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Learn How to Hang Plants Without Drilling from These 12 Clever Ways

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Hanging your plants inside the house is a unique and beautiful way to liven up your home. If you are running out of space or you want to add a touch of pizzazz to your lovely home, then hanging plants is your best way to go. The vibrant green foliage will add a pop of color and style to your indoors.

Hanging indoor plants can brighten up your living space and make it look stylish. However, not everyone is good with power tools like drills.

If you are a renter, or perhaps you don’t want to drill holes in your house, then this article is for you. We have compiled a creative list to teach you how to hang plants without drilling!

How to Hang Plants Without Drilling
Hang Plants Without Drilling – via Wikimedia

Problems with Drilling

Drilling holes in your walls can be an unwanted commitment that you are not ready for. There could be several problems associated with drilling.

  • Drilling can be quite challenging if you don’t know how to use a power tool.
  • Not everyone owns a drill, so don’t even sweat about it if you don’t have a drill machine!
  • If you are not handy with the drill machine, it might result in serious injuries.
  • Drilling can also damage your walls and deteriorate the structure.
  • It will leave a permanent hole in your wall, which may require a lot of work to be filled.
  • Relocating your pots might not be easy if you are drilling because you will have to drill a new hole every time.

12 Ways on How to Hang Plants Without Drilling

To avoid the hassle of drilling and for your convenience, we are compiling this list about how to hang plants without drilling.

1.     Curtain Rod

A drape or curtain rod, also known as a tension rod, is a great way to hang your plants. They often have strong springs in them. They attach themselves on either side of the two surfaces, and the springs exert outward pressure so that the rod stays put in its place.

It won’t require any drilling. Tension rods are cheap and easy to use. Buy a tension rod of your desired length and place it wherever you want. Moreover, these rods won’t damage your walls and ceiling.

You can hang your plants on tension rods via hooks, macrame, strings, chains, etc. Be as creative as you want. You can also change and adjust the display of your plants quite easily. It will also provide you with extra space for your new plants.

2.     S Hooks

S hooks are a very cheap and convenient way to hang your plants from a rack, railing, or any form of a hook. If you already have any rod or fixture on your wall, use the S hook to hang plants on them. S hooks are affordable, and you can find them in your desired colors and sizes.

3.     Wall Hanging Pots

Another cool way to hang your plants without drilling is using wall-hanging planters. Wall hanging pots are very lightweight and are made of plastic. You can easily buy wall-hanging pots and planters with hooks and attach them to your walls.

It will liven up your blank walls and give them a pop of color. They come with adhesive hooks to hang on the wall.

4.     Clothing Rack

Get your creative juice flowing and think outside the box! You can repurpose your old clothing rack (paint it, and it’s good as new) or buy a new rack to display your beautiful plants. You can get a rack with multiple shelves to add more plants.

Hang plants from the railing at the top and place some pots on the bottom shelves. It will make a unique piece to show off your lovely plant collection.

5.     Coat and Hat Stand

Just like a clothing rack, you can also use your coat stand. Hat and coat stands are meant for small spaces to carry as many things vertically while occupying minimum space.

A coat stand can make a perfect hanging tool for your plants. But make sure of using a stand whose hooks are straight and not angled.

Hang your plants on the coat stand with beautiful macrame or S hooks.

How to Hang Plants Without Drilling 3
Hang Plants Without Drilling – via Rawpixel

6.     Adhesive Hooks for Ceilings and Walls

Ditch the drill machine and buy yourself some heavy-duty adhesive hooks to hang your plants from different surfaces. They are the easiest way to hang your plants without a drill.

You can attach the adhesive hooks to any surface, let it be concrete, plastic, marble, metal, or wood. Hang some vibrant greens from your bathroom ceiling or your sunroom; it’ll surely be breathtaking.

7.     Suction Cups

Suction hooks are another great way to hang your plants without drilling. Suction hooks are especially useable for smooth surfaces like glass windows, bathroom tiles, skylights, etc.

If your house has skylights that open up to the gorgeous sky, then you have lucked out. Make the best use of your skylights and hang some lovely plants using a suction cup. It will give a very nice tropical feel to your home.

8.     Over the Door Hooks

Do yourself a favor and get these over the door hooks to hang your planters. It is so easy and affordable, and the display looks mesmerizing. You can add up to 10 planters depending on the number of hooks.

You can put these hooks on any door, let it be your kitchen door, closet door, or even your front door. You will be greeted with your lovely plant babies whenever you open the door.

9.     Shelving Ladders

A cool way to display your plants without taking any floor space is to use a leaning ladder shelf. It adds a unique twist to your plant collection. These shelving ladders have been quite famous among interior designers for now, and people are digging them.

10.     Adhesive Air Plant Holders

You can get some plant holders for your air plants and place them on your wall or ceiling. It will make a cute display to showcase your tillandsia collection. Get a different assortment of these planters and show your creative side.

11.     Magnetic Planters

If you have any metal vents or metallic hardware, you must try this method. Buy magnetic planters or hooks to hang the planter from metal surfaces. In this way, you can make the best out of those bare metal vents. You can even hook cute mini planters from your refrigerator.

12.     Macrame Holders and Shelves

Macrame holders are made by entwining various threads and strings together. You can even add beads between these strings. Macrame holders are a very chic and boho way to display your gorgeous greens.

You can buy a macrame holder or if you like a little DIY project, then use this video to make your macrame holders and adorn your house.


Drilling should not be a concern anymore because we have enlisted a dozen awesome and creative ways about how to hang plants without drilling. No matter which method you choose, it is sure to add a touch of chicness to your indoors.

Impress your friends with your creatively displayed plants, and let us know which method you loved the best!