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Buy The 7 Best Garden Trowel to Keep Your Garden Looking Great

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Garden Trowel: Favorite Tool of Gardeners

Among all the tools in a gardener’s arsenal, perhaps it is the garden trowel, which is probably the most versatile yet most ignored. Many think that a trowel does not require the same amount of scrutiny while selecting, as other high-end tools do.

However, it is one of the few tools which you will use regularly. You could dig a hole, transplant, or weeding; the best garden trowel can make all these chores much more manageable.

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Choosing a Garden Trowel

This simple tool is available in a variety of materials and designs. You must first understand your needs before you decide to select a garden trowel. Some of the factors to keep in mind are

  • Price  – You don’t have to break your bank to buy this tool. Though it is easy to get a trowel for less than 20 dollars, one must not look at it alone. Cheaper trowels can prove to be more expensive in the longer run.
  • Blade  – Depending on how you want to use it, select blade design and size. You can do a variety of things, but if you are looking for a specialized trowel, you must pay attention to the blade size and design. A narrow blade is better to dig deeper while a wider blade is better for scooping out a larger soil.
  • Handle  – For any tool to work efficiently, it is essential for it to feel comfortable in your hands. You could be working for long hours and doing some heavy-duty work like digging or weeding. A handle with ergonomic design, a secure grip, and good quality material should be selected.
  • Length of handle  – A long handle can give you more leverage to dig deeper, especially into hard, compact soil. A trowel with a short handle is easier to work with when handling smaller flower pots.

Different Materials of Trowels

Stainless Steel

Trowels made with stainless steel are long-lasting and heavy-duty. They are best for working on compact and rocky soil as the blade is durable and sharp. It would be best if you were looking for the right gauge.


Aluminum trowels are light-weight trowels and easy to work with. They are also durable, and most aluminum trowels have a single piece blade, which makes it more reliable. These are best for transplanting and turning soil. It is rust-resistant but not ideal for digging hard soil.


These trowels have high strength while remaining light-weight. They have a one-piece construction, and the blade stays attached to the handle. It is perfect for digging into hard and compact soil. It will not rust and is easy to clean.


The plastic ones are light-weight and affordable trowels. These are ideal for carrying for outdoor excursions. You can’t use it for heavy-duty work, but for small gardening tasks, it is perfect.

Maintaining Garden Trowel

Not just a garden trowel, any tool must be appropriately maintained for it to last longer and work efficiently. You must clean the trowel after every use. Follow these tips to keep it in the best condition. Here is a video to show how to use a trowel.


First, remove all the soil that you can and then soak it in water for some time. Then use a rag to remove all the dirt. If some soil is still sticking to the blade, then use a brush or scrub pad to clean.

If you see any rust spots, then use a wire brush to remove them. Once all dirt is gone, dry it thoroughly and then polish it with oil. If the handle is made of wood, then you can polish it as well.


Regular filing and sharpening can keep a trowel in a god condition. You can use a hand file to sharpen. Tilt the file and move in one direction only. Repeat until you feel the edge is sharp enough. Apply oil after sharpening.


Like all other tools, you should store trowels also carefully. It is best to keep them in a dry and cool place. Moisture is not suitable for them and makes them rust. Always keep them dry and clean.

Blade Styles

If you want a trowel for a specific task, then it is good to know about a few common ones.

  • Traditional Blades – the most commonly used blade and can do basic tasks like digging, planting, etc.
  • Transplanting Blades  – these are long and thin and have a pointed tip and are used to move seedlings and small plants from one location to another.
  • Ladle Blade  – small and rounded with curved edges and has a full tang. You can dig holes and scoop out soil easily.
  • Potting Blade  – it is wide and has curved sides, which allows it to hold soil and compost. Best for planting in pots.
  • Weeding Blade – it is long and has a forked end. It can dig down to the base of the weed and pull it out by the roots. You can use it to cut grass from between tiles.

Find The Best Garden Trowel

There are many different types of garden trowels and finding the best one is not easy. So, here is a detailed list of the top 7 garden trowels that can help you while gardening.

1. Fiskars Fiber Composite Transplanter

Best Garden Trowel Fiskars Fiber Composite Transplanter


The Fiskars trowel is perfect for transplanting small plants. It is lightweight but strong enough to handle tough work. Its design is innovative with one single piece.

The materials used are fiberglass and fiber comp nylon composite, which make it very tough. It has a long and narrow blade that goes right down to the root. There is a comfortable handle that is part of the single-piece design.

It is rust-resistant because it does not have any metal element. This tool is easy to clean and maintain. If you need to know the depth of holes, there are ruler markings on the blade for accurate measurement.

It is useful for measuring out fertilizer. The size of this tool is ideal for working outdoors as well as for working with medium-sized pots. You get a lifetime warranty with this product.


  • One-piece design is durable and will not bend
  • Ideal for transplanting small plants
  • Easy to grip handle and lightweight


  • Though it will not break, it is not meant for heavy-duty digging

This tool is a perfect addition to any gardener’s tool shed. It is light in weight, made with the best materials, has an innovative design, and will last for a long time.

2. Edward Garden Trowel

Best Garden Trowel Edward Garden Trowel


This tool is perfect for serious gardeners who carry out heavy-duty work in the garden. It is a multi-purpose tool, and you can do a lot of things like mixing, weeding, scooping, etc. with it.

It has an oversize head, which helps in finishing the work faster. The handle has an ergonomic design with a good finger grip as well as a palm-shaped contour. It is made of soft rubber, and you will not feel fatigued.

The blade is made of stainless steel and is in one long piece. It is bend-proof, even on hard and compact soil. Even on hard and rocky soil, it is very useful.

The company offers a lifetime warranty, which shows how much they believe in their product. They will replace it if you bend or damage it while working.


  • An oversized head to accommodate more soil and fertilizer
  • Handle is of soft rubber with an ergonomic design
  • Performs well on hard and rocky soil


  • Handle starts to come off in hot weather

A strong and sturdy trowel like this can make your job easy in the garden. The stainless steel blade is tough and can take on a variety of chores easily. Suitable for hard soil.

3. Modern Times Living Homegrown Garden Trowel

Best Garden Trowel Modern Times Living Homegrown Garden Trowel


This is a high-quality tool that will make gardening easy for you. Its blade is highly polished aluminum, which is fully rust-resistant. You can do all sorts of gardening tasks like digging, transplanting, and turning the soil with it.

The highly polished aluminum blade and the head is one single piece and is very sturdy. The handle of this tool is ergonomically designed and offers a comfortable grip.

The rubber palm rest and contoured hold are slip-resistant and offer a secure grip. You will not feel any fatigue or tiredness in your wrist or hands even after using it for long hours.

A bright green color on the black handle makes it easy to spot. This product is backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty. You also get a small burlap bag with it, which is ideal for keeping seeds.


  • Great value for money
  • Get a burlap bag with the product
  • Ergonomic handle with comfort and style


  • It is bigger than average size so you must check before selecting

Its large rubber handle makes it ideal for people with large hands who find it challenging to handle the standard tools. The aluminum blade is rust-resistant and is quite wide for faster and quicker work.

4. Radius Garden 100 Ergonomic Aluminium Hand Trowel

Best Garden Trowel Radius Garden 100 Ergonomic Aluminium Hand Trowel


This is a great tool to have for serious garden enthusiasts. Its design is sleek and has a patented ergonomic grip. It provides a lot of leverage while digging in hard soil.

You will not feel any stress on your wrist or arms when you use it. Use it to remove stubborn weeds or to dig deep in compacted soil, and it will come out a winner. The blade is made with a combination of magnesium and super-light aluminum.

The sharp tip is perfect for digging while the beveled edges are good for weeding. Curved wings can be used for pulling out roots or weeds.

The blade is manufactured from one single piece of metal. A uniquely curved and padded fulcrum handle gives you the perfect angle to work with and is very comfortable to hold. Non-latex material, Santoprene thermoplastic, is used for the handle. The tool is rust-resistant and can endure all kinds of weather.


  • Patented ergonomic design is its best feature
  • Light-weight yet sturdy
  • Truly a multi-purpose tool


  • Though it is quite strong, it is not meant for very heavy work

This trowel, with its unique radius grip, will perform well under most conditions. Its aluminum blade is stronger than steel and will not rust.

5. Wilcox 12-inch All-Pro Digging Trowel

Best Garden Trowel Wilcox 12 inch All Pro Digging Trowel


Buying this trowel will give you excellent value for money. You can do several gardening chores like transplanting, digging, potting, and many other things with it. It is perfectly designed for digging.

The blade is constructed with 16-gauge stainless steel and has a one-piece design. It is narrow with just about 2-inch width. There is a plastic handle that is very comfortable to hold and is light in weight.

It is a solid handle, and you get a good grip, which is essential for any kind of tough work in the garden.

Though the plastic handle is tough, if there is any damage, you can replace it easily instead of having to discard or replace the tool. At 12 inches, this trowel is sharp and long enough to penetrate the hardest soil surfaces.


  • Sharp and long design is perfect for deep digging
  • Stainless steel blade is tough and sharp
  • Can be used for a variety of gardening chores


  • Handle is slim and short and can be a problem for people with large hands

This tool is very versatile, and any gardener would love to have it. Its blade is made with stainless steel and very tough. It is narrow and sharp and perfect for digging.

6. Garden Guru Hand-E Garden Trowel

Best Garden Trowel Garden Guru Hand E Garden Trowel


A beautifully designed trowel will make your day in the garden more fruitful. All tasks like transplanting, digging, scooping, etc. are easily possible with it.

A stainless-steel blade is perfect for all kinds of weather and soil conditions. It is rust-resistant, and maintaining it is quite easy. It has a thumb rest on top and finger grooves on the bottom. It minimizes any stress or fatigue on wrists or hands.

The product comes with a manual which has clear instruction about usage and maintenance of this tool. It is rugged enough to be used on outdoor excursions like camping or metal detecting.

You can use it to transplant small plants, scoop fertilizer or soil, or remove stubborn weeds. Customer service is of a high standard. You can contact them and get a quick reply and fast resolution for your problem.


  • Multi-utility garden trowel and competent in all conditions
  • Rust-resistant stainless-steel blade is strong and durable
  • High quality of customer service with a lifetime guarantee for the tool


  • Handle is a bit too large for people with normal-sized hands

A magnificent looking trowel, it works effectively in all kinds of conditions. You can use it on different types of soils. Its handle is sturdy and well designed.

7. Kemaier Garden Trowel

Best Garden Trowel Kemaier Garden Trowel


This is an oversized trowel suitable for planting and scooping soil and fertilizer, apart from other gardening chores. It is quite light in weight and very handy to use it around the garden.

Though the blade is metal, it has undergone a black backing varnish process. The blade is waterproof and rust and corrosion resistant as well. The handle has a very comfortable grip, and you will not feel any fatigue.

The trowel has a perfect design that suits the purpose. The blade is quite wide and is ideal when you have to do a lot of work and want to do it faster.

You also get 24 hours of customer service, and if there is any complaint, they will try to resolve it quickly. The product is designed, keeping in mind a squatting or sitting gardener. The total length of the tool is 14.2 inches.


  • Wide blade surface improves efficiency
  • The handle is well designed and has a comfortable grip
  • Striking looks with black and red contrast


  • It may bend if used on the very tough soil surface

This trowel is excellent for gardeners who like to achieve a lot on their gardening day. Its wide blade is ideal for scooping and moving large amounts of soil and fertilizer quickly.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a trowel is a simple tool. It may be simple, but it is probably the essential tool in any gardener’s arsenal. This is mainly because of its versatility and ease of use.

It is mostly the first tool that people look for when tackling any gardening chore. There are so many types of trowels available, and it is easy to get confused. However, you must understand your needs and match them with what is available.

All the products listed here are exceptional in their unique ways, but we think that the Fiskars Fiber Composite Transplanter is the best.

Fiskars are well known for their innovative and long-lasting tools, and this trowel is no different. It is durable, manufactured with high-quality materials, and versatile. You will make an excellent choice if you choose it and you will enjoy using it in your garden.