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21 of the Easy Growing Winter Flowering Bulbs for Beginners!

Winter flowering bulbs can contrast your surroundings’ gray sky and all-white ground through their popping colors and natural charm. It would be a delight to the eyes seeing various beautiful flowers around your garden or yard. Talk about your magical wonderland!

If you have the desire to add a different ambiance outside your home, flowers are a great idea. However, not all flowering plants can be appropriate to use at the time of this season.

You need to choose among the winter flowering bulbs that naturally thrive in colder climates. Below is a list of the great choices you may want to consider.

21 of the Easy Growing Winter Flowering Bulbs

1. Algerian Iris

Algerian Iris Winter Flowering Bulbs

Algerian Iris is one of the beautiful purple-colored flowers you’d ever see. It’s also a perfect winter plant. Its blooms start appearing around November up to the entire cold season. This plant needs full sun and grows best in zones 7 to 9.

2. Camellia

Camellia Winter Flowering Bulbs
via Pixabay

The beautiful flowers of this shrub vary in colors from pink to red and ivory to white. Camellia is known to many people for the obvious prettiness and softness of the petals that generally look like roses.

Many varieties of this houseplant produce big blooms throughout the year. The ones that bloom in fall and survive in winter are red, pink, and white flowers. These grow in hard zones 7 to 9.

3. Crocus

Crocus Winter Flowering Bulbs
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Crocus is another lovely flowering plant that thrives well during the winter. The winter flowering bulbs known as corns start popping in the late weeks of the season and extend up to spring.

They come in the shape of a cup and grow from small thin, and grass-like stalks. You can choose various shades, including purple, blue, yellow, orange, and white. Others have a mix of two or three colors.

These flowers are best used as ground covers in your patio, at the sides of the pathways, and around the rock garden. Zones 3 to 8 are recommended for this plant to survive.

4. Cyclamen

Cyclamen Winter Flowering Bulbs
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You may mix cyclamen with crocus or other small winter flowering bulbs if directly sown on the grounds. You also have the option to grow them in pots then place them beside other similar houseplants.

The leaves are dark, heart shape, while the flowers stand erect through their thin, brown-green stalks. The flowers have tiny flowers that range in different colors, such as red, pink, purple, and pink.

Although this is a perennial type, it can survive in the winter season as long as the zone is between 9 and 11.

5. Daffodils

Daffodils Winter Flowering Bulbs
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Daffodils are spring flowers but can be planted in the fall. They can survive the coldness and presence of snow in the winter. That is why they are also considered winter flowering bulbs you may want to consider for your next garden project.

6. Daphne Shrub

Daphne Shrub Winter Flowering Bulbs
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The scented flowers of daphne shrubs are tiny, while the foliage is bushy. This plant is an ideal cover against a fence, or even serves as a border.

This shrub is well suited in both warm and cold climates. White, pink, or red flowers start appearing in the late weeks of winter.

7. Dutchman’s Breech

Dutchmans Breech Winter Flowering Bulbs
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Dutchman’s breeches are most commonly known as bleeding hearts as the flowers do look like hearts that bleed. This is another shrub that survives the winter season. In terms of shades, this plant produces red, pink, purple, and white flowers.

8. English Primrose

English Primrose Winter Flowering Bulbs
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Let’s include English primrose among the list of easy-growing winter flowering bulbs. It’s something you’d pick on top because the flowers are lovely. There are numerous colors of the petals, including yellow, purple, pink, white, and mixed shades. This plant needs rich soil in zones 3 to 8.

9. Glory of the Snow

Glory of the Snow Winter Flowering Bulbs

The perfect flower to contrast the color of the winter is the glory of the snow. It features bright or purple, star-shaped flowers. These can fill an empty spot in your front yard, beautify your border, or add warmth to your garden.

10. Hellebores

Hellebores Winter Flowering Bulbs
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Hellebores are another excellent option for your collection of winter flowering bulbs. The flowers are very pretty highlighting their unique patterns and magical colors.

These are also known as Lenten roses since they start popping from March to April or Christmas roses in the early weeks of winter.

The interesting fact about this plant is that it’s tough despite its delicate look. It’s important to grow this flowering houseplant in zones 4 to 9 and maintain it with moderate water and some sun.

11. Leucojum

Leucojum Winter Flowering Bulbs
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You can complete your dream winter wonderland with leucojum! This plant is also known as the spring snowflake. It may not be one of the top choices since they feature winter flowering bulbs.

But if you wish to add it, there’s nothing wrong with your option. The bell-shaped flowers atop their long, green stalk are a delight to look at.

12. Mahonia

Mahonia Winter Flowering Bulbs
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Yellow-producing flowers can brighten the mood of the gloomy and cold atmosphere of the winter season. Therefore, growing mahonia is not a bad option.

It is a type of evergreen shrub that has big foliage. It consists of frond-like leaves and tiny, yellow flowers that are clustered together.

13. Ornamental Cabbage and Kale

Kale Winter Flowering Bulbs
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Make your garden a little more essential by planting kales and cabbages. These are widely popular vegetable plants for their leaves that are used in salads and sandwiches.

Cabbage has round, layered green leaves, while kale has dark green or red, curly leaves. Both are hardy plants that can survive the cold temperatures, even at a negative rate.

14. Pansy and Viola

Pansy Winter Flowering Bulbs
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Be delighted with the winter flowering bulbs and petals of both plants! The beauty and brilliant colors of the flowers are jaw-dropping.

You cannot deny how gorgeous they would look in the winter and spring season. The brightness of the petals can give some warmth from the view of your window. These are annual plants that can survive a mild frost.

15. Pieris Japonica

Pieris Japonica Winter Flowering Bulbs
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Pieris japonica is another evergreen shrub that produces winter flowering bulbs. There are hundreds of very tiny, bell-shaped flowers of this plant.

It usually blooms white flowers, but other variants produce pink and red. This is a perfect option if there are more empty spaces in your surroundings. It is best to plant it in zones 5 through 8.

16. Pussy Willow

Pussy Willow Winter Flowering Bulbs
via Pixabay

Pussy willows offer a very unique appearance. It is a type of shrub or small tree that grows up to 25 feet in height. It has tall, erect, and thin branches where the round, fuzzy, flower buds appear.

Those cute, little flowers are more well known as catkins. You can add this to your garden space if you prefer a more unique plant.

17. Scilla

Scilla Winter Flowering Bulbs
via Pixabay

The flowers of this plant make a wonderful display in your surroundings. They come in purple, blue, and white colors. These are typically seen from late winter to early spring.

18. Snowdrops

Snowdrops Winter Flowering Bulbs
via Pxhere

Of course, snowdrops are not excluded from our list of winter flowering bulbs that are easy to grow and maintain. Otherwise known as Galanthus, this plant offers lovely, white flowers.

Each flower bud has its head bowed down then eventually spreads out. The start of its bloom is during the middle of the season, usually when there’s snow around.

19. Spring Snowflakes

Spring snowflakes have features similar to snowdrops. The only difference is that the tip of the back of the petal has a yellow spot, while green on the snowdrop. This also blooms in the same period, which is from the late weeks of winter to spring.

20. Winter Aconite

Winter aconites are another winter flowering bulbs that highlight a bright yellow color. The flowers come out in a buttercup shape. This plant is small like grass, which makes it a great ground cover in the cold season.

21. Winter Jasmine

Winter Jasmine Winter Flowering Bulbs
via Pxhere

Lastly, winter jasmine offers a different beauty with its dazzling, small, yellow flowers. This shrub is mostly grown to create a border. The flowers may not be scented but beautiful enough to enhance your surroundings.


These are some of the winter flowering bulbs that you can easily grow. You may mix some of these flowers to build your most-dreamed magical garden.