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Why Does My Circular Saw Keep Stopping – 6 Major Reasons!

If you have a circular saw in your tool kit and use one regularly, you may have wondered often – why does my circular saw keep stopping?

A circular saw is no easy machine to work with. It is hard to handle and direct. You have to maintain it consistently if you want the saw to keep functioning in perfect shape.

If you don’t tend to it, the circular saw may start malfunctioning and stopping in between sessions. The error with the movement of the circular saw is nothing new, and there can be several reasons behind it.

Here are some of the reasons to answer your question – “why does my circular saw keep stopping.” Let’s begin!

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6 Major Reasons Why Your Circular Saw Keep Stopping

A circular saw is one of the most versatile tools you will work with, and it is a great woodworking tool. There can be several benefits, and a machine can still be prone to many issues.

There is no one answer to the question. It could be due to the batteries, the dull blades, the improper use of the machine, or a few other reasons. Before you can solve the issue of why the circular saw is stopping mid-work, you need to know the reasons behind it.

So, here are a few causes behind the question – why does my circular saw keep stopping?

Issues with the Blade

One of the most common issues for the circular saw to stop working midway is issues with the blade. If the blade is damaged, twisted, de-shaped, or warped, this could be the reason behind the saw stop.

It is not safe to work with a damaged blade, and it puts too much pressure on the machine as well. A warped blade can get stuck or pinched into the workpiece too. So, you need to replace the blade as soon as it gets damaged.

Another issue with the blade could be that you are not using a suitable one for the material you are working on. For example, the blade used for softwood is different from that used for hardwood. Consult a professional or do some research and get the right blade.

You also need to check if the blade is going deep enough to cut the workpiece properly. The blade needs to protrude out from the machine and go far enough to cut the workpiece.

If it’s not protruding enough, the blade could get stuck. In some cases, the blade might be small and not going deep enough, so you would have to buy a bigger saw.

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If none of the above fits, your blade could also just be old and dull. Dull blades could get rough edges, making it difficult to cut the workpiece. Here, you need to replace it with a new blade.

Worn Out Battery

If your saw runs on battery, the stopping issue could be because the battery has died or is about to die. Even when the battery is at the end, the machine would run for a few minutes but not at its full power, which would lead to the machine stopping midway.

You will have to recharge it or replace the battery if it is damaged.

Issues with the Workpiece

There could be a few issues with the workpiece. First, you need to check if the workpiece is supported well enough.

If the workpiece is not fitted on the support properly, it can sag as you cut it and pinch the saw, causing it to stop in motion. This is especially important if the workpiece is heavier and bigger than usual.

Another issue with the workpiece could be that it is not the right thickness. It could be that your saw is smaller, or the wood is thicker than your saw can support and cut through. You need to ensure the wood piece is the right size for the capacity of the circular saw available.

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Power and Voltage Issues

For the saw to work properly and push through the workpiece, it needs enough power. The power and voltage a saw needs will vary depending on the size of the machine and other factors, but it can be anywhere between 65 watts to 80 watts and above. There is also a certain level of voltage the saw needs.

If the power needs are not met, or the voltage may become too high, your machine could get damaged and stop midway. Varying voltage can burn the wiring and internal system of the machine as well.

Problem with the Motor

The motor allows the saw to work properly. If there is any issue with the motor, the machine may keep halting while working. The best way to spot if the movement issues are due to the motor is to notice the number of times the circular saw stops while working.

If you see that the saw is stopping multiple times during work, it is probably due to motor issues. You may have to replace your machine’s motor to solve the issue.  

Loose or Damaged Cord

If your circular saw is corded, the problem might be in the cable and wires of the saw, as it is one of the common problems.

There are several wires in the main cord that may get damaged over time due to wear and tear when pressure washers are used on rough surfaces and due to bending and twisting at certain angles and turning.

Sometimes this may lead to tiny cuts in the wires that may not be fully evaluated from the outside. So, first of all, inspect the cord in-depth and check if the wires are intact and fully connected.

Another reason for wire or cable damage can be overheating of the machine caused due to excess load. If that’s the reason for your query- why does my circular saw keep stopping? The solution is to replace the damaged cord as soon as possible.


I hope this answers your question of “why does my circular saw keep stopping,” and now you can get to solve the issue. Be careful while handling this tool, as it needs certain expertise to be moved and do the work properly.

Ensure all your tools, including the circular saw, and regularly check for any irregularities. Other than wires, blades, battery, and motor, check for any sawdust buildup in the machine. Clean it regularly so that you won’t have to face any issues suddenly.

If you have any tips for maintaining heavy tools, share them with us in the comments.