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How Much Does A Snowblower Weigh? Useful Tips

Many people consider weight as the most important factor when choosing the snowblower. Some of them avoid heavy equipment ​​because they are difficult to control and use.

People normally look for lightweight gear, which they can easily remove and use during light snow removal. However, others prefer a heavier snowblower since it sticks to the ground and clears more snow effectively.

Then, how much does a snowblower weigh? In general, the larger and heavier the snowblower, the more powerful it is. Therefore, when thinking about buying a blower, how much snow is around your area is the first thing to consider.

The lightweight snowblower is good if it gets light snow each year, but you do not want to use the shovel.

How Much Does a Snowblower Weigh Honda hs1136 snowblower
Honda hs1136 snowblower via Wikimedia

Types of Snowblowers

1. Gas snowblowers

Gas snowblowers offer a lot of power and are in two-, single-, and three-stages. These blowers need more maintenance and require access to fuel. Because they’re heavier, a gas-powered snowblower can be difficult to drive. Gas models are most commonly used in commercial applications.

2. Electric snowblowers

Electric snowblowers are ideal for cleaning small and medium-sized patios, driveways, walkways, and porches.

They are smart and corded, which makes them an eco-friendly alternative to the average homeowner. Typically, they can handle moderate to light snow and work best on paved and smooth surfaces.

Electric models do not require regular maintenance. No oil or gas change is needed, and you do not even have to pull the cord starter, but only plugin and go.

The electric snow blowers are weighed less and are cheaper than their gasoline-powered counterparts. An added benefit to them is that they are much quieter than the gasoline model.

3. Corded snowblowers

These types of snowblowers use high voltage batteries that work like single-stage gas snowblowers. They’re effective on heavy, medium, and light snow.

Ideal for use in driveways and walkways, these models weigh less than gasoline-powered ones and are easy to control. As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about using the cord.

Cordless snowblowers are ideal for moderate to light snow. They work best on small paved walkways that don’t have a steep slope. Typically, they are a great choice for anyone on a budget who wants more than a snow shovel.

Greenworks 13 Amp 20 Inch Corded Snow Thrower How Much Does a Snowblower Weigh
Greenworks 13 Amp 20 Inch Corded Snow Thrower via

4. Single-stage snowblowers

These blowers have a drill that cuts the snow, lifts it, and throws it to the side. They’re lightweight and small, making them ideal for maneuvering in confined spaces.

These snowblowers are 25 to 60 centimeters wide. Usually, they don’t have the self-propelled element that means you need to push them forward.

Single-stage snowblowers are ideal for people with moderate to light snow, as well as small sidewalks and driveways. Although they can remove large amounts of light and dry snow, they survive heavier wet snow.

5. Two-stage snowblowers

The two-stage snowblowers have the corkscrew-shaped rotating corkscrew auger, which lifts the snow and a fan that blows it out, letting them clear the wider path more efficiently. This allows more snow to go through the snowblower and throw it into the air.

These models are heavier, bigger, and more efficient than single-stage snowblowers. Their larger auger help to chew compacted snow and ice easily.

You can use them on gravel surfaces as the drill doesn’t touch the ground. Most of them have a self-propelled mechanism, which allows you to clear long snow without braking.

6. Three-stage snowblowers

Three-stage snowblowers collect ice and snow, crush it, and push it back. They can cut through heavy ice and snow, making them the most efficient blowers on the market. These machines are designed to work through thick ice and snow.

They can handle more than eight inches of heavy and wet snow. This high performance comes at a higher price. For those who live in a heavy snow climate, three-stage snowblowers are recommended. These machines easily handle heavy snow and snowdrift in the driveway.

How Much Does a Snowblower Weigh?

Snowblowers have different weights, which depend on the type. The single-stage models are the lightest and smallest, weighing about 24 to 95 pounds.

These models are perfect for paved sidewalks and driveways. They are lightweight and compact, which makes them easy to handle. However, they’re not ideal for large pile-ups and heavy snowfall.

For a more efficient machine, you can go for the two-stage snowblowers because they’re much heavier and weigh up to 302 pounds. In addition, they have a more complex and strong design.

This makes them more adept at handling deep and heavy snow. They also feature larger mouths, larger wheels, and rotating chutes. Therefore, expect them to carry more weight than the single-stage models.

Also, the three-stage snowblowers are designed for heavy-duty work that cannot be handled with single-stage models or snow shovels.

They are very powerful, which makes them the best option if you live in a snowy area. However, they have the same weight and size as the two-stage models. But the price is higher than other types.

Other Factors That Affect the Weight Of The Snowblower

  • Cleaning width

The width of clearing the snow gives an idea of ​​the size and weight of the snowblower. In general, if the width is bigger, the machine will be heavier.

To provide you with this idea, snowblowers with a clearing width of 21 to 23 inches can weigh from 79 to 99 pounds. Alternatively, machines with a 24-inch clearing width will weigh about 90 to 137 kg.

  • Power source

The main factor that influences the weight of a snowblower is its power source. You can choose between gas and electric machines. With electric models, you can choose between the corded and cordless models.

These blowers are silent and require less maintenance than gas-powered ones. In addition, they are lightweight and more compact. Therefore, they are easy to transport and store.


The weight of the snowblowers depends mainly on the type. Typically, a single-stage snowblower is the lightest, which can weigh between 24 and 95 pounds.

Two-stage snowplows tend to be much heavier due to their more complex design and sturdier construction. Three-stage snowplows, on the other hand, are in a similar weight class. So, with this article, you get full information.