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5 Simple Steps on How to Get Rid of Nutsedge

If you’re searching for basic ways on how to get rid of nutsedge, look no further! This article focuses on the two nutsedge removal options. And if this is your first time to deal with this kind of weed, these suggestions are basic.

Nutsedge is often mistaken as grass rather than weed that should be removed immediately. Also known as nut grass, this weed is less easy to get rid of but can be prevented. It appears similar to ordinary grass with a blend of bladed yellow and green leaves and a purple or yellow spiky head.

A Brief Guide to Lawn Mower Repairs and Tips to Maintain Your Lawn Mowers

If you have your own lawn mower then you need to maintain the same. Lawn mowers basically trim or prune the garden grasses and these machines move through the garden surface, and collect the clutters from the garden or lawn. So after operating these lawn mowers for longer period, you may find some difficulty in their operation and you need to repair the machine from some reputed lawn mower repairs.

Firstly, you need to know about different kinds of lawn mowers available in the market. There are different strike cycles adjusted in these lawn mowers and you need to identify the mower whether it is an electric mower or it is a gasoline lawn mower.

5 Of The Most Efficient And Best Reel Mower You Can Get

Reeling it In

For those wanting the look of a clean, neat, striped and manicured lawn, then mowers are an absolute must. However, when the wide cutting widths of zero-turn mowers are overkill for your relatively small yard, then you might fare better with an efficient push-reel mower. Not only will you get a more compact mower that needs no fuel and subsequently emits no harmful fumes, but you’ll also be mowing your lawn in peaceful silence.

Hence, if you’re looking for your next mower, make sure you get the best reel mower. I’ve reviewed five of the best; from a small 14-inchmower to a big 18 inch which will be perfect or small to medium-sized properties. Take a look at them below as well as a helpful guide to choosing your next mower!

Quick look

Reel Mower Model

Wheel Size


Cutting Height / Width



8 ½ in


½ to 1 ½ in / 14 in

19 lbs

10 in


½ to 2 ¼ in / 16 in

28 lbs

8 ½ in


½ to 1 ½ in / 14 in

19.9 lbs

10 in


½ to 2 ½ in / 16 in

25.4 lbs

8-in front wheels


1 to 4 in / 18 in

52 lbs

How To Kill Clover? Easy Peasy, Promise!

In a magical world, clover would be sign of luck. But in reality, it’s a good indication of a lawn or soil problem. Before we discuss some ways on how to kill clover, let’s first address specifics.

Whenever you see clover start to appear in your yard, it suggests your lawn is in poor health. The levels of nitrogen in the soil may be very low. Clearly, there's a problem regarding the overall condition of the grass. Meanwhile, clover thrives in soil with low nitrogen levels.

Fortunately, finding clovers in your lawn can be a blessing in disguise. It can help you find and address the need to heighten the maintenance of your lawn or possibly replace it for good.

5 Of The Best Lawn Sprinkler For Healthy Grass

The Green Grass of Home

Regularly watering your lawn can be quite relaxing and cathartic, and of course, vital for green and healthy grass. However, it may stop being a joyful routine when you’ve got a large lawn with a lot of grass to cover. Additionally, our schedules may change and then become tighter.

So, though a few minutes of meditative watering may be useful every once and a while, you may not always have the time or energy to water your lawn manually. Therefore, you might just consider getting the best lawn sprinkler. Consequently, your grass will thank you by staying green and healthy.

However, unless you’ve got colossal properties in an unusually dry or drought-prone area, there’s no need to get complicated, in-ground, irrigation and sprinkler systems. These will take some time to install; will need professionals, and can be very expensive.

So, I’ve gone and researched are the best portable lawn sprinkler. With these kinds of sprinklers, all you’ll need to do is connect it to a standard garden hose, place in the middle of your lawn and then turn on the water – simulated rain for your dry grass.

Now, let’s take a quick gander at our top five.

A Quick Look

Lawn Sprinkler

Sprinkler Type

Spray Distance, radius

Coverage, up to


Nelson 1865 Raintrain


7.5 to 27.5 ft

13,500 sqft

Gilmour 196SPB Pattern Master


43 ft

5,800 sqft

Orbit 56667N Zinc Tripod


40 ft

5,500 sqft

Gardena 1975 Aquazoom


13 to 55 ft by 23 to 69 ft

301 to 3767sqft

Rain Bird 25PJDAC


20 to 41 ft

5,500 sqft