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5 Best Cordless Saw For Cutting Tree Branches – Reviews and Buying Guide!

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The cordless saw for cutting tree branches is a compact tool used at home and in the country. An electric motor powers it. The tool is mobile, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Consumer demand and expert reviews made it possible to single out the best cordless saw for cutting tree branches in terms of quality and cost.

Typically, these saws are used to cut firewood, trim a garden, cut through hardwood quickly, and even cut tree branches without in any way making life difficult for its owner. Also, they are in demand when carrying out construction, repair work, including indoors.

In addition, the equipment is used in summer cottages or household plots to form bushes, trees, and other purposes. They are quiet, environmentally friendly, and easy to start and operate, just like electric models. 

At the same time, they are entirely autonomous and are not tied to anything like gasoline ones. With this cordless saw, they are convenient to move around the room or area due to the power supply from the battery.

Likewise, an adjustable stroke frequency, a comfortable, rubberized handle, and a protective cover on the file for safe work. The presence of an LED backlight allows you to work in low-light conditions. 

When the battery is low, the indicator flashes. Thanks to the convenient chuck because you can quickly change the working equipment. 

A depth stop expands the range of the tool’s application. Continue reading this article for the best cordless saw for cutting tree branches.

Foonsen 4 Inch saw Handheld Cordless saw Best Cordless Saw for Cutting Tree Branches 2
Foonsen 4 Inch saw Handheld Cordless saw via Amazon

Factors to consider when buying the best cordless saw for cutting tree branches


When choosing the best cordless saw for cutting tree branches, the first thing to look for is engine power. This parameter depends not only on the performance but also on the device’s durability. Choose the best tools with sufficient power if the voltage in your power surges often occurs. 

The motor of such a chain saw will not overheat when the voltage drops, giving out the rated power. Also, the thermal control function will not be the extra addition, which allows you to automatically turn off the tools and exclude force in different situations.

Engine location

The drive sprocket is located directly on the engine axis with a transverse arrangement. The design is more straightforward, more reliable, and cheaper, but in this arrangement, the engine protrudes strongly to the side, leading to certain inconveniences.

Such a saw is more difficult to operate in confined conditions. 

In addition, due to the uneven distribution of weight, the device can be pulled to the side during operation. Saws with a longitudinal arrangement are devoid of these drawbacks; however, prices for such cordless saws for cutting tree branches are much higher.

Chain pitch

The chain pitch determines the length of the chain teeth and affects the performance of the saw and the cleanliness of the cut. This parameter should correspond to the engine power.

A large step provides higher performance but requires more power. In addition, the larger the teeth (the larger the pitch), the rougher the cut, the stronger the tool’s vibration. And the more the chain will adhere to the material being cut.

If it gets wedged, such a chain is likely to make the tool slip out of your hands. The 6.3 mm pitch ensures maximum accuracy and cleanliness of the cut, used only in miniature saws. 

The 9.3 mm pitch provides acceptable performance and is used in most household saws. The 9.5 mm pitch is used on powerful electric saws that require maximum performance.


Because the cordless saws have a higher speed, the risk associated with a saw is greater than with the cordless saw. The kickback problem is more familiar with a saw than with the cordless saw. 

But this does not mean that cordless saws for cutting tree branches are safe. Both are dangerous as a cutting tool, and you must take proper safety precautions while cutting.

Build quality

Pay attention to the build quality of the model you choose. All parts must be fixed securely and efficiently. There should be no backlash in the structure as well as any damage. If you notice any, then it is better to refuse the purchase. It is unlikely that such a technique will last long enough. 

Buy the cordless saws, which provide the following functionality: lubrication of the cutting system, protection of the motor system from overloads, blocking of the starting part, inertial brake, and the most convenient chain tensioner.

With such additions, we can safely talk about the durability and wear resistance of the tool.


Any electric saw is a potentially dangerous tool. Therefore, it is essential to protect yourself from possible injuries while using the cordless saw. 

When choosing a suitable model, pay attention to blocking an accidental start-up. It will protect you from danger if you do not comfortably grip the saw with one hand. After switching on, please find that you are not ready to work with it. 

When working with the cordless saw, kickback can be particularly hazardous. It occurs when the end of the bar touches the hard surface of the lumber.

As a result, the tool is sharply thrown back, and its moving can injure the operator. There is also an automatic brake, which is activated when the hand slips. When a kickback occurs due to the high pressure in the guard, a spring is activated, activating the brake and stopping the cordless saw.

Ease of maneuverability

Whether you are a home user or a professional user, you should move your car from one place to another, at least from the storage area to the yard you should take it. 

So ease of maneuvering is significant. The ease of maneuvering a cordless saw depends on its size and weight. Go for the product, which is compact and lightweight.


Buy only high-quality branded cordless saws. There are many brands today, but the best option is left to the buyer. Of course, such copies will cost more, especially if they have many additional options. 

But such tools will last longer, cause no problems, and cope with all the tasks assigned to them. In addition, branded models are sold with a manufacturer’s warranty. It is advisable to buy them at specialized retail outlets. This should not be done in markets and small pavilions.


It’s not a pity to overpay for a reliable and durable product. Therefore, it is better to take cordless saws from a well-known and stable brand than cheap fakes. 

An expensive saw always has well-thought-out safety (inertial brake, safety guard, restart lock) and valuable functions (automatic chain lubrication, keyless tension, speed control, overload protection, rubber pads on the handle). 

A cheap saw is often notable for poor quality material and unreliable assembly. Also, it has backlash and drawbacks. This means it will not last long, so you will not save money, but on the contrary, you will lose.

5 Best Cordless Saw For Cutting Tree Branches

1. JUEMEL 4-Inch Mini Portable 20V Rechargeable Cordless Saw

JUEMEL 4 Inch Mini Portable 20V Rechargeable Cordless Saw Best Cordless Saw for Cutting Tree Branches

This modern cordless saw model is perfect for wood cutting, branch pruning, tree limb chopping, municipal greening projects, gardening, and more.

For one thing, it is powered by a 1500-mAh lithium-ion battery, which provides an output voltage of 20 V. The battery is charged using the power cable supplied with the tool. The chain of this tool can be tightened manually without the need for a wrench.

The garden saw features low noise and vibration levels and can operate autonomously for a long time. It features innovative brushless technology that delivers more efficiency with up to 30% more torque. 

This model has a compact size, is lightweight, and long battery life. The gearwheel is built in a plate guide that ensures smooth cutting. The chains do not lose quickly and are wear-resistant in the same case.

There is a lock-off level that can ensure a safe operation. Thanks to the integrated guide plate, it dissipates heat fast to ensure the average motor temperature.

Also, it is resistant to abrasion and falling. With a non-slip handle design, this saw offers you a soft grip and comfortable balance. JUEMEL engineers have designed the engine to run more with less consumption.

  • It ensures the smooth cutting
  • It is wear-resistant
  • Chains do not loose easily
  • Heat dissipation and comfortable grip
  • Excellent service and accessories
  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • It has poor quality

2. Foonsen 4-Inch saw Handheld Cordless saw

Foonsen 4 Inch saw Handheld Cordless saw Best Cordless Saw for Cutting Tree Branches

A Foonsen cordless saw is a convenient tool for long-term operation, weighing only 2.5 lb and measuring 13.8 X 3.0 inches. It is supplemented with a comfortable and soft anti-slip handle.

In a like manner, it is powered by a 1500mah lithium-ion battery. Since it is battery-operated, you need to recharge the battery when the battery level gets low. 

The tool is equipped with a motor, making it easier and safer to cut the tree branches. A built-in front deflector plate can help prevent the rapid sawdust injection to your face.

In the same way, it comes with the mistaken proof button, which prevents accidents when pressing the switch unintended.

This cordless saw device for cutting tree branches is also equipped with a powerful transverse motor with traction blocking, protecting against accidental activation.

You can replace the battery with many other power tools of this brand and extend the cutting time by disconnecting the second battery. The tensioning system of this device and the low recoil of the bar and chain help you cut quickly and smoothly.

  • Long battery operating time
  • Easy to install
  • It has a wide application
  • It ensures high safety
  • Portable and lightweight
  • It is a convenient use
  • The battery is rechargeable
  • Chain dulls quickly

3 MAXLANDER 20-volt Cordless 12-Inch saw

MAXLANDER 20 volt Cordless 12 Inch saw Best Cordless Saw for Cutting Tree Branches

If you are a professional looking for a heavy-duty cordless saw, you can choose the MAXLANDER cordless saw for cutting tree branches as your friend. It is a compact and portable tool used in sawing wood, pruning garden small trees and shrubs, cleaning shrubs next, and more. 

This cordless saw is equipped with a chain tensioning mechanism, which allows you to give it optimal tension without additional tools. 

The tool is powered by a 2.0-Ah battery which needs to be recharged when the power goes low. The delivery set contains one compatible battery and an AC adapter. The unit received an automatic chain lubrication system, which uses oil from the oil tank.

The built-in low vibration technology and ergonomic design make it comfortable and easy to use. It features a reliable engine, automatic oiler, quick start technology, and an easy maintenance system. 

If these specs meet your expectations, you can look inside to find out more about this easy-to-maneuver saw.

  • Lightweight and versatile
  • It is durable
  • Ease of maneuvering
  • It is comfortable
  • Safety to use
  • It has low vibration
  • Easy to use
  • Auto tension broke easily

4. Voltask 20V 10-Inch Compact & Lightweight Cordless saw

Voltask 20V 10 Inch Compact Lightweight Cordless saw Best Cordless Saw for Cutting Tree Branches

Many people are going for this Voltask product because it is the ideal solution for trimming and cutting applications. For one thing, it is easy to use thanks to the 20V lithium-ion battery.

The machine has a chain and 10-inch low kickback bar for easy and quick clean cuts. You can use it for trimming, shaping, and hobby purposes. The anti-vibration system provides additional comfort when cutting or shaping the wood body. 

This cordless saw model for cutting tree branches has zero emissions, considerably less maintenance, and lower noise. Also, the tool is supplemented with an automatic motor braking system and a lock, which excludes accidental activation of the system.

The unit weighs only 7 pounds, which makes it easy to operate. It is a two-handed cutting tool perfect for any residential project. Sometimes a problem arises in the chain. Accessible from the side for easy chain adjustment.

The motor provides increased cutting speed for quick project completion. You will get an ergonomic and rubberized soft-grip handle designed to use cutting pressure very quickly.

Equally important, it comes with a reliable and quick tool-free chain tensioning system that provides quick and straightforward chain adjustment and fitting. Even more, it comes with a 3-year warranty.

  • It offers powerful performance
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • It is lightweight
  • Dual safety protection
  • The handle has a soft grip
  • Easy and quick clean cuts
  • It is affordable
  • Sometimes the on/off button does not work properly

5. OICGOO Brushless Motor Cordless Mini saw

OICGOO Brushless Motor Cordless Mini saw Best Cordless Saw for Cutting Tree Branches

The OICGOO cordless saw is unique because it weighs 1.54 lb, making it ideal for cutting tree branches or for various carpentry jobs. 

With the help of this powerful tool, you can prepare the required amount of firewood for the winter from small-diameter logs, get rid of excess trees in the garden, or cut branches on them. It also has easy access to the rear air filter for easy maintenance.

Safe operation of this cordless saw for cutting tree branches is ensured by braking the engine when switching off and by a blocking system for accidental switching on. 

The device has a system of mechanisms aimed at partial reduction of vibration during operation, due to which the cuts will be made more accurately. The handle is non-slip that can help to offer a comfortable grip. 

The brushless motor works with less friction when compared to regular motors, which helps increase durability and longer life.

The chain tension mechanism and an automatic lubrication system facilitate the convenience of preparing the device for work. Even more, it has the blade guard that covers the chain’s side to protect against the wood splashing

  • It offers efficient cutting
  • Easy to install
  • The grip is comfortable
  • Easy to operate
  • It is lightweight
  • There is the safe lock bottom
  • The chain size is upgraded
  • The handle is non-slip
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth and strong
  • It is cheaply made


The cordless saw for cutting tree branches is much more convenient than a cord saw because it is not tied to a power outlet. Unlike gasoline, it does not emit the stench of burning oil and the roar of the engine.

Also, it does not require complex maintenance. It is an excellent tool for households, utilities, and woodcutters alike. 

It is a clean and quiet tool used for shaping the trees and bushes, cleaning the garden, cutting logs, and all kinds of wooden structures. Such a saw can work inside a building and perform installation, repair, and construction tasks.

The best-selling one is Foonsen 4-Inch saw Handheld Cordless saw because it has a motor that makes it easier to cut the tree branches.

In the same case, the mistaken proof button prevents any accident by just pressing the switch unintended. The product has attained the above factors because it has a powerful motor to run the machine and the mistaken proof button to prevent any accident.