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Best Rope for Tree Swing – 6 Ultimate Swing Ropes for You

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The Fun of Tree Swings

If you feel your children are spending all their time indoors, you are not alone! I also felt the same. Then I decided to install a tree swing for my kids, and they were very excited about it.

Putting up a swing is low in investment but high in entertainment value. All you need is a big, sturdy tree in your yard, strong rope, and a swing seat.

There are so many varieties of ropes available in the market that, at first, I was a bit confused. Finding the best rope for tree swing is not very difficult if you know what you are looking for.

Factors to Consider While Installing A Tree Swing

Royal Oak Easy Hang 12FT Tree Swing Strap X2 Best Rope for Tree Swing 2

When you decide to put up a swing, you should consider the following factors carefully to get the best experience.


Find a living branch on the tree and not a decaying one. A branch having fungus or bugs can break and fall if used for tying a swing. Any branch you select should be clean and at the height of about 20 feet from the ground, about 30cm in diameter, and approximately 12 inches in length.


Make sure that there is no hindrance, such as a pillar or some other tree around the swing. Children can use the swing to do some crazy things, and you need to check out the area carefully.

Inspect the Ground

While swinging, it is common for children to fall. Remove stones, branches, rocks, or anything else that can cause injury. You don’t want the children to get scarred or scared.

Swing Seat

The height of the seat should be high enough for the legs not to touch the ground. Make sure that the seat is made of good material and has a good finish. Sharp edges, thin tires, or splintery wood can all cause harm.

Types of Tree Swing Ropes

You can build a tree swing on your own or buy a readymade one, but in both conditions, you will need to secure it with the best and most suitable rope, which can support the person’s weight using the swing and give the best experience. 

Watch this video to learn more. The swing’s ropes will depend on the type of the swing and who will be using it. The quality and style of the rope will depend on the following factors.

Twisted or Braided

Twisted braids have individual yarns twisted together and form strands, twisted together to form a rope.

Braided ropes have individual strands that are weaved together like a braid to form a rope. Different materials and patterns can create variations of these two types of ropes. Some will be more sturdy or flexible than the others. 


Most commonly, rope fibers are made of natural manila, jute, nylon, polyester, and polypropylene. Among these polypropylene, ropes are perhaps the strongest and yet light in weight, waterproof, and hold a knot well. Depending on the type of swing, you may use any of these ropes.

Length and Width

To calculate how much rope is required for a tree swing with double ropes, you should multiply the swing’s height from the ground by 2 and add rope of about 4 yards in length.

The extra length of rope is meant for the overhang on the branch and for securing the swing seat. It is better to use a rope that has a diameter of about 3/8 or 5/8 inches.

Breaking Strength

For a bigger swing, which can take on more weight, you need higher breaking strength. Check for the strength when selecting a rope. Higher breaking strength ropes may be costlier but will be safer.

Rope with Carabiners

Look for carabiners that are well-built with high-grade stainless steel and are rust-resistant. The tree swing will be outdoors, and sun, water, wind all will play a part in all the swing parts’ wear and tear.


Some ropes are easy to handle, while some require more effort. Easy installation and easy handling are necessary, especially when you are doing it yourself.


The rope you choose must work well with the type of swing you have or going to buy. For a lightweight swing, a heavy rope may not work and vice-versa.

Best Rope for Tree Swing

Can A Tree Swing Hurt A Tree?

Though swinging is an enjoyable activity if your tree’s health and safety are compromised, would you still enjoy it? If a rope keeps rubbing against the branch every time you take a swing, then eventually, it will wear off the bark and make the tree vulnerable to diseases or pests and weaken it.

To prevent this, you can slide a rubber tube on so that it does not damage the tree. Or you can drill holes in the branch and put eye bolts to hang the rope, but this also can damage the tree.

Whichever option you choose, you must look after the health of the tree.

The Best Rope for Tree Swing

Like I mentioned earlier, there are a variety of ropes available in the market. Selecting the best and most suitable one for your use will require some research on your part.

Here is a list of the top 6 ropes with all the detailed information about each one to make your job easy.

1. Royal Oak Easy Hang (12FT) Tree Swing Strap X2

Royal Oak Easy Hang 12FT Tree Swing Strap X2 Best Rope for Tree Swing


Built with commercial-grade nylon, the Royal Oak Easy Hang tree swing strap is exceptionally well made. The straps are constructed with safety as the top-most priority.

It is powerful and can hold up to 4400 pounds of weight. It’s tough nylon material can withstand any weather and will not weaken or break easily.

You can buy any swing because these swing straps can fit a large variety of swings, such as garden swings, patio swings, and even toddler swings. Designed well, the swing straps are adjustable and are 2 inches in width.

They are available in 2 sizes-12 and 4 feet, and you can choose according to your requirement. Carabiner hooks in this product are made of industrial-strength steel and are almost indestructible—all in all, a great product. 

  • Adjustable design that can fit all types of swings
  • 2-inch-wide strap is safer for the user as well as for the tree
  • Extreme weather-proof and chemical-resistant as well
  • Though it is of high quality, it is slightly higher priced

This swing strap fits almost all types of swings, both outdoors as well as indoors. Made with the best materials, it can last for a long time without any damage. It is easy to install and can hold up weights up to 4400 pounds—an excellent choice for tree swings.

2. SGT KNOTS Twisted Sisal Rope

SGT KNOTS Twisted Sisal Rope Best Rope for Tree Swing


Sisal ropes are made from the fibers of the Agave Sisalana plants. These fibers make for a stiff and sturdy rope. The SGT Knots twisted sisal rope is 100 % natural and can be used for heavy-duty purposes both indoors and outdoors. You will also find a little stretch in it, which is perfect for swings.

This product is fully biodegradable and organic, made with untreated fibers. No oils, chemicals, or any other artificial substance are used in the making of this rope. Because it is resistant to moisture and abrasion, it makes for a good option as a tree swing rope.

The SGT Knots Sisal Ropes are available in various lengths ranging from 10 feet to 1000 feet and diameters ranging from 3/16 to 1 inch. This makes it easy to customize it as per requirement. It is a safe and natural option to mount a tree swing. 

  • Company is owned and operated by veterans and maintains high quality
  • Available in a wide range of lengths and diameters
  • Stiff, sturdy, and versatile
  • Though completely natural, it has a strong smell that lasts for a long time

You can use this rope in a variety of ways and in different weather conditions. This natural fiber rope is made under a strictly monitored process. The founder is an ex-marine corps veteran who keeps the standard high.

3. YUZENET Braided Polyester Arborist Rigging Rope

YUZENET Braided Polyester Arborist Rigging Rope Best Rope for Tree Swing


Polyester is an excellent material for the tree swing rope as it is light in weight yet strong. The Yuzenet braided polyester rope is made with premium polyester using cutting edge technology.

The diameter of this rope is 3/8 inches, and the length is 50 feet. It is quite strong and has 3250 pounds of tensile strength.

This rope has excellent resistance to moisture and UV rays. It works well outdoors, even in harsh weather conditions. Tightly woven and durable, the Yuzenet braided polyester rope is also flexible at the same time.

This is important for tying knots and wrapping them around tree branches. There is high strength nylon at the core, which ensures high pulling force.

Hot melt technology at the ends prevents any splitting and damage to the rope. Polyester material has both firmness and flexibility, which can be seen in this product. 

  • Rope made of high-quality polyester and very durable
  • Ideal as climbing, arborist rigging, and camping rope apart from swing rope
  • Excellent chemical, moisture, and UV resistance
  • The rope can be broken or damaged if it touches any sharp rock or branch

A high-quality rope and that too at a reasonable price, the Yuzenet braided polyester rope is perfect for a tree swing. You can cut it according to your requirement, and it is also possible to splice it. Using it in multiple ways is quite easy.

4. A AIFAMY Tree Swing/Hammock Hangings Safer Nylon Rope

A AIFAMY Tree Swing Hammock Hangings Safer Nylon Rope Best Rope for Tree Swing


The A Aifamy tree swing nylon rope is perfectly designed for tire swings, web swings, hammock swings, swing chairs, apart from the classic tree swings. Each rope is approximately 40 inches in length and has a width of 1 inch.

These nylon straps are heavy-duty and can withstand a lot of pressure. The best part is that these are easy to install, and you will not require any tools. You need to flip the strap over the branch, and it is ready to go.

The product package comes with 2 ropes or straps which have safety spin-lock hooks. As soon as you clip on the hooks, you can mount your swing.

Its straps are sturdy and strong, thanks to the fact that they are made with military-grade nylon material. Well designed and constructed, the A Aifamy tree swing nylon rope can be used in small areas, both outdoors and indoors. 

  • Easy to install with clear instructions
  • Safety clasp prevents any injury or damage
  • Its design is perfect for smaller children
  • They may not take the excess weight of adults

This hanging kit with the nylon tree swing rope works well in multiple situations with complete safety and comfort. Ideal for smaller tree swings, it is easy to install. Its nylon straps are wide and do not damage the tree branch.

5. Bang4buck Twisted Braid Anchor Rope

Bang4buck Twisted Braid Anchor Rope Best Rope for Tree Swing


This heavy-duty twisted braid anchor rope is an excellent fit for boats, hiking, pulleys, as well as for a tree swing. It is strong and can withstand weights up to 5850 pounds. Available in two sizes- ¾ inches width and 200 feet length and the other one with ½ inch width and 100 feet length.

The end of the rope is heat-sealed to prevent unraveling or splitting. Three strands of twisted polypropylene are used to construct this rope and make it extremely strong yet flexible.

At the same time, it is soft to touch and easy to handle. You will get good shock absorption on the rope, which is crucial for swings. The polypropylene material is light in weight and can even float on water.

A spliced stainless- steel thimble with the rope allows you to attach it to the shackle easily. Its manufacturing process is monitored strictly, and a 100 % quality test ensures that you get the right product. 

  • Heavy-duty polypropylene rope can withstand all weather conditions
  • Three-strand braided line is easy to splice, flexible, and durable
  • Excellent customer service and one year warranty on the product
  • After cutting the rope, you need to reseal by heating immediately

This heavy-duty polypropylene rope is quite strong and will not wear out easily. Its design and construction are high quality and strictly monitored. Three strands twisted together to make this Bang4Buck rope flexible and ideal for a tree swing.

6. Tree Swing Straps Hanging Kit

Tree Swing Straps Hanging Kit Best Rope for Tree Swing


If you are looking for a quick and easy way to mount a tree swing, the Rhino StrapMate tree swing ropes are ideal. This is perfect for tire swings but equally good with other types of swings as well, be it a bucket swing or hammock. It can hold up weight up to 2800 pounds with ease.

The length of the strap is 10 feet and can be adjusted according to your requirement. Safety is the top priority, and keeping this in mind; only commercial-grade materials are used to manufacture this product.

There is no requirement for maintenance as it can withstand extreme cold and heat and is waterproof.

The strap is also coated with UV protection, so there is no damage to it in any weather condition. The company is confident in its product and offers a 100 % satisfaction guarantee, and if you are not happy with it, they will refund the purchase. 

  • Rhino Strap Mate offers a high-quality product with good design
  • Strong enough to carry weight up to 2800 pounds
  • Offers excellent protection from harsh weather conditions
  • Price may seem high when compared to its direct competitors

Swinging on a tire in the summers is probably the most enjoyable activity. With this tree swing rope, you get to enjoy it freely with complete safety. It is durable and remains strong in rain, sun, or cold.


For many parents and adults, tree swings remind them of their childhood and represent fond memories. However, sometimes, if you are not careful in selecting the right rope, the potential dangers can be many.

Most swing related accidents occur due to a poorly constructed rope. You must select a rope based on your requirements and at the same time look at factors like materials used, flexibility, strength, etc., apart from its price.

All the products listed here are among the best, but we think that the Royal Oak Easy Hang Tree Swing Strap X2 is the best.

If you find the information given here useful, you can share it with others. Contact us if you need any clarifications, and we will be happy to help you. Choose the best tree swing rope to enjoy fully.