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What Animals Eat Hostas? The Culprits Who Love These Plants!!

What Animals Eat Hostas

Animals and Their Love for Hostas!

Hostas are a genus of the plant, also known as plantain lilies. They grow well in shade and foliage to any landscape. These are perennial plants that have a lot of variety in colors and sizes. The flowers are generally white, lavender, or violet in color and remain on the plant throughout the winters. In short, they are a perfect plant for any garden!

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How to Get Rid Of Henbit Without Any Fuss!!

How to Get Rid of Henbit

The Henbit Menace

Since a young age, I have loved plants of all kinds and spent a lot of time helping my mother in her gardening. When I could afford a house with a lawn, I was thrilled. I spent a lot of time planning and designing the garden. Soon, my garden was the envy of the neighborhood! Once in a while, I would come across some unknown plants in the lawn and didn’t bother about them.

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Why My Pothos Leaves Are Are Turning Yellow?

Why My Pothos Leaves Are Are Turning Yellow

Are you worried about your pothos plant and why they are turning yellow? This is one of the common questions many people get, who have pothos plant in there home. But apart from natural aging, what could be the reasons?

Pothos plant is also known as the Epipremnum aureum. This plant can grow up to 10 feet tall and often many colors are found in this plant including white, yellow, pale green in these heart-shaped leaves. But if the leaves turn yellow all over then you need to consider one of the reasons given below.

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What Eats Marigold? Pests or Animals? Solutions to Getting Rid of Them

What Eats Marigold

One of the common questions that came into your mind is “what eats marigold, which I planted to keep the pests away from eating other flowers?” One of the common flowers in every garden is marigold.

Everyone loves to plant a marigold tree because this flower can grow easily with a little care. Also, many people use it to keep many pests and insects away. But just like you, they are also unaware of the fact that there are some insects and pests out there that find the marigold tasty and amazing.

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