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Find How To Store Okra In The 4 Best Ways

Canning orka How To Store Okra

Okra Is More Than OK

Is it possible to be in love with a vegetable? When it comes to okra, I am! However, this is a new love. I found the slimy texture slightly off-putting at first but soon found that there is nothing to beat okra when cooked well. If you have been hesitant about eating okra, I would advise you to try.

The one problem I face with okra, though, is storing it. When I start harvesting it, I find that I have so much okra, and somehow after a few days, it does not taste as good as fresh ones. Even after gifting to neighbours, I am left with so much that I learned about storing it. Here are a few tips on how to store okra in the best ways to keep them tasting good for longer.

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10 of the Small Pumpkin Varieties You Can Easily Grow

Small Sugar Pumpkin Small Pumpkin Varieties You Can Easily Grow

Planning to plant pumpkins, but quite anxious because of your small garden space? Worry no more because small pumpkin varieties are here to save you from your struggle. Smaller pumpkins are truly game changing when it comes to gardeners who are living in the city with only a small amount of soil to plant with or a homeowners with limited space on their yard.

Some people say that having small pumpkins planted in the front or backyard garden is just for aesthetic purposes only, or in short, for decorations. Little do they know that having these wonderful plants can offer you not just a relaxation for the eyes and mind, but also some helpful health benefits after consumption that you can enjoy in the long run.

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Do You Want To Know What Does Sage Smell Like?

What Does Sage Smell Like


Do you like to use a lot of herbs in your cooking? One of the most popular and most commonly used herbs is Sage. Most people know this herb well and use it in a variety of ways. It is also well known for its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. In fact, its botanical name Salvia in Latin means to heal. It is easy to grow and does not require much care. If you are new to this herb, then you may wonder what does Sage smell like? Read on to learn more.

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Learn How to Grow Black Beans In 7 Easy Steps

How to Grow Black Beans

Black Beans Are The Best!

Do you like black beans for their taste or for the health benefits they offer? They have been a staple of North American diets for almost 7000 years. Black beans have a mildly sweet flavor with a nice texture and provide several vital nutrients and minimum sugar and fat. If you want to use it regularly, you can try to grow it yourself because it is easy to grow.

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