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5 Best Heat Lamps for Plants – 2023 Edition!

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For plants to flourish and thrive in a greenhouse, special care is needed to ensure the right temperature and bright light to enhance photosynthesis.

Choosing suitable heat lamps for the greenhouse is essential to provide the plants with adequate light.

You need the best heat lamps for plants because they are the only solution for plants that are not able to receive enough sunlight. These heat lamps offer the full spectrum of light, ideal for transplanting, flowering, and planting.

The light spectrum is customized to perform significantly in all conditions.

They have specially designed light chips that ensure a better color layout and color accuracy.

Likewise, they enable a high-quality harvest at an affordable operating cost. These best heat lamps for plants are inexpensive, making them an excellent value for your money. They have a high-quality design with a warranty to ensure convenience when buying.

Also, they come with a dimmer button to let you change the brightness setting between 0 and 100%, which varies depending on the growth stages of the plant.

Heat lamps in a greenhouse—best heat lamps for plants
Best heat lamps for plants | Heat lamps in a greenhouse—Image via Richard T | The CBD.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Heat Lamps for Plants

Before thoroughly reviewing the best heat lamps for plants, let’s see some essential factors you should consider before buying any of them.

1. Light Intensity

The light intensity produced by the heat lamps is the most crucial factor that directly affects the light quality.

Since different plant species have different photon requirements, choosing the right light intensity for the plants is necessary.

You need to choose the high-capacity heat lamp for the best results, which may be dimmed as needed.

So, consider the light intensity when buying the best heat lamps for plants.

2. Light Spectrum

The spectrum of heat lamps refers to various light wavelengths produced.

Different light spectrums must be provided to the plants in various growth stages.

If you need to use the same heat light for various growth stages, you must choose the full-spectrum option.

Alternatively, you can select one spectrum for a single application.

3. Coverage Area

The coverage area is an essential factor to consider when buying the best heat lamps for plants.

It represents the area in which the device can illuminate at one time.

The location of ​​a heat lamp should be less than or equal to the coverage area for best results.

Having any plantation platform in the illuminated area will result in uneven plant growth, which will affect the entire plant.

Also, you can install some lenses to decrease or increase the coverage area of ​​the heat lamp.

4. Rated Life or Day Length

The critical factor to consider is the rated life of the heat lamps, how it relates to the budget, and how long you are using them.

While some heat lamps have a rated life of more than ten years, these models are typically guaranteed 3–5 years.

The duration of the light mainly depends on how you can use it.

That means the heat lamp’s rated life or day length is paramount to consider.

5. Warranty

Finally, looking for a model with a warranty would be excellent.

A heat lamp can fail any time, and you can’t simply replace the light on a part.

Because buying a high-quality heat lamp is expensive, you need to always opt for the more extended warranty period.

That’s why you need full assurance from a manufacturer with the help of a warranty.

With that aside, let’s see a detailed review of the 5 best heat lamps for plants.

5 Best Heat Lamps for Plants!

Here are the 5 best heat lamps for plants.

1. Lxyoug’s Upgraded Grow Lights for Indoor Plants | 200W 432 LEDs Full Spectrum Plant Grow Light

Lxyougs Upgraded Grow Lights for Indoor Plants best heat lamps for plants
Lxyoung’s heat lamp is one of the best heat lamps for plants—Image via Amazon.

If you want the best heat lamp for plants in greenhouses, balconies, darkrooms, and offices, you can go for this product from Lxyoug.

  • It comes with 432 durable and bright LED beads that can provide uniform and strong intensity of light to the plants.
  • Similarly, this heat lamp has a larger lighting area, which makes it ideal for every growth stage of the plant.
  • In the same way, it has a service life of about 60,000 hours with a maximum output power of about 200W and a 10-level brightness adjustable.
  • There is a highly effective full spectrum and three spectral light modes, efficiently promoting the plant’s healthy growth and supplementing the absence of natural sunlight.
  • Likewise, it provides red, warm, or mixed spectrum to attain the light condition your plants require most in various stages.
  • You will get 4/8/12 hours of timer setting options and a circular-memory auto-timing function for your choosing. That allows the heat lamp to turn on by itself daily as the setting. Even when you travel, the lamp can still take care of the plants daily.

Here’s a table highlighting the pros and cons of this product.

  • Suitable for every growth stage of the plant
  • Brightness is adjustable
  • Different light modes
  • Nice custom timer settings
  • Easy to use
  • Little light fixture

Now, let’s move toward our second product.

2. Wolezek 4/8/12H Auto Timer Stand Full Spectrum Upgraded Heat Lamp

Wolezek 4 8 12H Auto Timer Stand Full Spectrum Upgraded Heat Lamp best heat lamps for plants
Wolezek’s heat lamps are also one of the best heat lamps for plants—Image via Amazon.

If you are very busy on the road or at work and want to take care of the plants daily, then you can go for the Wolezek, one of the best heat lamps for plants.

  • It has five flexible goosenecks that offer more energy with a broader coverage area than three or four-head grow lights.
  • Additionally, it has a 3A, 12V DC adapter, which is 1.5 times brighter compared to other plant heat lamps.
  • In a like manner, this model has a USB adapter that ensures there is an effective supply of light if the natural sunlight for plants growing is absent.
  • There is white light, which promotes plant fruiting, seed germination, and flowering and also promotes photosynthesis.
  • It comes with white light that simulates the sunlight to meet various plant-growing needs.
  • You will get a full-featured and the RF controller, which can allow you quickly set three light modes, five lights independent control, a 4/8/12H intelligent timer, and ten adjustable brightness. That will make it turn on or off every day as per the time you have set.
  • Furthermore, this heat lamp for plants comes with an adjustable tripod stand that can extend between 15 inches and 48 inches.
  • You only need to lock it at the desired length, put it on a floor, and then adjust the angle per your plants.

Here are the pros and the cons.

  • It has a wide application and covers a broader area
  • It has a long service life
  • The brightness is adjustable
  • Easy to set up
  • It restarts automatically
  • Easy to use & set up
  • It is sturdy
  • Its height is adjustable
  • The timer is unreliable and inconsistent

Let’s see the next one!

3. PYLYFE Timing Function Clip-on Plant Heat Lamp for Plants

Pylyfe heat lamp—best heat lamps for plants.
Best heat lamps for plants—Pylyfe’s heat lamp via Amazon.

Many people go for this best heat lamp for plants from PYLYFE because it is perfect for all types of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and succulents.

  • It has a lifetime of about 50000 hours, which helps to promote plant flowering and germination and lengthen the flowering time.
  • Moreover, it helps to promote the sweetness and ripeness of vegetables and fruits and promotes the long-term growth and health of succulents.
  • You will get the blue LED to grow light that helps to promote the stems and leaves growth.
  • After using this heat lamp, the plants absorb all light needed by the plants to meet various growth processes.
  • Equally important, it has light wavelengths that range between 380nm and 780nm to meet various lighting requirements.
  • The circular-memory time function allows you to automatically turn on or off the heat lamp every day, consistent with your settings.
  • That means you will not worry about the plant withering when nobody is home. It will restart the following day automatically without manual operation.
  • Nine dimming brightnesses range between 10% and 100%, and three timer setting options allow about 3, 9, and 12 hours in line with plant needs.
  • Also, it has a 360-degree adjustable gooseneck that allows you to put the lamp in any direction to offer a suitable lighting angle for the plants.

A review can’t go without pros and cons.

  • Provides various brightness levels
  • It turns on/off automatically
  • Easy to use
  • It is 360 degrees adjustable
  • A non-slip mat provides a firm grip
  • It has poor quality

Now, it’s time to see the 4th one on our list of best heat lamps for plants.

4. Lxyoug LED Adjustable Full Spectrum Heat lamp for Plants

Lxyoug LED Adjustable Full Spectrum Heat lamp for Plants best heat lamps for plants
Best heat lamps for plants | Lxyoung’s LED heat lamp via Amazon.

The Lxyoug product is ideal for plants grown on balconies, darkrooms, greenhouses, and offices.

  • For one thing, it comes with a stable and durable tripod stand that can be adjusted from between 15” and 60”.
  • The 360-degree flexible gooseneck allows it to be set up and adjusted according to different needs, offering a broader coverage for indoor plants.
  • More importantly, it comes with one warm white, simulating the plants’ natural environment.
  • Besides, you will get two red+blue that promote photosynthesis, germination, rooting, blooming, and fruiting.
  • Also, it has red+blue+white, which provides the full universal spectrum that meets various plant growth needs.
  • I really appreciate the RF, line-in, and remote control, making it more convenient when operating and protecting the eyes.
  • In like manner, this heat lamp comes with the circular memory auto timing function and 4/8/12H modes to turn on by itself daily as per your setting.
  • There are ten brightness settings that range between 10% and 100%, where you can switch randomly to get the correct brightness for plant growth.

Here are the pros and the cons.

  • A lifetime of 50000 hours and more
  • Stable and durable tripod stand
  • The stand is adjustable
  • Convenient to operate
  • Perfect heat dissipation
  • Widely applications
  • It comes with a warranty
  • Uniform spectrum
  • Easy to set
  • Sometimes, the remote controller stops working

Now, to our final product.

5. PYLYFE Full Spectrum 3-Light Modes Clip-on Heat Light

PYLYFE Full Spectrum 3 Light Modes Clip on Heat Light best heat lamps for plants
Best heat lamps for plants—Pylyfe’s heat lamp via Amazon.

This PYLYFE product is among the best heat light for plants that provide various brightness levels that can meet the different needs of plants at different growth stages.

  • It has light wavelengths ranging between 380nm and 780nm to meet various lighting requirements.
  • You will get blue LED grow lights that promote the germination of stems and leaves.
  • In the same case, the red LED grow lights can help in flowering, and blue+red grow lights help the plants produce flowers and bear fruits.
  • There are three color modes and nine dimmable options that suit various stages of plant growth; various brightness levels help to meet the different needs of the plants in various growth stages.
  • The heat lamp effectively supplies light to the plants if there is no natural sunlight.
  • It also comes with flexible goosenecks that rotate 360 degrees to adjust the lamp to different angles easily.
  • It has a non-slip mat that provides a solid grip to keep the model in place.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages.

  • Height is adjustable
  • It turns on/off automatically
  • Easy to use
  • Wide application
  • Instructions are confusing

That was all about best heat lamps for plants. Now, let’s talk about some benefits you can get after purchasing a heat lamp.

The Benefits of Using Heat Lamps for Plants!

Here are some benefits of using heat lamps for plants.


Heat lamps for plants can regulate air temperature for indoor gardens and especially for growing plants, especially in places where certain plants are not legal.

In addition, these lamps can be adjusted or moved according to the distance and focus of the plants.

Cost Reduction

Studies show that heat lamps can lower heating costs by 17% and gas consumption by 31% compared to traditional heat lamps.

Also, you can grow high-quality crops and maintain uniform temperatures.

Increased Production Yield

Heat lamps can help plants grow indoors, even in winter.

Thus, these lamps allow high crop yield even in bad weather, protecting the plants from field frosts and very low temperatures.

Control Conditions

Unlike weather conditions and natural sunlight, plants grown under well-designed and artificial lighting may control temperature, humidity, and more.

In the same case, there is improved control against pathogens, herbivores, and pests that can destroy plants.


Indoor gardening, or growing plants in low temperatures, is gradually becoming more and more popular.

You were only growing plants in the area that suited the environment in the past.

But now, the heat lamps have changed because you can grow various crops even when there isn’t enough light around you. Go for the above factors because they are unique and have outstanding features.

I hope this guide helps you choose the best heat lamps according to your needs.