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Choose 7 Best Sprinkler Pump With 6 Amazing Tips!

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What Are Sprinkler Pumps?

Do you water your lawn and garden regularly? Are you finding it tough to maintain its beauty despite all the care you take? When I moved to a new house with a big lawn, I decided to get a sprinkler system.

Buying booster pumps for sprinklers was not very easy for me. I made a few mistakes before I found a good one. A good watering schedule is a must for lawns.

As the season gets warmer, there are water restrictions, or it becomes very expensive in some parts. However, if you have a water body or reservoir on your land, you can utilize it. 

Sprinkler pumps are specialized water pumps, and they provide a high flow of water without high pressure to the sprinkler heads. These heads spread water to the required areas with the help of the pumps.

When you use the best sprinkler pump, you ensure a steady flow of water out of sprinkler heads, making it easy for you to look after your garden.

Best Sprinkler Pump FLUENTPOWER 1 HP Portable Stainless Steel Sprinkling Pump 2
FLUENTPOWER 1 HP Portable Stainless Steel Sprinkling Pump via

Types of Sprinkler Pumps

There are basically four types of commonly used pumps. You can decide to buy one depending on your requirement. All the pumps move water in different ways.

  • Surface Centrifugal – These pumps are used everywhere. They are common because they are easy to use and affordable. You will have to install them above the surface of the water level. Prime them before using. 
  • Submersible Pumps – As the name suggests, these pumps are installed completely underwater, even the motor. They either have dry motors enclosed, and no water can get into it, or, they have wet motors where the motor can function well even with the water running through it.
  • Turbines – They have a submerged pump and a surface motor. These are ideal in places where the water supply fluctuates. They can use suction to bring the water up and give a high capacity performance even with low-pressure levels.
  • Propeller pumps – You can use these pumps when you need to generate a high flow rate. These may be axial or mixed flow, and they are located quite close to the surface of the water supply. They may not offer high pressure, but they give high capacity.
  • Booster Pumps – These are used with the existing system to boost the water pressure, which is already moving in the sprinkler system.
1.6 HP Stainless Steel Lawn Sprinkling Pump - Best Sprinkler Pump
1.6 HP Stainless Steel Lawn Sprinkling Pump via

How to Choose a Sprinkler Pump?

Now you know that there are different types of sprinkler pumps. How do you select one? Well, there are some factors which you need to keep in mind while making the decision.

1. Size the Pump

The most crucial factor is to get the right size pump. For this, you will need to know how many sprinkler heads you have, the Gallons-per-minute (GPM), and Pounds per square inch (PSI) requirements.

Sprinklers have a rating with specific GPM and PSI. You need to add up the GPM requirement for all heads while the PSI remains the same.

If you have 5 heads rated at 5 GPM each, then your requirement is 25 GPM. If each head is rated at 20 PSI, then your total requirement is 20 PSI. So, buying a pump close to the requirement of 25 GPM and 20 PSI will be ideal.

2. Amount of Lift

How high you are going to pump or move water from its source is also essential. The elevation is also called suction head and, ideally, should be between 5 and 10 feet.

You should measure the distance from the surface of the water source straight up until the pump’s elevation. This is the suction head.

Remember that it is much easier for a pump to push water than pull it upward. On the discharge side also, the pump has some limitations depending on the pump. Adding suction and discharge head will give you the total head lift.

3. Distance of Pump from Sprinkler Heads

How far do you need to pump water to reach the sprinkler heads, especially the farthest one? It will affect the water pressure if not carefully assessed.

If the sprinkler head is less than 100 feet, you need 1 or 1 ½ inch discharge pipe. As the distance gets more, the width of the tube should also increase. You can calculate the diameter and pipe type based on the length and fittings used.

4. Energy Requirement

If you don’t have the right power supply, then you may end up damaging the pump. Most pumps have a dual-voltage rating, which means that they can operate at either 115 or 230 volts.

Some larger pumps have higher voltages. If there is no electricity available, then you may have to choose a gas-powered one.

5. Priming Method

Generally, most pumps are self-priming, but you may have to prime some pumps. You can do it by filling the priming port with water to force any air out. Any air in the pump or pipes can cause air-locks.

It can damage the pump cause it to break down. Air has to be removed entirely for the pump to function smoothly. A check or foot valve on the suction pipe can ensure the smooth running of the pump.

6. Location for Your Sprinkler Pump

Installing a sprinkler pump as close to the water source as possible will be ideal. Most sprinkler pumps are not designed for suction head above 25 feet.

Consider a more powerful pump if the location is much higher above the water source. Make sure that your pump is protected from the scorching heat or rain. Proper ventilation is a must. Please keep it in a dry and cool place so that it does not overheat.

Finding the Best Sprinkler Pump

By using the right sprinkler pump, you can ensure better care and maintenance of your lawn or yard. Watch this video to get more information. Here is a list of the top 7 sprinkler pumps for you to choose from.

1. Flotec FP5172 Pump Sprinkler 1.5Hp

Best Sprinkler Pump Flotec FP5172 Pump Sprinkler 1.5Hp


Many reviews have listed this product as the number one sprinkler pump and for valid reasons. Self-priming, corrosion-resistant, and high capacity are just a few features of this pump.

It is capable of powering up to 30 sprinkler heads with its 1.5 hp rating. You get dual voltage capability with 115 and 230 volts.

Designed to be more than a sprinkler pump, it also is equally efficient at de-watering and water transfer. Measurement of this product is 6 by 8 by 9 inches in width, height, and depth, respectively, while the weight is 41.5 pounds.

High-quality construction with rugged, heavy-duty fiberglass-reinforced, thermo-plastic, means that it will last for a long time. Both the sturdy build and antirust coating make it a dependable and long-lasting product. If connected to a powerful water source, it can also be used for vertical pumping.

You can connect it to an automated watering system and then leave it to do the work. It will work with precision and efficiency without giving you any trouble.


  • Self-priming function offers better efficiency
  • Durable product with anti-corrosion outer coating
  • Can power up to 30 sprinkler heads at a time


  • If not used properly, the outer housing can crack

With many great features, this sprinkler pump can help water your lawn or yard. Both homeowners and professionals can make good use of it. The self-priming feature is convenient and makes it an attractive option.

2. WAYNE PLS100 1 HP Portable Stainless Steel Lawn Sprinkling Pump

Best Sprinkler Pump WAYNE PLS100 1 HP Portable Stainless Steel Lawn Sprinkling Pump


If you are looking for a durable yet handy sprinkler pump, then look no further. Wayne is lightweight with strong handles, which make it convenient for users to carry and use it wherever needed. It has 1 HP with a maximum flow rate of 850 gallons per hour.

With a 120-volt motor, it can work long hours with efficient fan cooling and can draw water up to 20 feet. You will get 150 feet of dynamic head with a pressure of up to 60 PSI.

Assembled with a hose pipe adapter that makes it compatible with most hose pipes, making it convenient and attractive for buyers.

Ideal for small and large lawns with up to 850 gallons per hour capacity, any residential lawn or smaller professional lawn can be managed with it.

The motor is designed with technologically cutting edge and maximizes power consumption. An energy-efficient sprinkler pump made with stainless steel is what you get when you select this product.


  • Well-designed cooling system allows the pump to function for more extended hours
  • Hosepipe adapter is compatible with most hosepipes
  • Power-on switch for convenient control and easy handling


  • Some customers have complained of bad customer service and slow response

This sprinkler pump is designed to draw water, clear standing water, and empty or fill tanks. It is a multi-tasking pump and will be a big help to you. It is durable and comes with a 1-year limited warranty, which you may not need.

3. Red Lion Rlsp-200 – A High-Capacity Sprinkler Water Pump



An ideal choice for large gardens, the Red Lion sprinkler pump with 2 HP, is the first name on the list of many professional gardeners. Its rugged cast iron casing and pump base, along with thermoplastic impeller and diffuser, make it very durable.

This series of pumps are dual voltage and can be set for use with either 115 volts or 230 volts. It has a 2-inch NPT (National Pipe Thread) suction and 1 ½ inch NPT discharge with self-priming to 25 feet.

You will find it very easy to install it with clear directions. You can use it with multiple sprinkler heads with flow rates of 89 GPM and a maximum pressure of 47 PSI.

This highly effective electric sprinkler pump is affordable and has a two-year warranty. Energy efficiency is an excellent feature of this product, and you will notice it in your electricity bills.

Your water pumping problems will be over after you choose this pump. For a sprinkler pump, both precision and efficiency are essential. With this product, you will save on power bills as well.


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Thermoplastic impeller and diffuser make it durable
  • Ideal for small and large gardens


  • It is a bit heavy to carry around

This self-priming sprinkler pump can be used for residential and commercial sprinkling systems. Cast iron casing and pump base make it a rugged and durable. An innovative product supported by great customer and after-sale service.

4. Goulds Centrifugal – Among High-Quality Sprinkler Pumps 1.5 Hp

Best Sprinkler Pump Goulds Centrifugal – Among High Quality Sprinkler Pumps 1.5 Hp


A sprinkler pump from a market leader like Goulds is always the right choice. This product has some great features and high-level functionality. It is a self-priming pump that performs with a high level of efficiency.

After the initial priming, it will reprise when the water level rises above the suction pipe’s end—one of the few fully serviceable water pumps. If you maintain it well, it will work with the same efficiency even after a long time.

Its antirust coating ensures that you can use it in all weather conditions and place it anywhere. A lightweight product like this is easy to carry, and with large gardens, portability is a key issue.

Centrifugal pumps are quite common because of their ease of use feature. With a rating of 1.5 HP, this sprinkler pump can also pump water vertically.

Its motor is energy efficient and minimizes power consumption even with continuous running. You get a sprinkler pump, which is highly efficient and yet compact enough to be easily handled.


  • Compact design and lightweight. Easy to carry and store
  • With a 1.5 HP rating, it can pump water vertically as well as horizontally
  • High duty motor which is power-efficient


  • Has many features but is a bit costly

Easy to use and install a sprinkler pump with a back pullout design for easy disassembly. Servicing is very convenient. Its motor has two compartments for better access to motor wiring and replacing components.

5. ACE CAST IRON 1-1/2 HP Sprinkler Pump

Best Sprinkler Pump ACE CAST IRON 1 1 2 HP Sprinkler Pump


This sprinkler pump looks deceptively compact but packs a punch. It can efficiently deliver water to a mid-sized garden with a 33 GPM flow rating for maximum discharge flow. The submersible pump has a unique switch control system that allows for easy turning on and off.

Made with hardened cast iron, this Ace sprinkler pump is also coated with an anti-corrosion material. So you end up having a sturdy and long-lasting product.

Outlet connection has a width of 1 ½ inch, which is quite common. Its powerful motor has 1 ½ Horsepower and can run for hours without stopping. You can efficiently pump groundwater with it. Its dimensions are 10.5 by 22 by 11.8 inches, and it weighs approximately 60.5 pounds.

The size, design, and specifications of this product make it ideal for lawns ranging from small to middle size. As a homeowner with a small or medium-sized garden, you must buy a product like this, which will save both water and energy. There is no unnecessary wastage.


  • Easy switch controls for convenient and safe operations
  • Compact and power efficient with great features
  • Maximum discharge flow is 33 GPM and uses 115 volts


  • Requires priming from time to time

If you want a compact sprinkler pump that will work efficiently in your small or medium-sized garden, this product is your best bet. With the switchless control system, it is easy to operate it and quite safe too.

6. FLUENTPOWER 1 HP Portable Stainless Steel Sprinkling Pump

Best Sprinkler Pump FLUENTPOWER 1 HP Portable Stainless Steel Sprinkling Pump


This sprinkler pump has a stainless steel housing and waterproof on and off switch. The maximum flow rate is 845 gallons per hour and the maximum lift head up to 144 feet with an output of 60 PSI.

You can easily carry it around with the simple carry handle. Easy storage and portability are two of the many great features it has. Its seal structure will not wear out even after prolonged usage. Thermal protection ensures that there is no overheating and prevent burning out of the pump.

You can use it for many things like draining water from the pond to irrigate the garden and transfer water from a swimming pool when cleaning it. The pump has a max suction of 8 m so that you can use it for shallow wells.

The product is easy to set up with different hose or adapters and comes with a 12-month warranty. It weighs hardly anything, and it is easy to shift it to different areas to cover a bigger garden.


  • Only weighs 15.4 pounds so easy to carry around
  • By connecting the pump to tap, you can increase the water pressure
  • Suitable for a variety of projects


  • You will need to buy a hose connector separately

Fluentpower is a well-known name in the field of water pumps. All the efforts they put in design and research shows in their products. This sprinkler pump is a versatile product and can be used in multiple ways.

7. 1.6 HP Stainless Steel Lawn Sprinkling Pump

Best Sprinkler Pump 1.6 HP Stainless Steel Lawn Sprinkling Pump


This is an electrical centrifugal clear water pump capable of pumping water up to 42 meters high. You get an impressive flow rate of 3200 L per hour with a maximum suction depth of 7 m.

Its power specifications are 1200 W with 1.6 HP and 66 PSI water pressure. With 845 gallons per hour rate, this pump can tackle all jobs at a fraction of the time otherwise required. It creates enough water pressure at 66 PSI for irrigation, water transport, and to pump water.

Apart from sprinkling systems, this product is ideal for rain barrels, large aquariums, and flow-irrigation systems. It has an aluminum pump housing which has the maintenance-free capacitor motor.

It features a hydraulic unit consisting of nonyl. Easy carry handles and safe on/off switch, which is also waterproof, are some other great features.

Both inlet and outlet are 1 inch in size. One check valve and 2 connectors are included in the package. Both of these things are beneficial and make it a good option.


  • Very powerful and efficient sprinkler pump
  • You can use this product to take on a variety of projects
  • Superior performance to a depth of 23 feet with 66 PSI


  • It only has a 30-day return policy

A sprinkler pump capable of pumping water efficiently and fulfilling your requirements is what you need, and by selecting this pump, you get all this and much more. An excellent choice for all home gardeners!


Using the right sprinkler pump is necessary to ensure proper and optimal irrigation of lawn or garden. There are many designs and brands available, but most people are not aware of choosing the most suitable one.

When you decide to buy a sprinkler pump, you must keep in mind factors like horsepower, rating, type of pump, hose compatibility, and the area’s size to be irrigated.

All the products listed here are excellent and are suitable for different purposes. However, we think that the Flotec FP5172 Pump Sprinkler 1.5Hp is the best because of its great features and ease of use.

It comes from a well known and reputed brand. It is a self-priming sprinkler pump and can power up to 30 sprinkler heads at a time. For most gardening uses, this product will be ideal.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us. Contact us if you have any doubts or queries and we will be happy to help you. Choose the best sprinkler pump and see your lawn coming alive.


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