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11 of the Unique Carnivorous Houseplants to Check Out

Unique Carnivorous Houseplants Venus Flytrap Dionaea Muscipula

If you are looking for extraordinary and inquisitive carnivorous houseplants, this is a must read!

A carnivorous houseplant is not your ordinary flowering or leafy plant that usually depends on soil and water. Unlike other plants, this kind of plant must obtain tiny animals or insect matter to get all the nutrients it needs for its survival. Enticing insects with bright colors and sweet nectars are the way to captivate predators. When the victim lands on the plant, it is able to slowly digest and pull essential nutrients. However, keeping carnivorous houseplants alive needs a lot of effort.

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16 of the Black Vegetables For Your Garden

Black Vegetables For Your Garden Purple Potato

Are you planning to create a very unusual, impressive and eye-catchy garden? Why don’t you try growing black vegetables? Aside from being unique, they also contain high nutrients which are advantageous to your health. 

Planting black vegetables for your garden is similar to growing other kinds of plants. They need basic care, such as having sufficient sunlight, air, and rich soil, for them to grow and germinate. 

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How to Build A High Pressure Aeroponics System? Follow these 5 steps

How To Build A High Pressure Aeroponics System 2

What is Aeroponics?

Are you looking for alternative ways of growing plants? I have always loved gardening, but due to lack of space had to restrict my choices. One day, I met a person who was using aeroponics to grow plants. It was exciting, and I started to research more about it. I soon realized that aeroponics is one of the types of hydroponic systems. It works on a simple concept, though it is probably more technical than the other methods. I have been tinkering around with high-pressure aeroponic systems for a long time and have achieved excellent results.

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How Many Potatoes per Plant? 5 Things To Know!

How Many Potatoes per Plant

Potatoes are Special!

Don’t you love the crispy fries and mashed potatoes? Or, baked and roasted potatoes with herbs! Potatoes are mouthwatering and yummy in every way! I love potatoes in every way possible! We had potatoes growing in our grandfather’s farm, and my grandmother could churn out all kinds of delicious dishes with them. But, this kept me wondering, “ How many potatoes per plant yield?”

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