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5 Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills [Reviews]

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Regular mowing is crucial because it will keep your grass short and greatly enhance the property’s beauty. But mowing may seem a challenging and excruciating task for many people.

This is particularly true if you have a large garden with uneven and hilly surfaces that need to be mowed. But do not be crazy because there is a solution for this.

The riding lawn mowers for hills are the suitable machines, which are the most powerful and heavy-duty equipment for mowing grass up hills. They come with a deck lifting system that can provide precision cutting height.

You can easily and quickly access it by adjusting the back seat. Thanks to the powerful motor that can make them easy to tackle a large yard with rugged terrain.

Raven MPV7100 Riding Hybrid Lawn Mower - Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills
Raven MPV7100 Riding Hybrid Lawn Mower – via

The sturdy steel construction also makes them durable and long-lasting. Likewise, these riding lawn mowers for hills have a compact design, making them easy to store in a garage or shed without taking up much space.

The adjustable steering lever makes it easy to use, and there are armrests and back seats that can enhance comfort. Besides, they have wheels, which can facilitate mobility in different areas. If you want the best riding lawn mowers for hills, continue reading this article.

Types Of Riding Lawn Mower for Hills

1. Rear engine lawn mower

This riding lawn mower for hills has an engine at the back, which is slightly inferior to the front motor. You have to sit on the engine that makes it uncomfortable for the rider.

Also, the engine is small, which delivers less power. This mower is suitable for the average lawn owners and buyers on a tight budget.

2. Front engine lawn mower

Consumers mainly use this type of type of riding lawn mower for hills. Usually, it has a solid engine to carry out mowing activities in the hilly areas. Versatility and a wider deck are the main features. Those people with large areas prefer using it.

3. Zero-turn lawn mower

The zero-turn lawn mower is among the Mercedes riding lawn mowers. It has an engine on both sides, i.e., rear and front. It is generally faster, cleaner, and can rotate at zero rpm by starting the engine on the other side.

Many landscape professionals and enthusiasts prefer it. Having two engines on both sides makes it extra costly.

Factors To Consider When Buying the Riding Lawn Mower for Hills


The riding lawn mowers, which are heavier, can mow hills better. If the tool is heavier, it will be more stable because you require stability when cutting grass hills.

The bigger the mower, the heavier it is. Also, large models are often expensive. If you want a mower and you don’t have enough money, don’t worry. You can find a relatively heavy mower of all sizes.


The deck becomes the most critical factor when buying the riding lawn mower for hills. This is where the blades are housed.

There are several considerations when looking for the best deck. It is supposed to have durable steel material. Find the best steel gauge model you can afford.

The deck can also have two or three blades. Large decks typically have more blades, and if the mower has more of them, it will cut grass faster.

The one with the large deck may not be better. Choose the one with the size, which best fits your garden. If you have a small garden, a small deck is fine. 

The size of the mower

In general, if the mower is large, it will be more expensive. Also, larger mowers are often more challenging to control than smaller ones.

However, smaller lawnmowers take longer to complete the mowing project. For this reason, you need to consider your daily workload and see if you need a large or a small mower.

Troy Bilt 30 Inch Premium Neighborhood 382cc Riding Lawn Mower - Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills
Troy Bilt 30 Inch Premium Neighborhood 382cc Riding Lawn Mower – via

Engine power

The engine’s power affects the grass cutting speed, performance, and fuel consumption of the mower. The mowers with powerful engines can cut through thick vegetation easily and even work on tree trunks.

Also, they make the mower much faster, which means you can do more cutting jobs in less time. The problem that the powerful engines consume more fuel, which is hard to make a profit.

Safety feature

When using the riding lawn mower for hills, safety is paramount. Steep hills and banks can be dangerous. You are supposed to have a lawn mower that can handle steep hills and also protect you. The mower with the low center of gravity is unlikely to fall off.

Flipping becomes the primary cause of injury when cutting grass on the hills. These riding lawn mowers do not have the rollbar except in a car.

Instead, choose one, which is strong enough to remain right side up. Likewise, consider a self-propelled lawn mower because they have the safest option. 

Engine size

When cutting grass up the hill, the mower will be working against gravity. So, you need a powerful engine with good size to make the job well done.

The size must range between 190 and 800 cubic meters to give you enough options. This is because the size and slope of your garden will determine the power of the engine you need.

So, using a lawn mower with a powerful motor is essential. Other considerations, such as the cooling system and efficient oil filter, are important and determine the engine’s life.

Center of gravity

When it comes to flipping over, those with a high center of gravity are more likely to have this problem. The rear engine mowers usually have a lower center of gravity because of the engine position, which is the important part of the mower.

Tractors, in contrast, have a high center of gravity. That does not mean there aren’t great tractor-type riding lawn mowers for hills in the market. Therefore, you must be careful when buying one.


The riding lawn mower for hills, like other achiness, needs to be user-friendly. You need to pay much attention to aspects such as ease of starting and maneuverability of the mower.

It should also be easy to assemble. Besides, look for a model that can perform various tasks like side, release, mulching, and packing to make it worthwhile.


The ability to turn is essential regardless of terrain type. When working on the slope, turning may become more complex. When you choose a riding lawn mower for hills, consider the space you’ll need to turn when mowing the garden.

Reading user reviews and product descriptions is the best way to learn more about your mower’s turning radius. Keep in mind that the zero-turn lawn mowers offer good maneuverability but not safe for use on the hills.


Transmission is the crucial factor you need to consider when buying the riding lawn mower for hills. Its objective is to send the power of the engines to the wheels. Typically, it comes in different forms, mainly automatic and manual.

The manual form is much more reliable and cheaper. The problem is that changing gears is done every time, which is irritating, mainly when mowing the grass on steep hills. Because of this, many people choose to buy lawn mowers with automatic transmission. 


You need to choose a powerful engine that eliminates waste efficiently and quickly. Some safety features must be in place to keep the engine in top condition at all times. There are some riding lawn mowers for hills, which have low maintenance, making them the best choice.

5 Best Riding Lawn Mower for Hills

1. Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Briggs & Stratton Riding Lawn Mower

Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Briggs Stratton Riding Lawn Mower Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills


This riding lawn mower for Husqvarna can take performance, comfort, and productivity to another level. It comes with a 27-HP Briggs endurance engine, which can provide high ground speeds and reliable startups.

Thanks to the individual and hydraulic wheel-drive that can give precise maneuvering and lets the lawn mower rotate around the axis without turning the radius.

This model has rubber isolators, which can separate the mower from the frame with less operating fatigue. You will get an ergonomic seat that can support you while riding for extended shifts.

This will make you astonished at how comfortable you will feel on your back while sitting. In the same case, it has a deck lifting system, which can ensure easy and quick adjustment.

I appreciate the hour meter because it can indicate when it is the right time to service the mower. The nine-bushel collection system is paramount because it can increase versatility and productivity.

Installing or removing within some minutes is easy with the unique design. On the other hand, it comes with an 11-gauge steel cutting deck, which can offer an excellent cut of 54 inches. 

  • Easy and simple to adjust
  • The engine provides high ground speeds and reliable startups
  • The foam-padded hand grips offer comfortable mowing
  • It increases versatility and productivity
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to install and remove within some minutes
  • Comfortable to ride
  • The hydraulic wheel-drive provides precise maneuvering
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty
  • Easy to use
  • Delivers efficient performance
  • The engine is somehow noisy

2.  Troy-Bilt 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood 382cc Riding Lawn Mower

Troy Bilt 30 Inch Premium Neighborhood 382cc Riding Lawn Mower Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills


The Troy-Bilt model is ideal for the standard land owners with relatively even terrain and a medium-sized landscape. It is equipped with a comfortable and mid-back seat, which can mow a lawn easily in every season.

Maneuvering is made easy with the help of a turning radius of 18 inches. In a like manner, this machine comes with a manual power take-off, which can offer easy and fast blade engagement.

There is a 30-inch cutting deck that features five adjustable settings to benefit the standard riding mower with a wide cut.

Thanks to the larger rear wheels of 16 x 6.5 inches and the front wheels of 13 x 5 inches, which can make it durable and facilitate movement. Its compact size help to make it easy to store in a shed or garage.

This riding lawn mower for hills has a powerful OHV 382cc engine built to provide good performance and last long.

It comes with a 1.3-gallon tank and a fuel sight window that can allow you to check the gas level. Also, there is a 2-year limited warranty and extensive coverage, giving you the durability you can expect.

  • The engine provides clean performance
  • Easy to store
  • The manual power take-off ensure fast and easy blade engagement
  • It has a compact size
  • The wheels are durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to navigate around the yard
  • The seat offer added comfort
  • It comes with a warranty
  • The turning radius is very wide

3.  Craftsman Briggs & Stratton T225 Gas-Powered Riding 19 HP Lawn Mower

Craftsman Briggs Stratton T225 Gas Powered Riding 19 HP Lawn Mower Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills


Are you looking for an excellent riding lawn mower that can mow uneven terrain quickly? Go for this tool from Craftsman because it has a powerful gas engine, which can be suitable for a larger yard job. For one thing, it comes with a ready start technology that can provide an efficient and quick start.

Similarly, it has a 46-inch cutting deck, which can save you time when cutting, clipping, and trimming grass in just one quick sweep.

Maneuvering the mower out and in of the trouble spots is made possible with the help of the mower-in-reverse. There is a high-back cushioned seat that provides a smooth and optimum comfort when riding.

The mower has 20-inch rear wheels and 15-inch front wheels, ensuring long-lasting, easy maneuvering around the yard and better clearance. The added traction of these wheels prevents the mower from skidding or slipping.

Also, it can handle rough terrain easily and cannot damage the lawn in the process. Likewise, it comes with a 5-inch tight turning radius that can make cutting grass around the obstacles easy.

  • A high-back seat ensure a smooth ride
  • The wheels offer long-lasting maneuvering
  • Ready start technology ensures a quick and efficient start
  • The deck wash offer easy underside cleaning
  • The tires prevent damaging sod or skidding
  • It has a warranty
  • Easily handle the rough terrain
  • Comfortable high-back seat
  • Easy to use
  • Bagger is sold separately

4.  Ryobi 38-Inch 100 Ah RY48111 Riding Lawn Mower

Ryobi 38 Inch 100 Ah RY48111 Riding Lawn Mower Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills


If you want a riding lawn mower, which can handle the hills with an incline of 10-15%, then go for this model from Ryobi.

It comes with a brushless engine that can deliver a promising performance and power without any hassle. Likewise, this model virtually needs no maintenance after keeping the blade sharp and charging the battery.

I appreciate a 38-inch cutting deck because it can provide the best coverage for the rear-engine mower. With a turning radius of 16 inches, it is easy to maneuver the mower in tight spaces. It can run for about 2.5 hours when fully charged, making it excellent when handling small and mid-sized lawns.

The gas motor has 70 dB, which is quieter, making it more pleasant when cutting the lawn any time of the day without worrying that you are irritating the neighbors.

You will get the adjustable mid-back seat, which can provide plenty of room when operating the machine. What is more, the compact design makes it easy to store in a garage or shed without taking much space.

  • The motor provides superior power
  • Runs super quietly
  • The mid-back seat is adjustable
  • It is compact enough
  • Easy to maneuver even in tight spaces
  • It provides promising performance
  • Low maintenance
  • It does not have the gas fumes
  • It comes with a warranty
  • Can handle the hills with 10 to 15% incline
  • Can mow when reversing
  • After sometimes the battery will develop some problems

5.  Raven MPV7100 Riding Hybrid Lawn Mower

Raven MPV7100 Riding Hybrid Lawn Mower Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills


This riding lawn mower from Raven is among the best models that make it a breeze to mow around and on the hills.

It comes with a 7100-watt generator that can power the blades, outlets and also charge the batteries. Thanks to the front off-road style suspension and shocks, which is a serious workhorse for fun.

The mower has a turning radius of 14″ and a transport speed of 17 mpg that can make it easy to maneuver in tight turns.

There is a comfortable seat, which can make riding the mower for extended periods relaxed. In like manner, it comes with a light steering wheel that can help to prevent fatigue in the wrists and hands.

I appreciate a 46-inch deck, which can allow you to cut more grass in just some minutes. It has a mulch, discharge, and vacuum option that assist in making a clean-up easier.

The rear wheel drives are very crucial because they offer excellent handling and traction. Even more, it has built-in headlights, which can ensure optimum mowing conditions any time of the night or day.

  • Optimum mowing conditions day and night
  • The rear-wheel-drive ensures excellent handling and traction
  • It cut grass easily
  • Easy to maneuver in tight turns
  • The seat is comfortable to sit for long
  • Easy to clean
  • The generator is ideal for multi-purpose
  • Easy to maintain
  • It is fun and fast
  • It has no customer service


Using the riding lawn mowers for hills makes it easy to mow the grass easier in the hilly garden. This means they are a significant investment, where everyone with a lawn on uneven terrain needs to have them.

But you need to be careful when buying one because of the many models in the market. For instance, it must have a powerful engine to meet rugged terrain when cutting grass.

The best-selling one is Ryobi 38-Inch 100 Ah RY48111 Riding Lawn Mower because it has a powerful engine that can deliver a promising performance without any hassle.

This product has attained the above factors because it has a power engine, which can provide good mowing power and comes with a 16-inch turning radius to maneuver in tight spaces easily. Likewise, it comes with a turning radius of 16 inches, making it easy to operate even in tight spaces.