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Choose The Best Grass Whip From The Top 5

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What Is A Grass Whip?

Are you wondering what a grass whip is? When I first heard this term, I imagined myself wielding a whip in cowboy style in my lawn.

A grass whip is nothing but a handy garden tool used for cutting long grass by hand. It is an alternative to lawnmowers, weed eaters, and scythes. Though it is not as popular, the best grass whip can do a great job of cutting grass.

Why Grass Whip?

There are many reasons why you should consider a grass whip as an addition to your tool collection.

  • Low Maintenance: it is one of those tools which have zero maintenance cost. There are no motors and no fuel or power required to run it. All you need to do is sharpen the blade from time to time to keep it in good condition.
  • Eco-Friendly: even a small tool that consumes very less gas emits carbon dioxide, which is harmful to the environment. A grass whip is entirely safe and does not add to the carbon emissions.
  • Portable: they take hardly any space in the tool shed and are easy to carry around. With any other tool, you need to carry cords, spools, even fuel.
  • Save On Power: it works on your power and nothing else. You can save on electricity and fuel bills. No need to drag electrical cords as well.
  • No Noise: this is especially important in residential areas where you don’t want to trouble your neighbors. You can use it at any time of the day or night without disturbing anyone.

If these reasons were not enough, people are using it as a golfing aid! Some golf experts recommend using a grass whip to improve your golf swing while cutting grass.

The method of swinging is quite similar, and the exercise will help in strengthening the right muscles.

What To Look For In Grass Whip?

While selecting any tool, you should look at the various features and their importance. This is an essential step while selecting a tool carefully. Here are a few things that you should pay attention to.

Best Grass Whip True AMES 2915300 Double Blade Grass Cutter 2
True AMES 2915300 Double Blade Grass Cutter via

1. Blade

A blade is the essential part of a grass whip. Most grass whips have serrated edges on both sides. This helps in cutting from either side when you swing it. Look for a good cutting edge and check the distance between the teeth. Check for both precision and sharpness.

2. Handle

Look for a comfortable and strong handle. It should have a good grip and should not slip out of your hands. If the handle is not comfortable, you will not be able to work for long.

3. Shaft

Shafts are available in different materials like aluminum alloy, wood, metal, and even fiberglass. Look for the right length to have balance and stability.

4. Ferrule

This is the metal joint holding the shaft and blade together. Make sure that it is fixed well and of good quality. This is the part which will have the most wear and tear.

5. Weight

Depending on your weight and height, you must also consider the weight of the tool. For working long hours in the yard, you must find it convenient and easy to use. The right weight will make all the difference.

Best Grass Whip Yard Buttler Rocket 1000 2
Yard Buttler Rocket 1000 via

3 Important Factors

  • Quality: always choose a high-quality grass whip. All the materials used to make the whip should be of good quality. Blade should be sharp and strong and ideally rust-resistant. The ferrule and shaft have to be strong to withstand the pressure. Any small rock or obstacle can cause bad quality whip to bend or break.
  • Durability: if the whip is of high quality then it will last for a long time. You don’t want to replace the whip or for that matter any tool often. It should continue to work well season after season.
  • Balance: the height, weight, and, the materials used should altogether result in a perfectly balanced tool. When you are choosing a grass whip you must hold it and take swings with it to see how you feel.

Maintenance of A Grass Whip

All tools require some maintenance from time to time to perform at the highest level. A grass whip does not need any elaborate care, but some basic precautions that you take can extend the tool’s life.

  • Always clean it thoroughly after every use. Wash and dry it before storing it. All gardening tools need protection from moisture.
  • Moisture and air can lead to rust formation. Apply oil for preventing rust formation. This will keep the blade in good condition.
  • Sharpen the blades with file or grinder when it becomes dull. How often you need to do this will depend on how often you use the tool.
  • If the handle grip is wearing off or the handle itself shows signs of damage, it is best to replace it.

Finding The Best Grass Whip

Once you decide to get a grass whip, you must try to get the best one available. There are many options available, and you must carefully choose the best one.

Here is a list of the top 5 grass whips for you to choose from. Watch this video  for more information.

1. True Temper 2942600 Grass Whip

Best Grass Whip True Temper 2942600 Grass Whip


Featuring a double-jagged blade type, which is very effective, this is a useful tool to have in the tool shed. It is equally good at eliminating both weeds and tall grass. The serrated steel blade design ensures sharp and precise cutting.

Its shaft is a hollow metal tube with a wooden handle which is comfortable to grasp. It only weighs 1 pound, which makes it easy to use this tool for long durations.

There is a hole in the handle for easy storage. With a ‘to and fro’ motion, it is easy to cut grass without putting pressure on your arms.


  • Very comfortable to use and handle
  • Serrated double-edged blade
  • Weighs only 1 pound, so very easy to carry


  • Hollow shaft is not very strong

This product is perfect for grass and stem-less weeds. It is meant for precision cutting and small jobs.

2. AMES 2915300 Double Blade Grass Cutter

Best Grass Whip True AMES 2915300 Double Blade Grass Cutter


Another top product with some great features to make your gardening work easy! Double-edged serrated blades made of tempered steel add to the strength of this whip. It will not bend or break easily. You can easily remove the blade for sharpening and cleaning.

The blade is very sharp, and you will not have to swing too much to do the work. You can sharpen the tool on a bench grinder. The hardwood handle of this whip is strong and durable, looking elegant at the same time. The design of this product is its biggest plus point.


  • Tempered steel blades are very strong and sharp
  • Blades can be removed and sharpened
  • Durable construction


  • Short handle can cause back pain if used for a long time

Perfectly designed and lightweight, this tool is easy to use for home gardeners. The angle and other factors make it most suitable for cutting weeds and grass.

3. Brushing Cutlass

Best Grass Whip Brushing Cutlass


100 % handmade with high-quality materials, this whip tool is an elite product. Not weighing much, approximately 1.4 pounds with a double-edged razor-sharp stainless steel blade, this whip can take care of any overgrowth in your yard.

Hickory handle with a rubberized grip gives the tool an elegant look along with a comfortable hold.

A double-edged blade means that you can cut the grass from both sides. There is corrosion-resistant paint on the blade, which gives it durability. You can sharpen it whenever needed. One unique feature is the compass added on the handle. It helps in navigating or orientation.


  • Sharp blade is excellent for precision cutting
  • High-quality build and manufacture
  • Good user experience and great results


  • Metal rod can rust if not stored carefully

At 2 pounds, this whip is perfectly balanced and strong enough for heavy cutting. Sharp blade results in precise and clean cuts.

4. Nisaku NJP3210 7.5″ Extra-Length Grass and Weeding Sickle

Best Grass Whip Nisaku NJP3210 7.5 Extra Length Grass and Weeding Sickle


Versatility is the main attraction here as this product doubles as a grass whip and a sickle. You can use it for cutting grass, branches, weeds, edging lawns, and much more. Featuring a 7-inch stainless steel blade, this tool is sharp enough to take care of all the work without much effort.

The blade is rust-resistant and easy to wash. Its polished hardwood handle is durable and easy to grip. This product makes for a good gifting option for any gardening enthusiast with a high-quality product with elegant looks.


  • Made with SKS steel of the highest quality
  • Elegant design and user friendly
  • Extremely durable and bend resistant


  • For tall people, it is not comfortable to use as a whip

This grass whip and weeding sickle are elegant to look at and very effective as well. It is a multi-purpose tool with a lot of features.

5. Yard Buttler Rocket 1000

Best Grass Whip Yard Buttler Rocket 1000


Removing tall grass and weeds in the yard can become tiresome without the right tool. An ergonomically designed tool for comfort and efficiency this grass whip is among the best. It can easily remove the weeds without having to resort to chemical weed killers.

One great feature of this product is the foot pedal, which provides more leverage while removing weeds with the root. The weed ejector button will also keep your hands clean while disposing of.

Steel is powder-coated and built to last. The dimensions are 37 inches in length and 7 inches in width. The weight is slightly more than the others at 4 pounds.


  • Push button to eject stuck weeds
  • Complete metal construction for durability
  • Very effective and gives clean look to the yard


  • Pointy hooks may leave holes in the ground

Easy to use product with unique features, like the foot punch and push-button, this grass and weed whip is very effective.


Any gardening enthusiast will vouch for the fact that the right tools make all the difference. A good grass whip can help you in maintaining the yard and garden more effectively. There are several grass whips available in the market, and it is better to research before making the selection.

They come in different designs and offer different features. All the products listed here are great, but we think that the True Temper 2942600 Grass Whip is the best.

It is light in weight and easy to handle while giving effective results. Choose this tool to keep your garden looking great.