23 of the Top Garden Plants with Large Flowers

Large Flowers Dahlia

The saying “the bigger the better’ is somewhat true and the same goes to large flowers. Plants with flowers are a great attraction to any surrounding. These tend to give more color and better structure to a specific spot, including a dinner table. So, imagine the attention large flowering plants get. The beauty of any large flower makes a garden stand out.

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How Fast Does Ivy Grow – 4 Things You Need To Grow It Indoors

How Fast Does Ivy Grow And 4 Things You Need To Grow It Indoors

Do you picturise ivy lusciously growing up along the sides of the wall when you think about an ancient cottage? If yes, welcome to the club! I love these plants for their heart-shaped leaves that come in a variety of colors.

Nevertheless, despite its beauty, the Ivy is generally considered an invasive plant due to its rapid growth. If left unattended, it can smother a building, cover any tree, fence, or just about anything else it encounters.

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13 of the Frost Tolerant Vegetable Plants

Frost Tolerant Vegetable Plants Swiss Chard2

Are frost tolerant vegetable plants really possible to grow in a home garden? Yes, absolutely!

A vegetable garden in a yard is a great place to spend some “me” time or de-stress on a hot spring and summer days. Lots of vegetable varieties can be planted under the scorching heat of the sun, which is beneficial for the growth of most plants. But a growing vegetable garden does not have to end when the cold season begins. You can still grow fall and winter plants that can withstand cold weather and sometimes even snow.

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What Is the Resurrection Plant? 7 Interesting facts About It

What Is the Resurrection Plant rose of jericho

The Miracle Plant

I was a child when I first came across this incredible plant in my grandparents’ house. They had left their plants unattended for a couple of months. All the plants had withered without water, and there was nothing we could do to save them except for this one plant, which my grandmother insisted could come alive. She called it the resurrection plant and kept it in water overnight. Imagine my surprise the next morning when I saw it looking green and fresh!

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17 of the Best Fragrant Flowers for Pots

Best Fragrant Flowers for Pots Peony

What are the best, beautiful, fragrant flowers for pots that you can grow?

Many people like to see colorful flowers, especially if they are fragrant blooms. A beautiful flower becomes more attractive when its scent is as good as it looks. Having this kind of plant in your garden makes it more impressive and alive as it attracts many pollinators like bees and butterflies.

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