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The 17 Best Tomato Companion Plants

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Tomatoes provide a tangy bit of sweetness and sour and a juicy experience to our plate. Also, growing tomatoes is not a big deal; you can do it easily.

These reddish fruits, mistaken as vegetables, are red edible berries of the plant Solanum Lycopersicum. Also, the style of consumption of tomatoes is highly diversified. Tomatoes can be eaten raw or cooked.

From Ketchup to Pickles and sauces, this fruit helps in adding a taste bud stimulating flavor to bland food. Snacks without tomato ketchup are like the earth without oxygen.

But the growth of this plant needs care and attention. There are companion plants that can be grown with tomato plants, but many don’t have the idea of these. So here are the names of a few of these companion plants which can be grown with tomato plants.

17 Best Tomato Companion Plants

1. Borage

Borage Best Tomato Companion Plants

Borage is an easy-to-grow plant unknown to many but is a beneficial companion plant of the tomato plant. Many beneficial pollinators get attracted to this plant which helps in plant and flower growth.

Also, the paramount importance of this plant as a tomato companion is that it helps to repel tomato hornworms. So it ensures both proper development and protection to the tomato plant.

The leaves of this plant taste like cucumbers with edible flowers. This is why the leaves of this plant are used to brew refreshing ice tea.

2. Thyme

Thyme Best Tomato Companion Plants

Thyme is considered a perennial plant and can also be regarded as a helping hand in protecting tomato plants. Thyme is a herb that refers to the genus of the thymus, which is of primarily perennial evergreen plants.

To prevent diseases while growing tomato plants, the plants need to get rotated. So you must keep in mind that you must replant the Thyme near the rotated tomato plant.

Along with perfect companion plants, these plants also contain medicinal and culinary benefits, making them excellent herbs. The primary protection that Thyme provides as a tomato companion is that it’s a tomato hornworm repellent. Also, Thyme sometimes helps to enhance the flavor of ripening tomatoes.

3. Chives

Chives Best Tomato Companion Plants

These belong to the onion family and can be a good companion plant of the tomato plant. Chives are mainly planted along with tomatoes to enhance the flavoring aspects of the tomatoes grown.

Chives also help in the seasoning of tomato dishes. Chives are also considered perennial, similar to Thyme. Chives are cool-season crops blooming in purple, white, reddish flowers. These plants can maintain the natural flavors of the newly grown tomatoes and make them better.

4. Marigold

Marigold Best Tomato Companion Plants

It is one of the most impressive flowers with bright sunshine, glare, and tinged blossoms. Marigold can act as a companion plant for tomatoes as they are considered flavor enhancers for tomatoes.

It’s a less known fact as marigolds are always considered a decorative flower and a less available companion for other plants. Not only flavor enhancers but marigold is also helpful in repelling certain pests.

Marigold flowers are edible and also prevent whiteflies. According to many gardeners, planting a row around the tomatoes will help to maximize the benefits. Their roots also release some toxic chemicals which act as pest repellants.

5. Parsley

Parsley Best Tomato Companion Plants

Parsley is a herb also used as a protecting plant for the tomato plant. Insects such as hoverflies get attracted to parsley plants which feed on certain pests which are harmful to tomato plants.

In other words, it is a trap crop. Many insects get attracted to the flowers of parsley plants, such as predator flies. These are beneficial insects for the tomato plant.

But it is necessary to keep in mind that not all varieties of tomato plants are suitable for parsley, so it must be clear that before planting companion parsley, get data about the tomato variety you are growing.

6. Basil

Basil Best Tomato Companion Plants
Garden Clay Pots Basil Tomato via

Basil is a very beneficial companion plant for tomatoes. Basil is easy to tuck in and is a perfect companion and complementary plantation duo with tomatoes.

Also, Basil plants enhance the taste and flavor of tomatoes during their growth. Another reason for the duo to have a perfect pair is that both grow under similar conditions.

Both tomatoes and Basil require no sunshine, the proper heat, and water to grow ideally. Among all the companion plants suitable for tomatoes, Basil is an essential plant that you will love to plant alongside your tomato plant.

7. Carrots

Carrot Best Tomato Companion Plants

Carrots can be perfect companions. This is because they don’t fight for space. They are believed to aerate the soil for tomato plants which improves the watering process.

Not only do tomatoes get benefitted from carrots, but also carrots get benefitted from tomatoes. As tomato plants grow a bit taller, the shade helps the carrot plants.

Planting carrots beneath the tomato plants improves aeration has no scientific evidence in particular. You can plant carrots in waves in a few weeks’ gaps. As you know, carrots benefit from growing tomatoes, so now you will add them to your garden.

8. Sage

Sage Best Tomato Companion Plants 1

Sage helps in preventing notorious insects away from tomato plants. This is both a perennial and annual plant which also fits for the companion plant for tomato.

Sage comes in various sizes and colors, so you won’t get bored choosing a perfect one suitable for your garden. Also, it’s delicious.

Sage emits a strong odor that repels certain pests attacking tomato plants. But also Sage attracts pollinators towards itself, which ultimately will benefit the tomato plant grown with it.

So now, as you know the benefits of sage, then what’s stopping you from introducing it to your garden as a companion?

9. Lettuce

Lettuce Best Tomato Companion Plants
Tomato and lettuce via

Lettuce is considered a common companion plant for most gardens as it can be tucked almost anywhere, which saves space. Lettuce is a cool-season plant that one can pair with tomato as it’s a companion.

There is a sure way to use lettuce as a companion to your tomato plantation. Add lettuce playing beneath the tomato plants while the tomato plant peaks during the summers.

Also, when tomatoes grow taller, they can provide shade to the lettuce plantation, which will enhance the seasoning of the lettuce plant.

This happens because lettuce is a low-growing plant that hates hot temperatures. So use this method to protect both your tomatoes and the lettuce.

10. Calendula

Calendula Best Tomato Companion Plants

Similar to Marigold, Calendula is another beautiful flowering plant that adds a glare to your garden. But guess what, it can also be used as a good companion plant alongside tomato plants.

Calendula flowers attract pollinators, which benefits the tomato plant as the pollinators feed on harmful pests. These flowers are also called ‘pot marigolds’ due to their similarities with marigold flowers.

Calendula flowers can be planted between tomato plants to avoid attack by harmful pests. So now you can team up with both Marigolds and Calendula plants to safeguard the lifeline of your precious tomato plantation.

11. Mint

Mint Best Tomato Companion Plants

Just like you didn’t expect most plants above as tomato companions, Mint is probably on the list too. Mint plants emit a strong odor that is believed to help repel pests.

This plant has a crazy habit of spreading across your garden, so plant it in a spot where it can’t escape much.

Mint is also a perennial plant, and the aroma is very famous, but the pests certainly hate it. This is why Mint is a helpful plant in the case of tomato plantation as the tomato plants have serious threats from small rodents as well as tiny pests.

So remember when while you are enjoying Mint flavored drinks for refreshments, the same Mint is protecting your tomato plantations in your garden.

12. Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums Best Tomato Companion Plants

These are bright and shiny with attractively colored annuals that have edible flowers and leaves. But the relation with tomatoes is similar to the plants mentioned earlier; yes, it also acts as a ‘trap crop’.

Nasturtiums help repel aphids, which can attack your tomato plants and other plants in your garden. But apart from their shiny appearance, they are termed as ‘old fashioned’ annuals.

Even after being annual, Nasturtiums can rest too. The tomato plants stay protected from harmful pests, and also your garden gets a pretty good decorative look with the help of these flowering plants.

13. Onions

Onion Best Tomato Companion Plants

Yes, you read it right. Though both onions and tomatoes act as essential flavoring ingredients in our food items, their relationship is a bit different. Onions can serve as good companions with tomato plantations due to the odor.

The pungent smell of the onion plants helps to deter harmful pests and aphids. This may prove to be a lifesaving factor for the tomato plants.

Onions require well-drained, loamy, and medium moisture soil textures to grow appropriately. The pungent odor keeps away the pests which helps in the protection and non-stop growth of your tomato plants.

So now you should start growing onions in your garden rather than buying a lot from the markets; it can save money and even protect your tomato plantations.

14. Asparagus

Asparagus Best Tomato Companion Plants

Asparagus is a perennial vegetable, which you can use to protect tomatoes from harmful pests. Also, tomatoes are considered an extremely good companion with Asparagus. Asparagus releases a chemical that saves tomatoes from Nematodes by repelling them.

The tomato plants also release chemical named solanine which repels Asparagus beetles. Also, the tomato plants grow tall, providing shade to the Asparagus, which prevents the growth of weeds around them.

In simple words, both plants do well together by providing security to each other in their way. You can try this duo for sure if you want to save your tomato plants from nematodes.

15. Peppers

Pepper Best Tomato Companion Plants

Another sweet and got companion is here. Pepper and tomatoes belong to the same family and the best thing is they also grow well together.

The growing requirements of pepper and tomatoes have huge similarities. You can easily group these two plants in your garden as companions for each other, and it will save some time for you.

This is because both will get watering and care at the exact location together, which won’t make you go from one end of the garden. The soil requirements of peppers are fully drained, loamy, and medium moisture soil.

So now add a little spice to your gardening experience with this new sweet and got duo, and keep enjoying tasty tomatoes.

16. Garlic

Garlic Best Tomato Companion Plants

Another flavoring element is getting added to your companion list. Garlic can be lovely companions with tomatoes. One easy tip is that if you plant garlic in between the tomato plants, it will be easy to harvest them , so this is the first benefit.

The second beneficial factor of garlic towards tomatoes is that they prevent spider mites from tracking your tomato plants.

If you plant a spring crop of garlic a month before you sow the seeds of your tomato plantations, both will be ready to harvest at the same time together.

Also, garlic adds a tackling effect to your taste buds when eastern with tomato salad. Try this duo for sure, and then thank us later.

17. Anise

Anise Best Tomato Companion Plants

Anise Is a beneficial companion for tomato plants. Anise attracts many beneficial insects that help in the protection and nurturing of tomato plants.

Anise is itself a beautiful plant that adds a pinch of beauty to your gardening experience. Anise repels aphids which is one of the most harmful pests for tomato plants.

It also repels certain other insects and pests, such as lice and other itch-inducing insects. So by planting this with your tomato plant, you will stay tension-free because the safety of your tomatoes now lies in the hands of Anise.

Bottom line

Companion planting is a very healthy growth and security factor for many plants. Gardeners can take care of their plants, but fighting pests and unwanted insects and inviting insects for pollination is not much in their hands.

These companion plants can help your tomatoes grow more prominent, juicier, and with safety. So intricate some of these plants around your tomato plants soon.