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How To Turn Off A Lawn Mower In 4 Easy Steps

Do you sometimes have problems turning off your lawn mower? Well, now’s the time to find out how to avoid frustrating situations like these. Read on for some helpful information to get the answer of how to turn off a lawn mower?

The modern lawn mowers have a kill switch that helps to turn it off automatically in emergency cases. The old models don’t have such a switch but their turning off mechanism is comparatively easy.

A throttle is responsible for supplying gas to your mower, and the machine loses power if you cut off this supply.

Release lever to turn off lawnmower How To Turn Off A Lawn Mower
“Release lever to turn off lawnmower” via Wikimedia

How To Turn Off A Lawn Mower In 4 Easy Steps

Here are some tips to help you find the cause and develop a solution that works for your specific scenario in turning off a lawn mower.

1.     Check The Ignition Switch

To turn off your lawn mower:

  • Make sure that the switch is not working by trying it 2-3 times.
  • Hold on the edger sturdily by laying it on a flat surface. When you pull back slightly with one hand while pushing down hard into the ground, this will stop all movement.
  • Make sure not to pull the mower’s trigger as it can rev up the engine.

2.     Move the Throttle

Next, you have to push in the throttle, which will cause it to stop running. A throttle is a switch that needs to be flipped before pulling the starting cord.

There are two ways that you can do this. A cold start where all gas has been removed from inside of every part except for what’s needed at starting up, or warm-up starts where some fuel remains so as not to leave any gaps between parts while cutting grass.

The manufacturers have put a label on the throttle for your ease, whether it is a cold or warm start, so you need not worry!

3.     Hold The Trigger In Downwards Position

So now, when you have turned the trigger in a cold start position, rev up the engine by pulling on one side of the trigger until the engine shuts down.

This way, you are choking the engine for a forced stop. Don’t worry; it will not damage your engine unless you are doing it merely a few times. However, making it a routine cannot be good for your lawn mower.

4.     Find the Spark Plug Wire

If you have located the spark plug wire of your lawn mower, it is time to remove them from its socket. Once this has been accomplished, then turn off the power by unplugging any extension cords or outlets that may be connected.

So, you have successfully turned off your lawn mower now. Plug back the wire in case you want to start the mower again.

Why Lawn Mower Doesn’t Turn Off

Faulty wiring is the most common reason a mower won’t shut down. From knocking into fences and cutting under hedges or shrubs, small components may come loose, resulting in an electrical short if not fixed immediately.

Faulty flywheel break and faulty power switch are the two other possible issues that become a hurdle in turning a lawn mower off. Let’s look at some common factors in detail.

Loose Wiring

The coil and flywheel provide energy to the plug, which it needs to get started. The positive charges start running from the coil into the spark plug, passing through the wire. As you all know, positive charges take the short path to reach the opposite pole (negative).

Hence the charges start moving to the engine, and the spark plug gap causes them to jump, which ceases them to ignite a spark. If the coil finds a shortcut way to the opposite pole, it will send voltage there directly without passing the spark plug, which will make it difficult for the mower to get started.

So, make sure all the ground wires are attached to the spark plug, making a safe and secure connection. You can easily turn off the lawn mower if all the wiring is in place and fixed.

Stop-Start Unit

Let’s see the main components your lawn mower has in this portion.

Bail Lever

The bail lever is the safety feature of the new lawn mowers that helps to turn it on and off. Some mowers may have a combined on/off switch and a throttle lever. However, those with a bail lever automatically stop in an emergency.

Once you activate it, it functions by stopping the blade from spinning and killing the engine within 3 seconds.

Brake Assembly

A brake is initiated against the flywheel when the bail lever is activated. In the process, a direct ground path is given to the coil through a wire or switch connection simultaneously.

The process causes the volts not to reach the spark plug. Disconnecting this lever will keep the voltages running, so your lawn mower won’t turn off.

Flywheel Brake

The flywheel keeps the energy stored when the energy source applies torque. The stored energy is released when there is no torque by the energy source. This important component of a lawn mower can absorb the damage if the machine hits a rock or curb.

Stop Cable

The stop cable on your lawn mower is a safety device that allows you to cut off power when cutting. If it’s been a while since you’ve had this serviced, or if there are signs of wear and tear, then consider replacing them before things go from bad to worse.

On/Off Switch

A switch with a single wire push-on the connector is the on/off switch of the lawn mower. A label on the switch will guide you if it is on or off.

2 Important Steps To Keep Lawn Mower In Good Condition

When you use the lawn mower for an extended period, it’s important to take care of and maintain its performance.

1.     Clean Air Filter

If your lawn mower’s air filter is dirty, it needs to be washed for the engine parts inside of it do not get covered with dirt and grime.

Such an air filter blocks the air causing the motor to start and stop, so either clean it or change it. It will help keep you safe from receiving problems with their performance, leading to more severe issues down the road if left untreated.

2.     Solves spark plug problems

The spark plug is a very important part of your lawn mower. If it’s not connected correctly or signs that oil has been spilled onto the electrodes, you might experience misfire errors when using this machine. Change the spark plug if it is burned or dirty and fix it in the right place after changing.

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This article contains all the tips about safely shutting down and starting up your lawn mower again without worrying too much. If you want your lawn mower to stop quickly, all it takes is one swift move. All models can be shut off by pulling the throttle to the stop position.

You can also disconnect the lawn mower from the power source to turn it off. If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to reach out to the comment section. Leave your feedback and give suggestions. If there is a question, feel free to ask, we are here to respond to you.