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Should You Get the Wooden Double Glider Swing for Your Garden?

While shopping for an outdoor swing set you may notice there are many options to choose from, however it doesn’t have to be difficult to find the right one for you.

Whether you’re looking for a single swing set or a double glider swing set, here is a breakdown on how to find the perfect one.

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Wooden Double Glider Swing for Your Garden – via

How to Choose a Perfect Swing for Your Garden

There are so many options available when searching for an outdoor swing.

Deciding what you are looking for in a swing set will help narrow down the search and make the process easier.

Some things to consider are:

  • Type of swing you want
  • Amount of people you want it to seat
  • Amount of space you have in your garden
  • How easy it is to assemble
  • Quality of materials
  • Required maintenance

Taking some time to think about these factors and decide what you are looking for will help tremendously while you search for your ideal outdoor swing.

Types of Garden Swings

How you plan to use your outdoor swing set will be an important factor in finding the best option for you.

Consider your plans for the swing, some examples include:

  • Fun outdoor swing for a household with children
  • Hanging swing for your front porch
  • Rocking chair or glider style swings for relaxing
  • Double facing gliders for gatherings with family or friends
  • Daybed swing for lounging

Once you have determined the main use for your garden swing, you can then think about the other factors that will affect your decision.

What to Look for When Choosing Garden Swing

Some of the other things to decide on when shopping around for your outdoor swing are:

  • Materials: choosing a garden swing made from high-quality materials that are durable is important.
  • Maintenance: while any garden swing will require maintenance over time, finding one that needs minimal care can be ideal.
  • Installation steps: choosing a swing that has easy assembly will be an important factor to consider.
  • Build quality: a garden swing that is sturdy will give you peace of mind during use.
  • Weather resistant: a swing that is weather resistant will be important for the longevity of your outdoor swing set.

Who Makes Double Facing Glider Swing?

Moon Valley Rustics is the company that makes the wooden double facing glider swing.

They are a family-owned company that has been making furniture for almost 100 years. Today, they make both indoor and outdoor furniture at their manufacturing plant in Monroe, MI.

The company develops most of their own manufacturing equipment, giving them total control of the manufacturing process, which allows them to ensure the use of high-quality materials and high standard craftmanship.

 Moon Valley Rustics takes pride in using superior quality wood and a durable construction design that creates long-lasting furniture.

Wooden Double Glider Swing for Your Garden 2
Wooden Double Glider Swing for Your Garden – via

What About the Outdoor Double Glider Maintenance?

The wooden outdoor double glider swing requires minimal maintenance. There is a slight difference in maintenance requirements based on whether you choose unfinished or varnished wood, however both still need only low care.

After time, you should reapply the varnish or use another water sealant to provide added protection and durability to the product. Reapplying wood stain is optional, as is using varnish on unfinished wood since some people opt to leave it in its natural state.

The website provides clear maintenance instructions and provides instructions on how to care for the glider during wintertime when weather conditions may be too harsh for the glider to endure.

Do I Need Help with Assembly for the Double Glider Swing in My Backyard?

Assembling the double glider outdoor swing is a very straightforward and simple process. The company provides easy to read, step by step instructions with pictures included.

The bench seats and backs will come pre-assembled as well. One friend or family member will be adequate to assist in building the swing. Ensure that you have all the pieces needed then begin building the frame of the swing.

Once you have a free-standing frame, you will simply need to finish the build for each bench and attach them to the frame. Assembling and setting the glider platform into place is the last step of this easy process.

How Much Weight Can This Swing Hold?

The double glider swing can seat up to four adults comfortably and has a 1,400 lb. maximum weight capacity.  

The interior dimension of each bench is 46 inches wide, 19.5 inches in depth, and a back seat height of 24 inches.

How to Make Face to Face Glider Swing Last Longer

The vintage face-to-face double glider swing is a very durable product due to the high-quality wood used to build it.

The glider is made from white cedar, a wood that is naturally resistant to insect damage as well as weather damage. However, there are some steps you can take to further extend the life of this product.

This double glider has the option of coming already sealed in a weather resistant varnish, or you can add your own preferred water sealant to the unfinished version of the product. Either option will add to the longevity of the glider.

Are These Types of Swings Safe for Kids?

While outdoor garden swings are safe for children, it is recommended to wait until children are at least a few years old and provide adult supervision while the garden swing is in use.

The distance between the bench seat and the platform base is 18 inches, so assisting children with getting up and down onto the swing is important.

For young children, it is suggested that an adult sits with them while they use the swing or while it is in motion.

Final Words

Finding the best garden swing to fit your lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated.

Use the factors mentioned in this guide to decide what you are looking for in an outdoor swing, which will assist you in narrowing down your search and allow you to find the garden swing best fit for your life.