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6 Of The Best Hose Reel For Trim Hoses

Ironing at the Kinks

I remember getting a bad greenish gash on my left arm a while back. No, it wasn’t from some weird infection. Here’s what happened: I was having an otherwise lovely day in my yard when I, unfortunately, tripped on my garden hose and fell arms first into my uncut grass.

Amusingly, the length of my garden hose wasn’t even cluttering the yard but was in a neat and cleanly rolled pile. Still, I was there on the ground with a bad gash and chlorophyll coloring my skin.

I realized I needed a better way to store and maintain my garden hose. Fortunately, the best hose reel isn’t all that hard to find. What’s more, I could get one online and have it delivered right to my door!

I did have to do some research though. Let me tell you what I’ve learned and some of the best hose reel I’ve found! Here’s to no more kinks in the hose!​

The Hose Reel Buyer’s Guide

Hose reels have a straightforward function: Keep your garden house rolled up neatly and tucked away until you need it. Of course, you’ll need to make some considerations before you get one. Check out these factors below.

Best Hose Reel For Trim Hoses


The first thing you’ll need to consider is the length of your garden hose at home. Hose reel manufacturers typically design their products to only hold a specific length. Usually, you’ll find models that can hold anywhere from 125 feet to over 300 feet of hose.

What if you’re unsure about the total length of your garden hose and you don’t have hundreds of feet of measuring tape?

Simple: with a little creativity, some basic math, and a simple calculator you can estimate your hose’s length. You’ll need to roll up your hose into circular stacks and find the circle’s circumference.

Best Hose Reel For Trim Hoses

Here are the steps:

1. Remove any kinks and tangles from your house.

2. Roll up the length of your hose like you would normally when storing it but make sure to count every roll you make. Also, ensure the size of the rings you form are as identical in size as possible.

3. After rolling the entire length of the hose, lay the whole thing on the floor or ground in a neat pile.

4. With a tape measure, determine the approximate diameter of the rolled up rope. The diameter of a circle is the length of a line passing through the middle of the circle from one side to another. See the illustration below:

5. Once you have the diameter in feet, use it to find the circumference of the circle. The formula for a circle’s circumference is 3.14 (or pi) multiplied by the circle’s diameter.

6. Afterward, multiply the circumference by the number of rolls you made with the hose.

For example, let’s say you rolled your garden house 20 times to make a neat pile of stacked circles. Then you found the circle’s diameter to be 2 feet. Solving for the circle’s circumference by multiplying 3.14 to 2 will give you 6.28 feet.

You can then estimate the total length of your garden hose by multiplying the circumference to the number of rolls you made, which is 6.28 feet multiplied by 20.

The equation above will give you 125.6. Hence, you know now that your garden hose is roughly 125 feet long.

Build Material

Don’t ruin a robust and long-lasting garden hose with a cheap hose reel. Therefore, ensure that you get a hose reel comprised of high-quality materials. With a good eye, you’ll find great and durable hose reels whether they’re plastic or metal.


Best Hose Reel For Trim Hoses

The design of the hose reel will determine its mobility, features, and aesthetics, so it’s also an important element for you to consider.


Some hose reels feature lightweight frames or even wheels that allow you to bring it from one part of your yard to another.

Meanwhile, other hose reel designs would require you to mount them on a wall permanently. There are great choices from both kinds so choosing between them will largely depend on the size of your garden.

If you have a somewhat large yard, then a more portable hose reel would be best. However, for small and most average-sized properties, a mounted hose reel will do just fine.

Automatic Rewinding

An unnecessary yet valuable design element is a self-winding hose reel. This variant will automatically retract, with little to no human effort, your garden hose back into the reel and roll it up. These types of hose reels are especially useful when you or a family member have limited strength and mobility.

The automatic retraction will also be incredibly important when you have the habit of unspooling most or all of the length of your hose.


Hose reels, like the hoses themselves, shouldn’t just be all utilitarian. As garden hoses come in different colors and designs, the best hose reels will also cater to different tastes, especially if you are keeping to a particular theme or look in your garden.

For instance, some may choose a hose reel with a more modern or contemporary look while others may prefer an old-fashioned or classic design.


With any garden tool, the best hose reel must also be easy to operate and almost intuitive to use. This ease of operation should look at the assembly as well as in installation.

To get an idea of the installation of a mounted hose reel, you can check this assembly instructions document here.

Review of the Top Six Best Hose Reels

1 Suncast RSW125D Aquawinder


The first on our list is also at the top of this already fantastic list of hose reels: the Suncast RSW125D Aquawinder. With its unpretentious brown all-weather resin build, the Suncast RSW125D blends in perfectly with your garden fixtures especially if you choose to get the matching patio furniture.

However, as you’ll quickly realize, the Aquawinder is more than just a pretty-looking hose reel. It’s also a smart one. Inside this unassuming device is an automatic reel system that holds up to 125-feet of the standard vinyl hose.

Using water pressure, the Aquawinder will rewind your hose reel for you. You won’t even need batteries since the retraction system relies on water pressure!

Additionally, it’ll do this very neatly due to the automatic hose guide which will ensure even winding. Hence, all you’ll need to do Is hold the head of your hose, flip the switch on the side of the Aquawinder, and watch this smart hose reel retract the entire length of your hose for you.

Finally, you can say goodbye to manual winding as well as to the dirt and grass clippings that typically soil your hands when you do!

  • Fully automatic hose retraction system
  • ​Retraction system evenly rewinds hose
  • ​No batteries or electricity required
  • ​Durable all-weather build
  • ​You can potentially match this item with other patio furniture
  • 3-year limited warrant
  • Available in only one color
  • Only carries 125 feet of hose

2. Suncast CPLSSM200B


The next on our list also comes from the Suncast brand, the CPLSSM200B Swivel House Hideaway. Despite coming from the same brand and sharing the same material build (resin), the CPLSSM200B differs significantly from its sibling. The most noticeable difference is in their design.

The Suncast company colored the CPLSSM200B in light taupe with mocha trimmings which will subtly echo the familiar earth tones in your garden. Also, its makers designed this hose reel to be permanently fixed to the ground via stakes.

Once its base is firmly attached, you’ll quickly notice that the body of this hose reel is swiveling in the direction where you are pulling the head of the hose! This system makes handling your garden hose without any difficulty as it carries a hose capacity of about 225 feet!

Although the CPLSSM200B won’t automatically pull your hose back, it features the same Smart Trak retraction system found in the Aquawinder so you can be sure of an even winding on the real.

  • All-weather construction
  • ​Swivel system improves maneuverability
  • Reeling takes minimal effort​
  • ​Arrives fully assembled with stakes included
  • Has almost twice the hose capacity in comparison to the Aquawinder
  • No automatic retraction

3. Liberty Garden 704 Aluminum Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel


The Liberty Garden 704 Aluminum Wall Mount will be perfect for those who prefer a more classic touch to their hose reel. Capable of holding 125 feet of garden hose, this cast aluminum hose reel is also remarkably sturdy.

This durability most likely owes from its non-rust frame featuring brass and aluminum fixtures, which are then further edified by the all-weather powder coat finish.

You’ll also notice a convenient shelf on top of the reel itself which will be perfect for storing other garden tools, extra hose nozzles, or extra leader hoses.

Of course, having a classic design means this wall-mounted hose reel is also completely manual, so you’ll have to manually reel your hose in and out using the crank lever,

Finally, since this is a mounted hose reel, some installation may be required.

  • Pre-included leader hose
  • ​Heavy-gauge build
  • ​Galvanized fixtures as well as a powder coat finish
  • ​Includes a handy shelf
  • ​Limited 1-year warranty
  • Arrives assembled
  • Installation required

4. NeverLeak Side Mount 2388340


If you’re looking for a mounted hose reel, but you don’t prefer the classic feel of brass and metal, then the NeverLeak Side Mount Hose Reel will be ideal!

The NeverLeak holds up to 100 feet in garden hose and ships with a free leader hose. Like the previous hose reel, the NeverLeak is completely manual. However, you do have the advantage of the integrated hose guide which ensures that the hose neatly rewinds into the reel.

Lastly, you’ll also appreciate the clip at the bottom of the reel where you can hang and store the head of the hose. It’s a tiny detail, but it makes the NeverLeak look even neater.

  • Compact design
  • ​Easy installation
  • Integrated hose guide
  • Low hose capacity
  • Mostly plastic construction

5. Ames Hose Cart 2418900


The Hose Cart 2418900 from Ames steps up its mostly plastic construction with a durable and tough poly build which can then hold up to 175 feet in a garden hose.

Unlike the majority of plastic hose reels, the quality of the material in the Hose Cart, as well as its smooth design, quickly stands out among its competitors.

With a push cart design, the Ames Hose Cart will be ideal for larger yards where moving your hose and hose reel from one place to another is required. Ultimately, though, this hose reel system is also completely manual, so you’ll need a certain amount of effort to reel in your garden hose

  • Smooth and robust poly construction
  • ​Enhanced mobility
  • Pre-included leader hose
  • Some parts of the poly build, such as the crank, can be flimsy at times

6 Liberty Garden 870-M1-2


Lastly, we have the Liberty Garden 870 M1-2 Industrial Hose Reel Cart. It’s a mouthful, I know, but if you need a hose reel that can carry 300 feet of garden hose as well as service a very large property, then this is the hose reel for you.

This industrial hose reel cart sports 13 gauge steel construction under a powder coated finish. Hence, the 870 will endure any weather you put it through.

Additionally, manufacturers designed this hose cart to have a low center of gravity which keeps it from tipping. They also added in four 10-inch pneumatic tires for stability, and traction even in wet conditions.

If you think all these features are promising, you’ll be even more excited about this product’s limited lifetime warranty.

  • Extremely durable construction
  • ​Large hose capacity
  • ​Heavy-duty use
  • ​Non-slip handle on the swivel
  • ​Leader hose included
  • ​Limited lifetime warranty
  • ​Improved mobility and stability
  • Relatively heavy
  • Manual reel