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5 Best Organic Lawn Fertilizers – Reviews And Buying Guide

If you need a greener and denser lawn with few weeds, the best organic lawn fertilizers are suitable for you. These fertilizers are made of natural ingredients, which do not contain harmful chemicals, providing outstanding results.

They provide the necessary nutrients to the soil and improve its structure of the soil. Also, they assist in increasing the soil’s ability to retain water and nutrients once they break down.

Because these organic lawn fertilizers degrade very slowly, there’s no danger of adding more fertilizers because they can damage plants. The ability to retain water allows for better soil moisture and can attract earthworms.

Typically, earthworms effectively improve aeration and good drainage. Likewise, the waste materials excreted by earthworms are rich in nutrients to help keep the soil healthy.

These fertilizers make it practical to control thatch, which is a debris layer produced by grassroots. They have a slight sea aroma because of the seaweed products that are used.

Also, they are children and pet-friendly, which makes it safe for them when playing around. Continue reading this article if you want the best organic lawn fertilizers.

Safer Brand 9334 25 lb Organic Lawn Fertilizer Best Organic Lawn Fertilizers 2
Safer Brand 9334 25 lb Organic Lawn Fertilizer via

Types Of Organic Lawn Fertilizers

1. Animal-based fertilizers

These types of fertilizers are made from bone meal, blood meal, manure, and feather meal. They are helpful because they add more nitrogen to the soil and others release nutrients impartially quickly.

But the plant roots can be burned by manure if overused. There is a blood meal smell that is attractive to animals. Therefore, it is not the best option if you want to attract unwanted visitors to the garden.

2. Plant-based fertilizers

Some people find that plant-based fertilizers, like compost, are more helpful to condition the soil than the nutrients because they tend to be low in NPK.

In particular, they help the dry soil keep water on the lawn. Besides compost, cottonseed meal, alfalfa meal, seaweed, and others are the common plant-based fertilizers.

3. Mineral-based fertilizers

Epsom salts or calcium are mineral fertilizers, adding essential nutrients to the soil by increasing the pH. Typically, this is sometimes necessary for optimal growth, and the mineral-based fertilizer can achieve this.

4. Treated sewage fertilizers

Some organic lawn fertilizers have treated human sewage. While these fertilizers appear harsh on the surface, they don’t differ much from manure-based fertilizers.

Typically, they contain many natural nutrients, enzymes, and microbes, and also waste products. These waste products have been treated to be safe for use and do not present any risks when handled.

Benefits Of Using The Organic Lawn Fertilizers

Improve the aesthetics of the lawn

Organic lawn fertilizer improves the lawn’s appearance and health, leading to greener, denser, and fuller grass. Also, it gives the grass a more natural light green look than the chemical fertilizer.

A well-groomed and healthy-looking lawn makes the neighbors proud of it. By making the yard more attractive, you will increase your enjoyment of the outdoor space while increasing the curb appeal to add value to the property.

Reduce weeds

Organic lawn fertilizer help to strengthen the grass root system and makes it difficult for weeds to thrive. A thicker lawn also helps to prevent weeds from spreading and eliminates the need for weeds to grow.

This leads to better-looking grass with fewer weeds that saves the owner the hassle of spending more money on weed treatment and application time.

Increases resistance to pests and diseases

A regularly fertilized lawn contains all the nutrients needed for long-term health. This improvement in health makes the grass more resistant to disease and pests. Like the healthy person with the best immune system, he becomes more resistant to disease.

Increase climate resilience

Robust turf is also more resistant to weather fluctuations. Weak grass burns quickly and turns brown in hot summers or dies in dry spells.

However, because of fertilization, strong grass is more resistant to these conditions. Also, more robust root systems allow the lawn to absorb more water during heavy rains.

Safer for everyone

These lawn fertilizers do not contain harsh chemicals or synthetic materials. Typically, this means they can be used where children and pets play without worrying about their contact with the fertilizer.

Many people are concerned about the long-term effect of spending too much time on a chemical-fueled lawn, mainly when kids are walking barefooted on the grass or pets nibbling on the lawn, but it is safe.


Garden fertilizers can be absorbed into local waters runoff, hurting wildlife and ending up in the drinking water. Organic lawn fertilizers do not harm the environment, unlike chemical fertilizers, for they are entirely safe.

Some areas have regulations, which prevent the use of chemical fertilizers because of the damage they cause. Still, organic lawn fertilizers are not included because they are natural and do not harm the environment.

Safer Brand 9334 25 lb Organic Lawn Fertilizer Best Organic Lawn Fertilizers 3
Safer Brand 9334 25 lb Organic Lawn Fertilizer via

Factors To Consider When Buying Organic Lawn Fertilizers

Formula ingredients

Check out the organic fertilizer formula to see what the main ingredients are. If you’re anxious about the organic fertilizer smell, you should refrain from using grass feeds made from animal products, fish products, or manure.

The most smelling fertilizers often contain blood meal or chicken manure, but if the passing smell is not bothering you, use these fertilizers.

Also, you should check the list of ingredients if you do not want to use animal products for ethical reasons, for instance, if you’re a vegan. Typically, many organic lawn fertilizers use natural materials that are not of animal origin.

The application method

Think about which application method works best for you, and then choose the fertilizer, which can be used that way. You can apply some lawn fertilizer by hand or with a hand sprayer, and others can be attached to a trailer sprayer, particularly in extensive gardens.

Ease of application

Organic lawn fertilizers are found in an easy-to-use apply pellet form. Chemical-based synthetic fertilizers are mainly in liquid form. Although it is easy to use, over-application may bring about brown spots because of burned grass.


When applying artificial fertilizers, special care must be taken because this can cause nutrient build-up, runoff, improper ratio, leaching, and other problems that lead to lawn destruction.

While using organic lawn fertilizer does not harm the lawn even though it produces slow results. And considering the long-term benefits, money used on this fertilizer is the best investment.


Organic lawn fertilizers are generally more expensive than chemical fertilizers, but many find it better to strive for better conscience. If your budget is tight, it is essential to know your garden size, the amount needed to feed your lawn, and the options that best suit your financial status.

Growth rate

The release of nutrients with organic lawn fertilizers is slow, leading to less plant growth and fewer uses. Synthetic fertilizers lead to growth fast, and this often results in regular mowing. Since nutrients are released quickly and drip off during watering, multiple applications are required.

Soil health maintenance

The microorganisms and natural bacteria contained in organic lawn fertilizers help to maintain the health of the soil. Organic materials help to create a healthy ecosystem that is essential for the better growth of plants. So, it would be best if you consider this factor when buying fertilizers.

5 Best Organic Lawn Fertilizers

1. The Andersons 7-1-2 40-lb Innova Premium Organic Lawn Fertilizer

The Andersons 7 1 2 40 lb Innova Premium Organic Lawn Fertilizer Best Organic Lawn Fertilizers

The Andersons model is paramount to every gardener because it is perfect for all climates and grass types.

It doesn’t contain any toxins or synthetic chemicals, making it the ideal fertilizer for grasses with pet and kid traffic.

Also, it has no risk of turf burning or over-application and can be applied safely in hot and dry weather.

Similarly, this model is safe for use around pets, kids, and environmentally sensitive waterways.

The fertilizer delivers phosphorus, nitrogen, amino acids, and potassium to benefit the microbes and stimulates healthy soil.

I really appreciate the slow-release formula because it provides additional feeding without any risk of burning your lawn or over-applying.

Because this fertilizer is from plant-based nitrogen, mainly soybean meal, it has no unpleasant odor, making it perfect to work with.

On the other hand, it is designed to improve soil health because of the ideal carbon and nitrogen ratio of 6:1. What is more, it has homogeneous granules and low dust, which makes it easy to apply.

  • Easy to apply
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • It is 100% plant-derived
  • Perfect for all climates and grass types
  • Stimulate healthy soils
  • No obnoxious odor
  • It contains no toxins or synthetic chemicals
  • Offer all nutrients and vitamins required by the plants
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • It has low dust
  • No animal-based ingredients
  • Easy to spread
  • Unavailable locally

2. Simple Lawn Solutions Ultimate 3-18-18 NPK Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Simple Lawn Solutions Ultimate 3 18 18 NPK Organic Lawn Fertilizer Best Organic Lawn Fertilizers

If you want to keep the lawn watered adequately to ensure the nutrients are absorbed well, go for this product from Simple Lawn Solutions.

It is designed to give the lawn good root growth and provide critical nutrients for a more robust and healthier lawn. In a like manner, it comes with the ratio of 3-18-18, which blends easily to increase the phosphates’ mobility, leading to highly responsive and efficient NPK.

This fertilizer comes with a unique feature that can help to treat nutrient deficiencies and maintain lawn health.

Likewise, it has high-quality feed-grade ingredients, which have pure liquid nutrients to nourish the lawn make it healthy. If the soil is deficient in phosphorus and potassium, this is the right fertilizer because it correct and maintains lawn health.

There is the presence of phosphorus, which can promote seed germination, making it highly recommended for lawn seeding.

Nitrogen is available that can encourage vigorous growth to ensure dense and attractive lawn development. Even more, it improves root development, enhances food movement throughout turf, builds stress resistance, and encourages strength and hardiness.

  • Maintains healthy lawn
  • Nourish the lawn to health
  • Easy to use
  • Ensure strong root development
  • Encourages vigorous growth
  • Promote seed germination
  • Ensure proper nutrients absorption
  • Improves food movement throughout the turf
  • Build stress resistance to plants
  • Encourage strength and hardiness to lawn
  • Easy to spray
  • Good for new grasses
  • Ideal for potassium and phosphorus nutrient deficiencies
  • Ensure fast results
  • It has a terrible package

3. Safer Brand 9334 25-lb Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Safer Brand 9334 25 lb Organic Lawn Fertilizer Best Organic Lawn Fertilizers

Many people are going for this organic lawn fertilizer from Safer Brand because it revitalizes the lawn to a dense turf by strengthening the root systems.

The grass will be green between 3 and 5 days and can help to promote the robust root system, ensuring a healthier lawn. More importantly, it can offer efficient year-round care by assisting the plants to withstand drought and heat stresses.

With just a 20-lb bag, it can cover up to 5,000 square feet and contain all the nutrients needed by the lawns to revitalize the turf with only one product.

The NPK ratio can provide the soil and grass with the necessary nutrients to promote healthy growth and soil vitality. This is important because it supports robust root systems, alleviates stress conditions, and repair thin lawns throughout the year.

When it is used directed, this organic lawn fertilizer is safe for pets and children immediately after application. It releases nutrients in the soil to promote root systems, overall plant health, and microorganisms without shocking the lawn with chemicals.

Also, it can endure stressful conditions like cold because of its capability to strengthen new seeding, root systems, and sod.

  • Promote root systems
  • It withstands stressful conditions like heat, drought, and cold
  • It promotes microorganisms
  • Strengthen root systems
  • Promotes robust root system
  • Offer effective year-round care
  • Repair thinning lawns
  • Safe for pets and children
  • Nitrogen encourages sustainable and fast growth
  • Easy to use
  • Naturally derived ingredients
  • Odor is horrible

4. Dr. Earth 18-lb Super Organic Lawn 9-0-5 Fertilizer

Dr. Earth 18 lb Super Organic Lawn 9 0 5 Fertilizer Best Organic Lawn Fertilizers

Dr. Earth has come up with this organic lawn fertilizer that is perfect for many garden projects, including amendment for shrubs, bare root planting, and ornamental trees.

Notably, it is made from natural ingredients, including alfalfa meal, kelp flour, and fish meal. In a like manner, it has the 9-0-5 NPK ratio and can cover about 4400 square feet.

You will get mycorrhizae and beneficial soil microbes that can help to improve plant root systems. Likewise, this model is safe for children and pets and can be used as the all-purpose fertilizer in the garden.

Its unique feature enhances the quality of the atmosphere for the soil, which the lawn grows.

The fertilizer controls the thatch build-up by digesting thatch, the organic debris layer formed by grass roots, blades, and stolon.

Also, it adds life to the grass by offering a broad range of beneficial soil microbes that can make sure the nutrients are made accessible to the lawn roots at a steady rate and more effectively.

  • Promotes hardy root system
  • It controls thatch build-up
  • Safe to use around pets and children
  • Improve plant root systems
  • Suitable throughout the year
  • Naturally derived ingredients
  • Impressive results
  • Make the grass richer looking and greener
  • Grass looks healthy
  • It has a fish odor

5. Simple Lawn Solutions Advanced 16-4-8 Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Simple Lawn Solutions Advanced 16 4 8 Organic Lawn Fertilizer Best Organic Lawn Fertilizers

Are you looking for organic lawn fertilizer ideal for St. Augustine, Bermuda, Zoysia, Buffalo, Florida palmetto, centipede, Bahia, ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, and fescue?

Go for this product from Simple Lawn Solutions because it contains high-quality grade feed ingredients to nourish the lawn. There are pure liquid nutrients, which are in a ready-to-use sprayer.

It comes with an NPK ratio of 16-4-8 that is the ideal blend of significant macronutrients. This complete Phosphate, Potash, and Nitrogen formula that improve grass growth while offering nutrients for the lush lawns.

Thanks to 4% Phosphorus, that enhances fast plant development and encourages root development in early stages.

This product is most popular among users living in hot climates where the summer temperatures frequently exceed 80 ºF due to unlike many fertilizers.

Typically, this may be used when the temperatures are high without burning the lawn. Also, this product is convenient because you hook it to the hose spray it right to the lawn.

  • Convenient to use
  • It gives almost instant results
  • Nourish the lawn
  • Make the grass grow
  • Offer nutrients to lush lawns
  • Encourage vigorous growth
  • Encourages root development
  • Improve grass color
  • Strengthen root systems,
  • Natural formula
  • No smell
  • Suitable for every grass species
  • Easy to use
  • Some products don’t function correctly


Using organic lawn fertilizers is an excellent option for long-term lawn health. They provide the soil with enough organic matter, where microbes and worms population thrive.

This results in long-term slow nutrients release and good soil aeration, texture, and drainage. Due to the time it takes to release nutrients, and you do not have to worry much about their over application.

Safer Brand 9334 25-lb Organic Lawn Fertilizer is the best-selling product because it is safe for use where pests and children are.

More importantly, it promotes the growth rate because it has all nutrients needed to encourage plant growth. This product has achieved the above product because it is safe for use and offers the best growth rate due to the availability of nutrients.