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Best 8 Round Landscaping Ideas for Raised Beds

Raised Bed Gardens catch the eyes of many. They add a charm to the house and also seem beautiful in themselves. Building the enclosure or containment for the bed might require professional help.

On the other hand, the landscaping could be done by you or a gardener could be hired. Nonetheless, the design or the arrangement of the bed is to be matched with the house or should be attractive enough to justify the efforts.

Keeping in view the significance of the gardens and green areas, the Rudn Enclave has already added several beautiful gardens in its master plan.

Gardens make the project close-to-the-nature offering a chance to live a healthy life. Here is a list of top 8 Round Landscaping Ideas for Raised Beds that do the job

8 Round Landscaping Ideas for Raised Beds

1. Spiral Beds

There is nothing that could beat the charm of antiques. Spiral raised bed formed with stones or pieces of wood looks excellent. It could be started from the ground and as the spiral curves inwards, the height of the bed could be raised.

Either different plants could be planted with bright colors or similar-looking plants can be used to give a gradient effect. It looks antique owing to its spiral design and use of stones or wood. The design at the start of the spiral could be customized for better aesthetics.

2. Concrete Block Beds

It is a simple DIY raised bed. Concrete blocks are available in abundance. Sometimes they might be lying unused in the backyard or the storage house.

A simple way to make use of it is to construct a raised bed garden. The concrete blocks can be colored for better aesthetics. The blocks have to be placed in concentric circles and a layer of cement or other material could be used to affix them.

The top-most cinder blocks could have smaller plants planted in the empty spaces. In the middle, plants giving out colorful flowers could be planted to match the paint.

3. Split Circular Beds

One of the most common ways to build a raised garden bed is to use tree branches or bricks. With a little modification, this classic design can look a lot different.

The circular bed could be split into different parts, along the diameter. Each of these parts could be planted with a different part. Also, the bed could be split from the middle and nothing could be planted in between.

The middle space could serve as an aisle to let visitors pass through. Thus, the minimalistic design of round beds can be altered with little modifications to make it look entirely fresh.

4. Tiered Raised Beds

The circular raised garden beds could be tiered. Depending upon the diameter, the number of tiers should be decided. If it is not large enough, less than two meters, then only a single-tier should be added to the base.

The tiers give a prominent look if bushy plants are used. The base could be built closer to the floor and the middle circular portion should be built higher to provide a base for the subsequent tier.

Also, if the diameter is too small, a pot could be placed in the middle. It is a simple, yet an effective design.

5. Tyre Garden Beds

Garden is one of the many places to experiment. Different materials that do not find use in daily life anymore could be the perfect tool for the garden.

Abandoned or old tires could be used to construct round garden beds. They are convenient to use since they do not require any professional help. The tires can be placed at appropriate places and the center portion can be filled with soil.

Also, more tires could be used to raise the bed higher. Other variations could include coloring the tires or arranging them in different concentric shapes.

6. Flower-shaped Garden Bed

In the list, this could be one of the toughest to maintain. A typical raised round garden bed could be constructed, preferably with a large diameter.

Then, plants can be planted in a flower shape to give a beautiful look. The edges can be planted with a different plant to give a better look. There can be many variations to it. It is advisable to plant fast-growing and those plants which flower together or at similar intervals.

Other shapes can also be used. Thus, it is easy to construct the bed but the arrangement of the plants is what makes the bed unique.

7. Raised Bed around a Tree

The best part about such raised garden beds is that it is highly customizable. All the above-mentioned designs and much more could be used.

The tree is the center of the design around which a bed is to be constructed. It could be a spiral, concentric, flower-shaped, etc. raised bed. Also, if there are many trees in the garden, a different type of flower bed could be built around them to give a wholesome look.

It does not matter whether the tree is dead or living, it will give a refreshing look to the round beds.

8. Pipe Garden Beds

Pipe Garden Beds - Round Landscaping Ideas for Raised Beds

Pipes could be made of steel or cement. They are round in shape and are easily available. They do not require to be constructed and can simply be placed in the garden, after cutting them to appropriate sizes.

The advantage they carry over other forms of round raised beds is that they absorb heat well. The heat absorption provides a good temperature range to the plants, even during winters.

They are also highly durable and last long. Even if the steel rusts, it looks amusing and eye-catching.

The More the Merrier

These were the most widely used and aesthetically beautiful round garden beds. There are other types of arrangements, too. You could either build a central raised bed in the garden or many beds can be made.

The raised beds bring newness to the garden. Herbs can also be planted in them. These herbs provide spices and nutritious parts that could be used in cooking.

Many of the beds that find a mention in the list are easy to build. They do not require professional help and can be made by a single individual. The flowers arranged in them look a lot better and the herbs can be used for many purposes. Thus, building raised bed gardens is useful and pleasing. 

Greg Sungreen

Friday 23rd of July 2021

These round landscaping ideas seem fantastic, and I will try out a few of these ideas for my raised beds. Hopefully, these ideas will prove to be valuable, and my investment won't go to waste.