plant marigold flowers, surround them with parsley, silver beet, carrot, or thyme. Marigold attracts beneficial insects that eat pests like aphids. Don’t be surprised if you spot hummingbirds and hoverflies around your plants, as bees and butterflies are also fans of marigold.

You can also plant vegetables with other plants. Carrots will thrive with leeks, peas, onions, lettuce, and runner beans. If you’re planting cauliflower, surround it with oregano, peas, celery, or beans.

Repel white cabbage butterflies away from cabbages, Brussels sprouts, and brassicas by planting hyssop. Sage is another known aphid deterrent, which will help keep your celery aphid-free. 

2. Make It Halloween-Festive

Ideas For Fall Window Boxes - Make It Halloween-Festive

As fall ushers in Halloween, it’s the perfect time to prepare your window boxes with the spirit of Trick or Treat! Give your window boxes a spooky touch by decorating them with a Halloween theme. 

Arrange Jack-O’-Lanterns and uncarved pumpkins of different sizes strategically in the window box. Complement your Halloween décor outside with colorful flowers in dark red, orange, black, and yellow. For a creepy effect, hang skeleton garlands onto the window boxes. 

3. Use Classic White

Ideas For Fall Window Boxes Use Classic White

Give your window boxes a crisp, elegant look with white flowers that create a polished atmosphere. As autumn transitions to winter, these flowers will look perfect and provide a brighter theme as the season grows darker. White also pairs well with any other outdoor décor. 

Cyclamen varieties are hardy flowers that can withstand cold seasons. Other white flowers that thrive in fall include heather, pansies, and primulas. To add variety, mix in crocuses by planting bulbs that will bloom in winter. 

4. Add Deep Colors

Ideas For Fall Window Boxes - Add Deep Colors

To complement autumn colors, choose flowers with a deep wine-red hue. Select purple mums as the centerpiece or focal point of your window box. Lighter shade flowers will stand out beautifully with deep purple as the highlight. Plant pink-lavender mums and partner them with coralbells. 

For added appeal, incorporate kale and ajuga that look great with the colors of the other flowers. The eye-catching hues will turn heads and garner compliments from those who appreciate flowers. 

5. Embrace Browns And Oranges

Ideas For Fall Window Boxes - Embrace Browns And Oranges

You don’t need to spend a fortune decorating your window box. During fall, you can source your décor outdoors. Gather pinecones, mini gourds, and pumpkins and arrange them along the window box.

Add branches with brown, red, and orange leaves. Best of all, some of these materials are free! You can also look for maple-leaf garlands or berry garlands.  

6. Opt For Modern-Industrial Planters

Ideas For Fall Window Boxes - Opt For Modern-Industrial Planters

Window planters don’t necessarily have to be attached to your windows. You can place them under your windows instead. Use ribbed-design planters to house your balcony plants.

Metal is among the most popular planter materials. They tend to develop a patina or change color as they acquire a weathered appearance. Opt for wide galvanized metal planters that exude a city or urban vibe. You can place them on hollow blocks of varying heights to create layers. 

Succulents are ideal if you plan to place the planters in a shaded spot. Herbs are also a good choice if you need to extend their growing time. If the weather turns bad, you can transfer them inside the house if they don’t have any drainage holes. These planters are lightweight, making them easy to move. 

7. Add Red, White, And Blue

Ideas For Fall Window Boxes - Add Red White And Blues

Window boxes with different designs offer opportunities to layer various shades of flowers. If you have a two-layered window box, fill the top with red flowers near the windowpane. Blue and white flowers pair well together on the lower surfaces. 

If you find a window box with individual containers, arrange the flowers in a design you like. Choose blooms in different sizes to add texture.  

8. Create A Café-Like Style

Ideas For Fall Window Boxes - Create A Café-Like Style

Fall is a season of deep reds, which look beautiful on your window box. Plant long-stalked flowers with red petals and orange centers, creating a warm and welcoming feeling.

Add patio furniture, such as two chairs with cushions and a small table, where you or your guests can enjoy a pleasant Sunday breakfast or sip afternoon tea. 

9. Match Window Box And Exterior

Match Window Box And Exterior

Give your fall window box a makeover by painting it the same color as the exterior window. The frames, ledges, and boxes can all share the same color using paint for masonry.

Plant some thyme and hebe and shape them like a small bush ball. Planting them apart gives them a classic and minimalist look. Add some lemon primrose to provide a uniform, muted shade.

Window boxes don’t have to be boring when you have different kinds of flowers, herbs, and vegetables to decorate them. Fall also offers natural materials like leaves in reds, oranges, and browns. You can also decorate them with the holidays celebrated this season.


You can decorate your window boxes this fall season by adding plants beneficial to each other’s growth. For instance, you can plant marigold flowers that attract aphid-eating insects to keep parsley and thyme safe. Since this is also the season of Halloween, you can add different-sized pumpkins and gourds plus red, orange, black, and yellow. 

Other ideas include using different flower colors to set the mood you like, such as white for minimalism, and using industrial-modern planters. You can use patio furniture to enjoy the exterior while having tea and matching the color of the window ledges and boxes for a personal touch.