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Why Is My Green Bean Plant Turning Yellow – 6 Answers!

Green beans are one of the first vegetables of the summer season to come out in full bloom. The bean varieties come in several colors, and they can be a wonderful plant to have in your little garden. You must ensure that the bean plant is in top shape from top to bottom.

However, sometimes you may notice that your plant is turning yellow or pale, which could leave you wondering – why is my green bean plant turning yellow?

Depending on the underlying cause of the yellowing of the plant, you may not need to worry at all as it could be due to minor issues, or the plant may be changing color owing to some serious issues.

Here you will get to know about those reasons. Keep reading to find out the answer to your question – why is my green bean plant turning yellow?

Why Is My Green Bean Plant Turning Yellow 1
Couple of yellow leads on this green bean plant – via Reddit

Why Is My Green Bean Plant Turning Yellow?

There could be several reasons for your plant turning yellow. The reason could be as simple as sudden environmental change or as serious as a pest attack or a viral infection. You will have to take steps to rectify the problem accordingly.

But first, let’s explore the causes for the question- why is my green bean plant turning yellow? Keep reading.

1. Incorrect Amount of Water

Not giving the green bean plant can trigger the change of color. Underwatering and overwatering are both an issue here. Overwatering can cause root rot, especially if there is no proper drainage system.

Underwatering can cause a lack of moisture, and to save water, the plant may start turning leaves yellow and even shedding them.

There is no comprehensive solution for this. It’s a simple matter of giving the plant enough water. Green beans need well-drained soil to prevent root rot.

Make sure to give the plant at least two inches of water per week. The requirement may vary depending on the weather, as the water may dry up more quickly in hotter weather.

2. Not Enough Sunlight

Like water, green bean plants need an adequate amount of sunlight to maintain their lush green color. Some varieties need up to 8 hours of bright sunlight every day. Not getting enough light daily can turn the plant yellow as the leaves won’t produce enough chlorophyll.

You can ensure that your plant gets ample sunlight by placing it in a sunny area. Ensure no obstructions, such as bigger plants, creating shade over the green bean plants. If there are, you may need to move your plants to a fully bright and sunny place. 

3. Poor Quality of the Soil

While green bean plants are not that picky about soil conditions, they may start to turn yellow under certain soil conditions showing their disagreement with the quality of the soil.

The first thing is to check drainage. The soil should not accumulate water, standing several inches above the ground. This can cause root rot and fungal diseases. The soil should be wet to touch but not soaking wet.

The pH of the soil should be neutral, edging towards alkaline. The best range is between 5.5 to 7 and not more than that as green beans don’t work well in too much alkalinity. Also, make sure you add a healthy amount of compost to the soil for proper nutrition.

Moreover, green beans don’t do well in clayey soil, so check for that and add organic mulch to maintain the temperature of the soil.

Why Is My Green Bean Plant Turning Yellow 2
My green bean leaves have started to yellow – via Reddit

4. Inadequate Amount of Fertilizer

Good fertilizers are a necessity for plants to grow in their perfect shape. If you notice your green bean plants turning yellow, check for the nutrient content in the soil. It may be suffering from the lack of nitrogen or some other important substance.

The fertilizer bought for the plants should be according to the nutrients missing in the soil. In some cases, especially an older plant, a magnesium deficiency could cause leaves to turn yellow with brown spots. Adjust your fertilizer for the green beans accordingly.

5. Bacterial and Viral Attack

Bacterial and viral attacks can cause your plant to turn yellow and destroy the entire batch of green beans. To identify a bacterial attack, look at the leaves.

They will be dried up with water lesions on them. You might also spot brown and yellow spots and rings on the leaves. A bacterial attack usually occurs when the plant is constantly wet.

A bacterial infection is also called blight, and you need to take the infected plant off the soil and immediately destroy it to contain the attack. Controlling pests and weeds can also help with bacterial infections.

Mosaic virus is the most common type of viral attack in green beans. It creates a mosaic pattern tuning the plant in light yellow and green shades. The leaves will turn themselves in and become warped up. There is no treatment for this, just prevention.

Keep the aphids in check by using a plant-safe insecticide or pesticide. Buy virus-resistant varieties of the plant. But once the virus spreads, you will have to isolate and destroy it to prevent the attack from spreading. 

6. Acclimation Issues

Acclimation issues are when the plant undergoes trouble adjusting to the new home. You may have brought the young plant from a nursery or somewhere else, but you notice the leaves turning yellow just a day or few hours after replanting it. This yellowing could be due to the new home environment.

Green bean plants will adjust themselves with time and become green once again. Make sure to keep providing them with proper nutrition and all the prerequisites.

The yellowing of the green bean plants could also be a part of their lifecycle. There comes a time in a plant’s life when it turns yellow and sheds leaves.

Your green bean plant may be going through some natural changes. In this case, you can let the plant rest, and it will soon return to its normal stature as the life cycle moves forward.


Why is my green bean plant turning yellow? Hopefully, this article thoroughly answers this question of yours. Always check for underlying causes whenever you face a problem with any plant. Treat the cause, and your plant will be just fine. Make sure to have all the necessities in place before sowing any plant.

Share your experiences with growing a green bean plant in the comment section down below.