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7 Great Benefits to Why Use a Lawn Roller

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Why use a lawn roller instead of the regular one? Are there benefits of using one? Or is it only helpful during some particular instances?

Keeping your lawn healthy and green requires some work. But the use of equipment and tools make the whole process a little easier and more manageable. One of the best devices gardeners can rely using is a lawn roller.

What Exactly Is A Lawn Roller?

First and foremost, a lawn roller is not a lawn mower. It is mechanically almost the same but different in terms of the appearance and functions. Nevertheless, it is a type of equipment that assists you to take care of your lawn.

Why Use a Lawn Roller

It is called a roller because of its steamroller look. This is easy to use and control – you either push or pull. The primary function of this equipment is to help level or compact the soil, which ultimately adds to the improvement of the health and look of the lawn.

Basically, these are the reasons why use a lawn roller.

When To Use A Lawn Roller?

There are a couple of misconceptions regarding the use of a lawn roller. Some people think it’s a good stuff to use for any lawns at any time. This is not true just because most of the sports field, such as in baseball, cricket and Wimbledon tennis, use this.

Why Use a Lawn Roller

Another misconception is that a lawn roller is able to flat the lawn. It doesn’t make the lawn flatter, although flatten frost or worm casts.

The best case scenario that this equipment becomes very helpful is when there’s new grass and soil is still dry. It is not recommended to “roll” the lawn if the soil is wet as this becomes very compact causing sod roots or grass seed develop less.

Proper aggregation needs to be maintained and this is why use a lawn roller only at special circumstances. Moreover, aggregation is achieved as a result of the soil receiving 25% water and 25% air.

Since the roller compacts the soil, it affects the aggregation process, which decreases the level of air or water, or both. If this happens, it makes the roots or grass to grow.

How To Use A Lawn Roller?

When you use a lawn roller, it is only firming the surface, about an inch or two of the soil. Unless you use a heavier roller, it should not destroy the grass field. Thus, a light roller is more recommended.

Among the common ones are pedestrian lawn roller and half water roller. This also means you have to find out the right roller for your needs depending on the soil type you have.

Why Use a Lawn Roller

The main purpose of leveling the lawn is to add more soil or decrease some. It’s another case in which why use a lawn roller.

During spring, lawns are usually lumpy due to frost. That’s when the soil is wet or damp that requires the assistance of a lawn roller.

Before you apply a sod, prepare a lawn roller. It is useful in compacting the soil, a dry one in particular. While doing so, experts suggest to change the direction by going 90 degrees everytime you restart.

After successfully placing the sod and watering the grass, roll it with this tool. It helps establish roots when they have contact with the damp soil.

Why Use a Lawn Roller

In planting grass seeds, make sure that this is done first. After tilling the ground, spreading the seeds and raking the soil over, start rolling the soil. This helps for quicker germination. Just use the lawn roller if the soil has been dried up.

How To Find The Best Lawn Roller?

Lawn rollers are either automatic or manual. It is best to use a manual roller as you can easily control the push or pull. To be more specific, you can find different rollers from small to large ones and light to heavier.

There are also some made of pure steel, while others are from plastic materials. Of course, they vary in prices, hence, the need to assess thoroughly to get the best and cost reasonable one.

Why Use a Lawn Roller

An easy way to make your selection quicker is to compare lawn rollers. Read some reviews about the products, watch some demos, etc. to give you clues whether any of them is worth buying or just a waste of time.


The bottom line is that there are special circumstances why use a lawn roller. Only rely on this if it is needed.

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