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5 Best Hand Saw For Cutting Logs – 2024 Reviews

Woodcutting might be challenging if you are not well conversant with the best hand saw to use. Cutting is done at regular intervals. Having a hand saw by your side helps you in all manner of cutting.

Be it at home or for commercial purposes. You need not worry when you have the hand saw for cutting logs in your toolbox.

Ideally, these tools require little skills for anyone to use, unlike other cutting tools such as a power saw. In addition, they are portable and permit you to move to any place of your choice.

Similarly, hand saws for cutting logs are hand-operated tools, which means they don’t depend on a battery or electricity for them to function.

This attribute makes them convenient for use at home or in workshops. Additionally, they are affordable and provide a straightforward task without complexity. These hand saws are available in two dimensions.

Some are designed only to perform wood cutting practices, and others for habitual or regular use only. If you want to understand more about the best hand, saw for cutting logs and their use, continue reading.

WilFiks 16 Pro Hand Saw Best Hand Saw for Cutting Logs 2
WilFiks 16 Pro Hand Saw Best Hand Saw for Cutting Logs via

Types of Hand Saws for Cutting Logs

1. Bow Saw

Bow Saw is a type of hand saw primarily designed to cut dense woods. Also, it has a similar form as a pruning saw that delivers the same work.

Moreover, you can use a bow saw on low branches, shrubs, tree limbs, and thick vines. Generally, when using this type of saw, know it is among the genre of crosscut saw suitable for trimming as well.

2. Rip Saw

A rip saw is also known as a tooth saw. This type of saw primarily offers various functions for woodworking. When you want to make rough cuts on your logs, look for no other but this type of tool.

Additionally, it functions as a chisel, which means: its teeth usually alternate between right and left, hence providing parallel cutting to the grain.

3. Crosscut Saw

Crosscut essentially denotes different types of sawing techniques. So, if your project is majorly based on cutting across the wood grain, this tool might offer you the explicit service you are looking for in your project.

Similarly, a crosscut can provide a perpendicular cut significantly when cutting logs to the grain. Also, you can use this tool together with a saw hook to deliver the best service.

4. Coping Saw

This tool work in a similar way to a fret saw. Therefore, coping saw typically cut tight curves in light wood in molding installation and provides superb carpentry tasks.

In addition, this tool can be used to create edges and joining corners in logs. All these are backed up by its U-shaped frame plus detachable blades that help the user to operate inside the curved area of woods and other materials.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Hand Saw for Cutting Logs

Material for Construction

Knowing the material used to make a hand saw for cutting logs is a pivotal point to consider. Typically, the best hand saw for cutting logs ought to be designed with durable and convenient material.

Therefore, it is prudent to ask what materials were used in the building process of the hand saw you intend to purchase.

Similarly, the material used to make a hand saw might impact the blade quality and saw performance. So, for long-lasting and efficient saws, you’d have to consider a saw made from hardened steel.


When talking of hard-point, there are hand saws that might require re-sharpening after use. Contrary, other saws need not re-sharpening practices and can serve for an extended time. Therefore, when buying a hand saw for your work project, you must consider this factor.

In most cases, hard-point saws are designed with teeth established and hardened to maintain their sharpness for a longer time.

Nonetheless, such types of saws might become unusable immediately after the teeth become blunt. This is because the design of their teeth doesn’t give room for re-sharpening. On top of that, re-sharpened saws might be a good fit, but they are pretty costly.

The Purpose of the Saw

Generally, hand saws are of different types, sizes and serve other purposes altogether. So, when you purchase a hand saw, you ought to deem fit the intended purpose or use of the hand saw.

Some saws, such as coping saws, are strictly for cutting tight curves in light woods and can also be used in carpentry tasks.

In addition, the type of log you want to cut will essentially determine the type of hand saw to purchase. The finishing of the project and the materials will propel you to choose a saw that befits the purpose of your work.

Therefore, different hand saw serves other purposes. Select a tool that aligns with the intention of your workshop or home tasks.

The Teeth Number

Teeth number is another pertinent factor to prioritize before choosing any saw for your task. Essentially, the saw’s teeth number will help you select the best hand saw for cutting logs.

And have a robust cut and finishing on your woods.  Therefore, the more teeth a saw has, the neater and spot-on amount it will produce.

Likewise, lesser teeth on a saw permit faster and precise log cutting. On the other hand, for more delicate cuts on logs, you would need a saw with different Teeth per Inch (TPI) compared to when you need rough cuts in woods.

Similarly, for softwood, endeavor to select a saw with fewer TPI, such as four to six teeth per inch, while a hardwood will require a saw with a higher number of TPI, such as eight to twelve.

The Length of the Saw

Different sizes and lengths accompany hand saws for your project—other range from six to twelve inches and twenty-two to 24 consecutively. Thus, the task at hand will compel you to choose a saw size or length that suits your project effortlessly.

Shorthand saws are typically designed for short strokes and long for long strokes. In addition, when using a long saw, entirely all of your arm range will be in motion. On the flip side, a short saw will only lead to a shorter arm in action when operating your hand saw. 

The Portability of the Saw

The comfort of your saw will largely depend on how portable your tool is. In most cases, when your tasks involve movement from one place to another. It would be best to consider a portable saw that is light in weight and can offer excellent work in any area.

So, if you are working at home or workshop, the size and portability of the saw might not be a significant factor to think of buying a hand saw. However, a small-sized saw will be efficient, mainly when your project entails movement.


The cost of a saw matters a lot. With various saws on the marketplace, picking the best hand saw for cutting logs might be a big challenge. , each tool comes with different features that make them priced differently.

Some hand saw might incorporate more complex traits that make them more efficient than others. In this case, such tools might be expensive compared to others.

However, let not price deter you from buying the best hand saw for your project. That means: always go for a tool that suits your budget and the need of your project. 

Tooth Style

Saws teeth style is another factor that will help you pick the right saw for your tasks. Therefore, not all projects will need a coping saw, rip saw, or crosscutting saw.

These saws have different cutting techniques. Thus, you must be aware of the cutting required in your tasks. Generally, tooth style is grouped into three genres.

They include Square Top style, consisting of a rip saw primarily used for down grain cutting of logs. Alternate Top Bevel (ATB) style incorporates cut-off saw and the Triple Chip style designed majorly for composite panels

5 Best Hand Saw for Cutting Logs

1. WilFiks 16″ Pro Hand Saw

WilFiks 16 Pro Hand Saw Best Hand Saw for Cutting Logs

WilFiks has come up with this hand saw for cutting logs to help you enjoy short wood or log cutting. This product is ideally made for precise cutting, including tenons, dovetails, and miters. It cuts materials such as plastic pipes, wood, wallboard, plywood, and more.

Additionally, if you are a woodworker, framer, or general contractor, WilFiks has got you covered. It has an Induction-hardened tooth that helps the tool maintain its sharpness for a longer time than the standard teeth. Also, this hardened tooth helps to produce quick, smooth, and sharp cut logs.

On top of that, it is characterized by an Anti-Slip Super Grip handle. This feature provides comfort and prevents the tool from slipping when work is in progress.

Also, its handle is more flexible because it can allow any hand size to use it. In addition, WilFiks consist of a thick body blade with 9 TPI carbon steel blades and 16- inch pro that help the tool deliver superior and excellent performance.

  • Suitable for woodworkers, contractors, and framers
  • Ideal for cutting wood, plastic, and plywood materials
  • It’s characterized by an Anti-Slip Super Grip Handle
  • Permits any hand size to use it
  • It has a 9TPI carbon steel blade and a 16-inch pro for maximum cutting experience
  • It’s tiny and thin and cannot be used for cutting large trees
  • It can easily break when used in heavy-duty cuttings

2. Corona 18-Inch Heavy-Duty Hand Sawding Mulch Biodegradable For Garden

Corona 18 Inch Heavy Duty Hand Saw Best Hand Saw for Cutting Logs

Go for this model if you are looking for a hand, saw with an 18-inch blade, and cut branches or logs with a 9-10 diameter. Corona has designed this tool with a triple-ground tooth.

Typically, this tooth leads to multi-faceted angle cutting that helps in wood removal. In addition, the efficiency of this tool is accelerated by the triple-ground tooth.

Furthermore, it comprises high SK5 steel blade carbon Japanese material that helps it surpass hardness season and high heat.  It is also the best product because it’s durable and convenient for use.

Therefore, if you want to achieve the best results when using Corona, remember to put a lot of pressure downward when pulling it. And calm a bit when pushing the saw forward during saw cutting.

The chrome smooth coating action also guarantees you a smooth cutting action and blade flexibility. Likewise, the efficiency of this product is much dependable on the chrome-plated blade incorporated into this product.

If you want to cut large limbs and branches, this hand saw might serve you the purpose flawlessly.

  • It is sharp and longer
  • Designed with a chrome-plated blade
  • It has an ergonomic handle
  • Characterized by a triple-ground tooth
  • It’s durable and convenient to use
  • Quite expensive
  • It lacks replaceable blades

3. Multi-Purpose 8, Folding Saw Wood Cutter

Multi Purpose 8 Folding Saw Wood Cutter Best Hand Saw for Cutting Logs

Several hand saws you have come across tend to break and bend when in use or after use. Therefore, the Home Planet Gear has developed this hand saw to provide a spotless experience when cutting logs or other materials. That means; this product is made up of premium materials that can’t bend, break or snap.

Similarly, it contains features such as an adjustable 8″ SK5 carbon steel blade and a medium-tooth, which provide leeway for cutting wood, PVC plastic, bone, and more.

Moreover, this tool is safe for use because it comes with a significant safety hazard. Thus it is made up of a dependable gear lock that primarily helps secure the open blade firmly.

In the same case, the folding camps are designed so that the saw blade can fit firmly and fully into the handle. This mechanism protects hand saw teeth from coming out or being seen when closed after work.

In addition, it consists of 9TPI super sharp cut razor teeth ideal for a pull cut sawing. Its sharpness helps to reduce friction and facilitate smooth and fast sawing.

  • It is a versatile tool
  • Designed with a ribbed rubber handle that hinders slippage
  • Made up of premium materials that can’t break easily
  • Designed with features such as adjustable 8″ SK5 carbon steel blade
  • It consists of folding camps ideal for protecting saw teeth when closed
  • It is super sharp and can cause harm when mishandled

4. Bahco 10-30-23 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw

Bahco 10 30 23 30 Inch Ergo Bow Saw Best Hand Saw for Cutting Logs 1

Bahco came up with this product to best suit the need of homeowners and campers. So, if you want a hand saw that could be used on rugged environments, farms, and construction sites, look for no other saw but Bahco.

This product comes with an ergonomic handle that offers tremendous comfort and safety when used.

Also, it is long, about 30 inches, and is typically made to cut green woods. Similarly, it is light in weight, therefore, suitable for outdoor and indoor log cutting.

You can also use it for as long as you want because it is made of high-quality steel tubing that chips in for its longevity and boosts performance.

Bahco made this saw with a pointed nose, which makes it unique and powerful than other saws. Therefore, the tapered nose primarily helps the user access tight areas such as gardening and roofing when cutting woods.

  • Designed with a lightweight frame
  • It consists of an ergonomic handle
  • Has pointed nose to access tight cutting areas
  • Suitable for use on rugged environments, construction sites, and farms
  • It is long
  • Quite costly
  • It can be tiresome when used continuously

5. Folding Hand Saw 10 Inches (black and white)

Folding Hand Saw 10 Inches black and white Best Hand Saw for Cutting Logs

This product from Gt-Blad is designed with a 10 inches replaceable blade. In addition, it is a versatile folding hand saw that can be used as a pruner for camping, landscaping, gardening, and more.

If you’re longing for a hand saw that cuts branches easily and is safest to carry, then this product is the best for you.

Likewise, it is characterized by a powerful, thickened blade (SK-5 Steel). And a hardened Triple-cut razor tooth that is sharp and efficient for cutting practices.

The handle, on the other hand, is made up of double color and is ergonomically designed. Additionally, the handle is designed with an Anti-slip soft grip, which ensures the tool’s efficiency.

Thanks to the scientific design included in this product. That means; it has a secure lock mechanism, which provides superior folding and fast, secure locking and unlocking of the saw system. This mechanism helps to keep the saw blades firmly when closing or opening the folding saw.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Non-slip handle
  • Safe lock system
  • 10-in long blade
  • Multi-purpose hand saw
  • It is incredibly sharp and can cause an accident when not handled properly


Hand saws for cutting logs are essential tools to have in your home and workshop. They are essentially designed to facilitate trimming and cutting of logs. You can also use them as a pruner for landscaping, gardening, and camping.

Therefore, go for the above models because they incorporate unique and convenient features. For instance, they’re light in weight, making them suitable and safe to carry. Some have pointed noses to help you initiate cutting, even in tight areas.

Based on the above products, the Multi-Purpose 8 Folding Saw Wood Cutter is the best in the market. This is because it contains 9TPI super sharp cut razor teeth ideal for a pull cut sawing.

Similarly, it is made up of a dependable gear lock that helps secure the open blade firmly. This product has achieved the above traits because it has sharp teeth to make a good cut and has the gear lock to open the blade firmly.