Gardening in Arizona – 10 Ultimate Tips for The Beginners

Gardening in Arizona


Arizona is the kind of place that can give even the people known to have a green thumb a hard time. With temperatures soaring high, you might end up killing your plants more quickly than you usually would in most other places. However, that doesn’t mean gardening in Arizona is impossible. If you do find a place with a beautiful space for the garden, there is still hope! You can grow fruits, vegetables, and even try your hands at landscaping.

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How to Water A Poinsettia So You Don’t Kill It? 10 Essential Tips

How to Water A Poinsettia

How to Water A Poinsettia?

Euphorbia pulcherrima is a beautiful shrub native to Central America. But most people know this as the humble poinsettia without which a Christmas floral arrangement feels incomplete. One of the popular houseplants that tells “Christmas” with a burst of colors is the poinsettia. Though we do place it in floral displays, did you know that the red flower-like parts on the plant are just leaves? It is this interesting foliage of this plant that makes it extra special.

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Does Baking Soda Raise or Lower pH? Find Out in 5 Easy Ways!

Does Baking Soda Raise or Lower pH

What is the pH Level?

Let us first understand what pH is! The term pH means the power or potential of hydrogen has which can make a solution acidic or no-acidic. When we say non-acidic we mean alkaline. Baking soda is substance with alkalinity. When you mix it with any acid, it transforms the pH level. This is the reason why, when you have an upset stomach; it can quickly give you relief!!

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What Kind of Light Bulb Do I Need to Grow Plants Indoors?

What Kind of Light Bulb Do I Need to Grow Plants Indoors

Are you looking to grow plants indoor? Every growth phase requires light, be it for sprouting, flowering, fruiting, etc. How to make sure if your plants get all the light throughout their growth cycle? Installing a solarium or having a greenhouse attached to your home can sure burn a hole in your pockets. Having south-facing windows can be of help. However, not every house is designed, keeping in mind indoor gardening requirements.​

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