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Do Orange Trees Have Thorns? One Way to Find Out!

Do orange trees have thorns? The answer to this is yes. For sure, there are other questions you want answers to. Without further ado, let’s get into a brief explanation.

Orange is basically a type of citrus fruit and this family has been known not only for their pulps and juices, but also thin trees with thorns. And yes, orange is among those thorny citrus trees. These develop at the nodes, typically on canopy sprouts and rootstocks. But once the tree is mature, expect fewer amounts of spikes.

Do Lemon Trees Have Thorns? How to Pick Them?

Why do lemon trees have thorns? Are the fruits easy to pick even with thorns?

A lemon tree is a type of citrus tree that bears lemon fruits throughout the year. The fruit is among the favorite and commonly used in the kitchen for a lot of things. You can create a pitcher of ice cold, refreshing lemonade perfect for every summer. You can sprinkle some baked goods with lemon zests. It can be also used to marinade dishes, clean countertops and hydrate face. There are a lot of benefits of having a lemon tree!

How to Keep Raccoons Out of Garden – 6 Ways

Raccoons are one of the naughtiest and clever animals that gardeners face. They are not only fast runners and great climbers, but also smart creatures. They are nocturnal, which makes them difficult to deal with. So what should you do on how to keep raccoons out of garden?

Let’s learn some tips that you may (better should) apply to prevent these animals from getting their tummies filled and full.

When to Harvest and How to Ripen Strawberries

Strawberries are among the favorite fruits due to their juicy and delicious flavor. It would be a great idea to have your own strawberry field. When the harvest time comes around, picking them is very fun, I tell you. The question now is how to ripen strawberries or when’s the best time to harvest them?

Strawberries have three main varieties. The first one is called Day-Neutral as it is not sensitive to day length. It tolerates a temperature range from 35 to 85. It produces flowers, fruits and runners several times. The second one is Everbearer that produces buds during summer and some days in fall or autumn. The last variety is Junebearer, which is very sensitive to day length and produces flowers and fruits during spring.

Depending on the type, you may be picking strawberries in either spring or early autumn. While waiting, it’s important to monitor their buds and runners. Caring for the plant is basically how to ripen strawberries.

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