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When Do I Put My Seedlings Under Light? Follow 7 Easy Steps

When Do I Put My Seedlings Under Light 1

Starting Seedlings

Do you love gardening? Having a garden full of flowers and vegetables can bring pleasure, but it is even more pleasurable when you start with the seeds and prepare these plants' seedlings. Is it hard to grow the plants right from the seeds stage? As a beginner, you need to learn as much as you can before taking this step. When I first decided to start planting the seeds and seedlings, I did not have much idea. A friend told me to put the seedlings under light, and all I could ask him was, when do I put my seedlings under light, even though I did not know why the seedlings had to be put under the lights.

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Learn Now, What Is The Difference Between Soil And Dirt

What Is The Difference Between Soil And Dirt

Soil vs Dirt

One day while in the garden, I told my son not to dig a hole in the soil and, sometime later, told him not to bring dirt into the house. He immediately asked me, “What is the difference between soil and dirt?” I tried explaining but knew that I was not doing a good job. I decided to dig into soil and dirt and find out more literally. Many people will know the basic differences between these two, but explaining may not be as easy.

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What Is the Resurrection Plant? 7 Interesting facts About It

What Is the Resurrection Plant rose of jericho

The Miracle Plant

I was a child when I first came across this incredible plant in my grandparents’ house. They had left their plants unattended for a couple of months. All the plants had withered without water, and there was nothing we could do to save them except for this one plant, which my grandmother insisted could come alive. She called it the resurrection plant and kept it in water overnight. Imagine my surprise the next morning when I saw it looking green and fresh!

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How Do Plants Eat: 5 Products That Can Help Your Plant Grow Better

How Do Plants Eat What Is Photosynthesis


Ever wondered how plants obtain their energy? How do plants eat when they are not even mobile?

The truth is, the food that you have on your table comes directly from plants. No, there is nobody else feeding plants because they make their food! They need a list of ingredients to do so – this includes light, Chlorophyll, carbon dioxide, water, and significant and micronutrients.

You need to understand how plants make their food as they are the primary source of breathing and living organisms.

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