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5 Best ATV Sprayer For Food Plots – 2023 Reviews!

Suppose you have a large garden, property, or lawn. In that case, it can be difficult to care for, particularly if you normally treat it with pesticides and herbicides several times yearly to prevent the insects from damaging your plants and grass.

One way to simplify the task is to use the best ATV sprayer for food plots. Provided you own the ATV sprayer, you can quickly and easily treat your food plots by installing it on the four-wheeler. Homeowners and farmers have loved these sprayers because you can spray a large area within a few minutes.

They are resistant to chemicals, which allow users to mix herbicides very easily, and have special spray patterns for every type of grass.

Likewise, they feature the corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank and a low-profile design that distributes the weight of fluids more evenly hence maximizing the balance and stability of your tractor, ATV, or truck. The cap is large enough to easily clean and fills the tank.

Typically, the cap comes with a drawstring, so you don’t lose it anywhere. Continue reading the article to get the best ATV sprayer for food plots.

Master Manufacturing 15 Gallon SAO 11 015A MM ATV Sprayer for Food Plots Best ATV Sprayer For Food Plots 2
Master Manufacturing 15 Gallon SAO 11 015A MM ATV Sprayer for Food Plots – via

Factors to consider when buying the best ATV sprayer for food plots


When buying the best ATV sprayer for food plots, you need to consider durability. You should not purchase a new product with a small tear or hole in the tank body.

Today, most ATV sprayers have a polyethylene tank that provides transparency while providing chemical resistance and durability. Depending on the chemical type you want to put in the reservoir, you need to find a sprayer to withstand different chemicals.

It is recommended to buy the models with thicker tanks to prevent them from breaking if dropped from the vehicle. Typically, a UV resistance is important for those who have to spend more hours in the sun. Also, other components like valves, nozzles, handguns, or switches must be made of a high-quality material such as brass and hard plastic.

User-friendly design

Choose an ATV sprayer for food plots with a large reservoir cap so you can easily mix and fill liquids in the reservoir. The large opening also makes it easy to clean the tank.

Other features like a drain plug, mounted ATV position, hanging bracket, switches, adjustable nozzles, controls, handgun maneuverability, and hose length must be user-friendly. They should also be convenient and easy to use.

Spray pattern

If the tube of your ATV sprayer does not have a nozzle, the solution will flow out of the tube in one stream. When you attach the nozzle, it breaks the stream into small droplets. Based on the design of the nozzle, these droplets create different shapes on the sprayed surface, called the spray.

The most common spray patterns are flat nozzle, expanded flat nozzle, hollow cone, full cone, and flow. Most users generally prefer a uniform fan pattern for single nozzle applications. If you use a multi-nozzle boom, you must use a flat nozzle spray pattern. 

Drops can be very fine, medium, fine, coarse, and very coarse. Usually, the product you spray your plants with will tell you how big the drops should be. You can then change the pressure and nozzle to achieve the desired droplet size. If the droplets are too small, they will drift, and if the droplets are too coarse, they will not travel far enough to ensure even distribution. 

Psi range 

When buying the best ATV sprayer for food plots, you need to consider the psi range. So, when the pressure is constant, the volume of the spray nozzle will increase with the size of the nozzle. 

At the same time, if the nozzle size remains unchanged, the volume of the spray nozzle increases with increasing pressure. However, an increase in pressure reduces the droplet size. Smaller drops are prone to drift. Thus, your spray may not hit the intended target. To get all parameters correct, you must calibrate your sprayer.

When calibrating your sprayer, you must adjust nozzle size and pressure to reduce drift, increase accuracy, and ensure a uniform pattern. This will require some experimentation, and your backpack sprayer will need the flexibility to create a wide pressure range. 

A pressure range of 1 to 4 bar per square cm is sufficient for most purposes. Many instructional materials tell you how to calibrate your sprayer. Please review these materials before making a purchase.

Tank size

Consider the tank size. Last but not least, it is your strength. While it may seem appropriate to choose a 20-liter sprayer so that you can cover most of the ground. When choosing a tank size, carefully weigh and consider the area you need to spray, the weight your vehicle can comfortably carry, and the type of application you will typically be using.

Standard tank sizes are 8, 12, 16, and 20 liters. If you err on the side of a too small tank, you will waste time refilling it. If you make a mistake about a too large tank, you may lose product and be injured.

Overall, the 16-liter tank seems to be the most popular choice. A tank this size is large enough to hold a large amount of liquid yet light enough for most people to carry comfortably.

Diaphragm or piston pumps

The solution reservoir is not pressurized in the ATV sprayer for food plots. The pump creates the pressure necessary to spray the solution in a separate chamber. The pump may use a piston or a diaphragm to pressurize the chamber. The piston pump pushes air into the chamber like a cyclic pump pushes air into tires. As the piston moves inside the cylinder, it creates friction. 

The resulting friction leads to rapid wear if solid particles are present in the spray solution. Diaphragm pumps have no moving parts. Thus, they do not produce friction. The absence of friction reduces wear. In this regard, diaphragm pumps perform better than piston pumps. But if you are using liquids rather than wetted products, a piston pump works better than diaphragm pumps.

5 Best ATV Sprayer For Food Plots

1. Master Manufacturing 15-Gallon SAO-11-015A-MM ATV Sprayer for Food Plots

Master Manufacturing 15 Gallon SAO 11 015A MM ATV Sprayer for Food Plots Best ATV Sprayer For Food Plots

Many people are going for this nest ATV sprayer for food plots from Master Manufacturing because it easily adjusts the boom brackets for perfect and consistent spray height.

Notably, it comes with an adjustable spray gun, reaching about 30 feet horizontally and 25 feet vertically from the seat’s comfort. With ease, you can drench medium to small lawns, waterways, and food plots with a 7-foot swath from all-steel broadcast booms.

You can easily adjust the boom brackets to ensure a perfect and consistent spray when the terrain changes. You need to make a simple pressure adjustment with a robust pressure regulator on a fly. In the same way, the fast attach Boom mounts, and two mounting straps fit most of the ATVs brands.

I really appreciate the translucent polyethylene tank because you can check the level of the chemicals as you spray. Equally important, this model has an all-steel frame that makes it sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. Also, it features a line pumping system top that includes a pressure gauge, robust Everflo 12V 2. 2GPM diaphragm pump, shut-off to boom, and pressure regulator.

  • Easy to adjust boom brackets
  • Consistent spray height
  • The spray gun is adjustable
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Robust pressure regulator
  • It is versatile
  • Easy to assemble
  • It has a great design
  • The broadcast tube is not included

2. Workhorse ATV2503 White 25-gal 3-Nozzle ATV Sprayer

Workhorse ATV2503 White 25 gal 3 Nozzle ATV Sprayer Best ATV Sprayer For Food Plots

The Workhorse model is useful and suitable for covering larger premises that are hard to reach and off-road terrains. It is ideal for sprinkling fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and the liquid you can choose to control the weed. In a like manner, it comes with a polyethene tank, which fights away tank-related repairs or replacements.

Moreover, it is ready to resist inclement weather or corrosion and withstand chemical solutions. This helps the property owners in targeted and distant spraying. You will get a handgun covering 140 inches, making it useful for spraying managed gardens and crop fields, playgrounds, small farm plots, and pasture land in bulk.

Additionally, this ATV sprayer comes with the conventional seven nozzle sprayers that are equally good for repeat or sporadic spraying. Heavy-duty material includes high-grade polyethylene material, which adds extra structural stability and induces commendable strength. It has a 25-gallon tank that allows for easy filling and eliminates the chances of wastage or accidental spillage.

  • Ideal for large and hard-to-reach premises
  • Withstand chemical solutions
  • Resist inclement weather and corrosion
  • It sprays in bulk
  • It is heavy-duty
  • Easy pressure adjustment
  • Durable and portable
  • Quick and easy spraying
  • Increased coverage efficiency
  • Easy to mount and assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Sometimes it leaks

3. DU-MOST Fimco 4.5GPM 5302323 25-Gallon High-Flow UV-Resistant ATV Sprayer

DU MOST Fimco 4.5GPM 5302323 25 Gallon High Flow UV Resistant ATV Sprayer Best ATV Sprayer For Food Plots

The unique thing about this ATV sprayer from DU-MOST is that it delivers a 4.5-GPM flow rate higher than many pumps in its class. It comes with the in-build fan-cooled motor and chemically resistant diaphragms and valves, increasing durability to ensure long pump life.

Likewise, it has a 25-gallon polyethylene blow-molded tank that is corrosion-resistant, durable, and UV-resistant. In the same way, it comes with a 5-inch tethered lid that is completely drainable to ensure easy access. You will get the deluxe pistol grip handgun, which delivers about 25 feet of vertical spray and 40 feet of horizontal spray.

Moreover, this sprayer features an ergonomic polymer handle, 15 feet of hose, and a precision brass tip to help you reach constricted areas around the buildings and other obstacles. There is the industrial-grade concentrate formula that helps to clean the agricultural tanks, fertilizer equipment, and sprayers. Also, it is formulated to clean lines, tanks, and nozzles.

  • It is chemical resistant
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • UV-resistant and corrosion-resistant
  • Ergonomic polymer handle
  • Easy to install
  • You can easily reach tight areas
  • Easy to operate and control
  • Very good quality
  • It is affordable
  • Sometimes the hose leaks

4. FIMCO 5302318 2.4-GPM 15-Gallon ATV Sprayer for Food Plots

FIMCO 5302318 2.4 GPM 15 Gallon ATV Sprayer for Food Plots Best ATV Sprayer For Food Plots

If you want the best ATV sprayer for food plots ideal for rural properties and small pastures, then go for this product from FIMCO. It comes with the lever handgun that distributes to about 16 ft of vertical spray, 30 ft of horizontal spray, and 15 ft of 3/8 inch hose. More importantly, it has a 2-nozzle boom, which offers 7 ft of total spray coverage.

FIMCO’s exclusive manifold places boom operation and pressure control at the fingertips to suitably fine-tune the spray pattern. A durable polymer tank features a molded drain port, UV stabilizers, and a 5-inch lid to ensure easy filling. You will get a quick-release mounting system, which securely clamps the boom into place to allow you easily and quickly install, change, store or remove the spraying boom.

Besides, this tool has an internal and self-priming fan-cooled motor and chemically resistant diaphragms and valves, increasing durability to ensure a longer pump life. The adjustable polymer nozzle and aluminum lance deliver 16 ft of vertical spray and 30 ft of horizontal spray. Also, it has a 15 feet hose, which gives you the necessary length to reach constricted areas around the buildings and other areas.

  • Diaphragms and valves are chemically resistant
  • It is durable
  • Easy to fill
  • The polymer nozzle is adjustable
  • It is UV resistant
  • Easy to tighten
  • Versatile and efficient
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Poor customer service

5. Chapin International 97561 Translucent 25-Gallon ATV Sprayer

Chapin International 97561 Translucent 25 Gallon ATV Sprayer Best ATV Sprayer For Food Plots

Chapin International has developed this ATV sprayer where concentrate and water are in separate tanks and will mix when spraying. The water tank is about 25 gallons, and the concentrate tank is about 2 gallons. In all honesty, this model comes with the poly adjustable nozzle hat that sprays a wide cone, fine mist, or tight stream.

Similarly, the tank is translucent, making it easy to see the liquid inside. You can adjust the flow to ensure maximum performance and easily switch from boom spraying to spot spraying. More importantly, it has a removable filter, which sits right under a cap to prevent the debris from entering a tank when pouring the mix.

I appreciate the drain cap because you can quickly empty the central water tank. A mixing valve mixes the water versus concentrate at the ratio of 10-1 oz. This sprayer comes with a quick connect fitting, making it easy to swap the concentrate tanks. It is also compatible for use with many ATVs, lawn tractors, and UTVs.

  • The gallon is translucent
  • Helps to eliminate clogs
  • Quickly empty the tank
  • Filters prevent clogging
  • Easy to install
  • A cap prevents the debris from entering a tank
  • The nozzle is adjustable
  • It has a wide range of applications
  • It comes with separate tanks
  • Hoses leak
  • Drain plug leaks

How to use the ATV sprayer for food plots correctly

  • It is recommended to carry out the procedure of spraying plants in the morning. In this case, you should choose a day when there will be no wind and dew. It is also undesirable to carry out this work when the scorching sun is shining since the liquid tends to evaporate quickly. It is worthwhile to study all the conditions well before choosing the best ATV sprayer for food plots.
  • It is forbidden to spray plants during the period when they bloom. After all, it can only harm them. If it so happened that you cannot transfer the spraying procedure, then it is worth picking off all the colors earlier.
  • During the procedure, it is necessary to periodically shake the container with liquid so that the preparations do not have time to settle to the bottom but fall on all plants in time.
  • Work is only allowed in protective clothing. Because when choosing the ATV sprayer for food plots, you will often use chemical fertilizers and spray additives. Work, if possible, with gloves, closed clothes, and shoes to protect yourself. 
  • After the procedure, be sure to thoroughly wash and dry, if possible, the tank from harmful chemicals. After all, with prolonged storage, they can damage the surface.
  • It is recommended to store the ATV sprayer for food plots indoors and away from foodstuffs.


Choosing the best ATV sprayer for food plots has many benefits. For instance, these sprayers have patented valves that are chemical resistant to ensure better performance, longer life, and faster priming.

They feature a quick-release system that securely holds the spraying boom, permitting you to easily and quickly install, replace, repair, or remove the spray boom. You will get a regulator and a pressure gauge that ensure a precise adjustment of the spray pressure. To get all these, go for the above products.

Master Manufacturing 15-Gallon SAO-11-015A-MM ATV Sprayer for Food Plots is the best-selling product because it has an adjustable spray gun that can reach 30 feet horizontally and 25 feet vertically to ensure comfort. Likewise, it comes with all-steel frame material that makes it sturdy, durable, and long-lasting.

This product has attained the above factors because it has an adjustable spray gun that offers comfort and has all-steel frame material to ensure durability and long-lasting.