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5 Best Lawn Aerator for 2023 – Buying Guide and Review!

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Lawn maintenance is demanding, and there is no doubt about that. Grass needs to be watered, mowed, and weed regularly to keep it lush and thriving.

If bare spaces persist despite your efforts, the compacted soil can probably be the culprit. The compactness occurs when the soil pockets are empty, and air, nutrients, and water cannot circulate the roots anymore.

It is standard on the lawns that receive more foot traffic and heavy clay soil. The solution can be the lawn aerators that create space for water and air to reach the roots of the lawn. This may be the key to unlock the door to greener pastures.

These aerators come with an ergonomic padded grip and adjustable handle, which provides added comfort to the user. Some are coated with a metallic powder that can make them last for long without rusting.

Likewise, lawn aerators have flexible plastic wheels that move smoothly on various types of grass. Also, the spikes allow vegetative growth by separating roots, making the lawn look healthier and better.

Besides, they come with a removable grass box and the flexible soft-grip handle, ensuring convenient storage. If you want the best lawn aerators, continue reading this article.

Brinly 40 Inch Tow Behind Plug Lawn PA 40BH Aerator Best Lawn Aerator 2
Brinly 40 Inch Tow Behind Plug Lawn PA 40BH Aerator via

Types Of Lawn Aerators

Push aerators

They work best in the small areas, particularly those with the obstacles such as trees that need to be a little thinner to navigate. Also, they have spikes and no hollow tines, making them best for non-compaction lawns.

Slightly harder to find, the push aerators require more force to push the spikes into the ground. If you aim to break up compacted soil, choose a handheld or tow behind the plug aerator.

Handheld aerators

The handheld aerator models work best on small lawns. They are available as spike and plug. A double handle grip and a sturdy foot platform allow the gardeners to step on top of the tool to push hollow spikes or tines into the soil across the whole lawn.

The handheld aerators require extra physical effort and more time but will work.

Goplus Heavy Duty 18 inch Rolling Lawn Aerator Best Lawn Aerator 2
Goplus Heavy Duty 18 inch Rolling Lawn Aerator via

Tow behind aerators

If you have the riding lawn aerator, you possibly have a big lawn. Because of this, the tow behind aerators may be helpful. You need to attach the aerator to a tow hitch and cover a large amount of soil quickly. To go deeper, the tow behind aerators has the tray above the tines to offer extra weight.

Aerator shoes

They are very popular and offer a creative way to aerate the lawn without damaging it regularly. Likewise, they are fitted with spikes, which you can walk with over the yard. They are not full shoes, but the bases can be adjusted and fix the spikes to the garden shoes.

Factors To Consider When Buying the Lawn Aerator


Durability becomes the crucial factor when buying the lawn aerator. The lawn aerators are particularly rough to use because the landscapers set them deep in the ground.

Because of this, the construction material becomes the crucial thing to consider. Typically, the best model uses stainless heat-treated or galvanized steel for the blades or spikes, which dig into the soil.

These tough materials are resistant to rocks, rust, and other terrains, which are rough. Also, consider the design of the tow-behind aerator. Powder-coated trays, frames, and other components are resistant to rust and aerate the lawn for many years.

Yard size

When you want to buy the best lawn aerator, you need to consider the yard size. Like a step-on or shoe style design, manual aerators need the users to push the spikes on the soil repeatedly and pull again.

Craftsmanship may be allowable for small yards, but the more extensive lawns will likely require the tow-behind models. The powered models are more suitable for large properties; however, the setup can take some minutes.

Users need to connect the aerator to a tractor and then place the correct weight to allow the spikes to penetrate the soil.

Weight and mobility

Balancing the weight and mobility can be difficult when considering the lawn aerator. Typically, the aerator must be bulky enough to penetrate the soil.

Alternatively, a bulky one can be hard to control and may not be very useful. A large tow-behind aerator can weigh above 90 pounds, making it easy to dig into the ground.

However, they are difficult to maneuver around the flowerbeds, and installing them may not worth it. For small yards, the lighter manual option may be the best.

These models usually weigh less than five pounds, which makes them easy to take off. Also, they are incredibly mobile and can work on most small lawns.

Soil types

Likewise, you do not want to buy a commercial-grade aerator for small and loose soil. It can even damage delicate flower beds, given that you are not careful. Choose the aerator based on the lawn size and the soil type treated in your yard.

Likewise, you do not want to buy a commercial-grade aerator for small and loose soil. It can even damage delicate flower beds, given that you are not careful. Choose the aerator based on the lawn size and the soil type treated in your yard.

Spike length

Even though many spikes are set to go deep, you cannot need something profound than you initially think of. If you live in the rental property, it is recommended to discuss the garden composition with the owner, as this can give you an idea of the lawn type you are working on.

If you live on your property, you should have a picture of the house you are dealing with. And if you are not sure, always wait a little longer because there is nothing worse than buying the lawn aerator, which is not working.

Design and style

Aesthetics does not matter much with the lawn aerators. However, the design and style determine what they are best suited for.

For instance, the sandal-shaped aerators are ideal for those who want to be active in the garden, have no mobility problems, and want to spend time walking on the lawn.

Also, the sandals are great for small yards or areas that require maintenance. For large yards or people who may not have the energy to walk through the garden manually, it is best to choose the drum style. It looks like a big drum or wheel and has many spikes for optimal penetration.

Manual or electric powered

This becomes the essential factor to consider when buying the lawn aerator. If you choose the manual model, it requires a physical effort when working with it.

On the other hand, it can be the best choice for people who are in relatively good condition and have a small area to cover.

You can select the spike shoes, spike, and plug fork to aerate the lawn manually. A powered aerator is the best option for highly compact, medium, or extensive soils.

5 Best Lawn Aerator

1. VonHaus Corded 15″ 2-in-1 12.5 Amp Lawn Aerator

VonHaus Corded 15 2 in 1 12.5 Amp Lawn Aerator Best Lawn Aerator


VonHaus has come up with this lawn aerator model, which can offer the solution for healthy and lush grass. It is 2-in-1, where it has a separate aerator and dethatcher drum, making it multi-functional.

There is a 12.5A motor that can help to lift the organic debris from the lawn and perforates the soil to promote healthy grass growth.

The product has a working width of 15″, making it suitable for mid-sized and small and lawns. On the other hand, it comes with a thermal 2-stage, and cut-out safety starts to ensure safe operation.

Thanks to the adjustable height depths, which you can choose with the help of a manual lever to facilitate all-season lawn maintenance.

There is no need for manual raking because you can only attach a collection box for easy disposal and gathering of the lawn debris. I really appreciate the removable grass box and the folding soft-grip handle that can ensure convenient storage.

You will get a built-in carry handle, which can provide easy transportation. Equally important, it has a dimension of 23″ L x 55″ D x 40″ H and a capacity of 45L.

  • Adjustable height depths
  • Thermal 2-stage and cut-out safety start offer safe operation
  • It promotes a healthy grass growth
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Convenient to dispose of and gather lawn debris
  • It offers efficient operation
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is lightweight
  • Dethatcher shuts off constantly
  • Poor customer service

2. Brinly 40-Inch Tow-Behind Plug Lawn PA-40BH Aerator

Brinly 40 Inch Tow Behind Plug Lawn PA 40BH Aerator Best Lawn Aerator


If the clay-rich or heavily compacted soil is choking the lawn, then this lawn aerator can be the best solution to ensure healthy and lush grass.

It comes with 24 heat-treated and 16-gauge steel plugging spoons, penetrating the compacted soil to remove 3-inch plugs of soil to allow water, fertilizer, and seed to reach the roots. The plug design is narrow with sharpened ends that can require less weight and ensure easier penetration.

It comes with a durable and all-steel material that can hold about 150 pounds for added weight to ensure maximum soil depth and penetration.

Tines are heat-treated to facilitate strength. In the same case, it has no flat wheels to enable durability. The rigid and fully enclosed tray provides maximum support and durability for extra tray weights.

The product comes with large treaded wheels and a single transport lever that can make crossing walkways and driveways simple.

Thanks to the universal hitch pin and 2-piece steel drawbar, which can easily attach to the lawn tractors, permitting you to plug aerates the yard from the lawn tractor seat.

Also, it has three independently rotating and welded tine sections that reduce turf damage during a turn and offer consistent penetration on rough ground.

  • Weight tray provides maximum support and durability
  • The wheels make crossing walkways and driveways simple
  • Aerate and relieve compacted soil
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple to assemble
  • Promotes healthy growth
  • Suitable for the open spaces
  • Terrible if you want to disengage or engage a lot.

3. Goplus 18-inch Heavy-Duty Rolling Lawn Aerator

Goplus 18 inch Heavy Duty Rolling Lawn Aerator Best Lawn Aerator


Many people go for this lawn aerator product from Goplus because you need to roll the aerator and loosen the soil.

It is easy to use and assemble because you only need to refer to detailed instructions and connect the hardware parts included using the standard tools. In a like manner, it is lightweight, which can make it easy to transport.

The product is effortless to use because you only need to roll it over your lawn, and the soil can get aerated deeply. It is easy to use and durable because it has steel material, stable and smooth, and the rolling parts are plastic on both sides.

The handle has a 50”, and the roller has a diameter of 6″, which can ensure less effort and high efficiency of work.

There are sharp spikes that drive into the lawn very deep to allow easy access to air, nutrients, and water. I really appreciate the flexible and solid plastic wheels, which can quickly roll on different turfs.

This can keep your lawn green and lush for many years. Likewise, the handle is wrapped with ergonomic and rubber on the upper end to ensure comfort when rolling.

  • Sharp spikes allow easy access to water, air, and nutrients
  • Easy to operate
  • The rubber on the handle offers comfort when rolling
  • Flexible plastic wheels ensure stability and smoothness
  • Easy to use
  • Portable and useful
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Soften the soil and leave large spaces for expansion and breathe
  • Adds vibrancy and beauty to your yard
  • It does not work except you have the flat grass surface

4. Hattomen 11 Amp Electric Lawn 12-Inch Aerator

Hattomen 11 Amp Electric Lawn 12 Inch Aerator Best Lawn Aerator


Are you looking for a lawn aerator that is ideal for aerating small and mid-sized lawns? Then go for this model from Hattomen because it has a scarifier function, cutting grassroots for healthier and thicker growth lawns.

In all honesty, it comes with an 11-amp motor and 12-inch blade that can improve large-size metal steel to allow efficient cutting.

There is a collection box with a large-capacity grass of 8 gallons to harvest about 95% grass. This product has a four working depth and a central height adjustment system that can adapt to the lawns of various heights.

It comes with a double safety switch, which can ensure a safe start, and has a lever handle that is easy to manipulate and grasp.

I appreciate the high-quality, durable, and lightweight plastic material that can be easy to maneuver around. Thanks to the air-boost technology, which can maximize the thatch pickup with the spring steel tines, which stay sharp longer to ensure reliable performance.

Likewise, no oil, gas, or tune-ups needed can make it easy to maintain and start.

  • A 12-inch blade and 11-amp motor ensure efficient cutting
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • It is maintenance-free
  • Easy to install
  • The lever handle makes it easy to manipulate and grasp
  • Spring steel tines ensure reliable performance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to control
  • It is very safe
  • It encourages the growth of healthier and thicker turf
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • It is very flimsy

5. Agri-Fab 48-Inch 45-0299 Tow Plug Lawn Aerator

Agri Fab 48 Inch 45 0299 Tow Plug Lawn Aerator Best Lawn Aerator 2


​Everyone who wants his house to be surrounded by a green and luxurious lawn can go for this model. It comes with the 32 galvanized knives to make your move more profound in the ground.

This will make the soil get loose to make it easy for oxygen, nutrients, and water to be diffused into the soil’s pores. Thanks to the galvanized steel material, which can help to inhibit rusting to ensure continued use in every season.

It comes with a compact size design, making it easy to push even on rough terrain using a tractor. There are simple-to-use transport cantilever handle that can make raising and lowering easy.

Thanks to the universal hitch that easily attach to every lawn tractor. The sections are also convenient to assemble, because it has the manual, which has the full pictorial and part break down instructions.

Even more, it has the weight tray that can provide support and durability for extra tray weights.

  • The plants and grass grow more splendidly and rapidly
  • Weight tray provides support and durability
  • Easy to assemble
  • It has a compact size
  • Galvanized steel construction inhibit rusting
  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to pull behind
  • It is not strong enough


When aerating the lawn, you need to loosen the soil so that air can penetrate the soil’s surface and reach the grassroots. Also, aeration allows the nutrients and water to penetrate the soil, increasing the nutrition of the lawn, which in turn stimulates growth.

This means you need lawn aerators penetrating the ground, leaving space for water, fertilizer, and air to penetrate deep. They have thick metal spikes, which dig into the ground efficiently and quickly.

You can easily assemble them because the instructions show how it is supposed to be done. Go for the above products because they have unique features.

The best-selling one is Brinly 40-Inch Tow-Behind Plug Lawn PA-40BH Aerator because it comes with a durable and all-steel material that can support added weight for maximum soil penetration.

Likewise, it has large treaded wheels that can make the crossing walkways and driveways simple. This product has satisfied the above factors because it has the steel material that can ensure maximum stability and has large treaded wheels, making the walkways and driveways simple.