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How to Hang Window Boxes Without Drilling? | 3 Amazing Methods!

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Window boxes are an excellent way to increase the aesthetic of your exterior and add a pop of fresh colors.

You can instantly upgrade your exterior by adding flower boxes on window sills and balconies.

However, installing a window box is not always easy, particularly if you don’t have any drills to work with. We have compiled three excellent methods on how to hang window boxes without drilling.

If you live in an apartment or a rented home, want to avoid the hassle of drilling, or just don’t own a drill, the three exceptional methods in this article are some excellent alternatives that will work best for you!

Choose the best method to hang the window boxes and give your exterior a new look.

You can plant flowers, hang creepers, or grow fruits and vegetables in your small window garden.

Possibilities are limitless, so get creative and follow our guide to learn how to hang window boxes without drilling.

Let’s begin!

How to Hang Window Boxes Without Drilling
How to hang window boxes without drilling? – Image via Pexes.

How to Hang Window Boxes Without Drilling?

Here’s how to hang window boxes without drilling.

Method 1: Use a No-Drill Window Box

The first method is to buy a window box that does not require drilling or screws.

These boxes are usually equipped with specialized hooks and racks or super strong adhesives, which allow them to hang from windows and other surfaces easily. They are made from good-quality plastic polythene, which is sturdy, lightweight, and durable.

Furthermore, these boxes come with a sub-irrigation water system, making watering the plants even more convenient. Thus, eliminating the need to drill holes at the bottom too.

Follow these steps to learn how to hang window boxes without drilling:

  • Loosen the bolts or nuts on the window box and hook them up on the window sill.
  • Hold the hooks or bolts in their place firmly, apply pressure from the top and tighten the nuts firmly with your fingers.
  • Similarly, tighten the second nut fixing and ensure both bolts are secured.
  • Mount your window box on the hooks, and you are done!

Now, let’s take a look at the other methods.

Method 2: Using Vinyl Siding Hangers

Another method you can opt for is to hang your window boxes without drilling using vinyl siding hangers.

Screws, drilling, and nailing the window boxes with the vinyl siding can damage the railings. You can easily fix this problem by installing hangers from vinyl siding.

Follow these steps to learn how to hang vinyl siding hangers from window sills:

  • Measure the size of your window box before buying. If the box is equipped with hooks or hangers, measure the distance between them. Make sure that you buy the window box of the correct size.

Pro Tip: We recommend you buy a box whose length is equal to that of your window. A smaller box will look uneven and give your window a cluttered look.

  • Measure the height of the window box. A box of at least 20 to 25 percent of the window peak is the most effective.
  • Get a pair of vinyl siding hooks. Place these hooks equidistant from each other, hook the curved end to the vinyl railing and push it down until it latches onto the railing firmly. Once the hooks are latched, pull down the straight ends and anchor the hooks.
  • Measure the distance between hooks hanging from the window sill and mark the spots on the window box using a carpenter’s pencil.
  • Finally, grab your box, locate the markings, and place them right above the hooks hanging from the siding window. Slightly push the box and ensure it is properly secured.

You’re good to go!

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Method 3: Placing Pots on the Balcony or Window Sill

Another way to hang your window boxes without drilling is to buy unique pots to sit over the window sill or balcony.

You can place regular pots on your windows if the sill is broad enough; however, there is always the fear of knocking over the pots. Placing flower pots might not be an option if you have a narrow window sill or a balcony.

In such cases, the window sill pots come into the picture.

These are specialized pots designed to sit on narrow window sills and balconies without knocking over. These pots contain two compartments conjoined together that sit on either side of the window sill, keeping it balanced and preventing it from falling.

Bonus Tips:

  • While purchasing a window box, make sure that it has small holes at the bottom to allow excess water drainage. Plants sitting in wet soil are prone to rotting. If the boxes don’t come with holes, you will have to drill them yourself, which beats the whole purpose of hanging window boxes without drilling.
  • Purchase a window box that is at least 20 cm deep. A box of very little depth is not suitable for growing plants as it doesn’t give plants enough room to grow or establish roots.
  • If you want to start a little home garden in your window boxes, buy a box with a depth greater than 1 foot.

That said, now you know how to hand window boxes without drilling!

Problems Related to Hanging Window Boxes Without Drilling

Even though it might seem easy to hang window boxes without drilling, there are still some challenges you may face and, thus, must keep in mind to ensure your boxes do not fall over.

  • The nuts and bolts of the boxes might get rusty or loose over time. Check the boxes and their screws now and then to avoid any accidents. If the nuts are loose, tighten them; if they’re rusty, change them with new ones.
  • Another problem with hanging window boxes is the cost of extra materials such as hooks, hangers, brackets, etc.
  • Drilling provides a permanent solution and keeps the boxes hanging sturdily; however, hanging without drilling may loosen up over time.

That would be all!

However, even if you want to hang your plants on ceilings or against walls, this video will help you a lot:

How to hang plants without drilling| Renter friendly tips – YouTube


If you don’t have a yard, you can still create your little garden by hanging pots from the window sills or balconies.

Window boxes are an excellent enhancement to accentuate your exterior. If you want to avoid the hassle of drilling or are prohibited from drilling by the landowners, then don’t worry!

Our experts have compiled a list of excellent methods and tips for hanging window boxes without drilling.

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