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When to Plant Tomatoes in Louisiana? | Best Time of the Year!

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Louisiana is known for its delicious cuisine, and one of the most beloved ingredients in the state is the tomato.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, knowing when to plant tomatoes in Louisiana is key to a bountiful harvest, but with the state’s varied climate and weather patterns, figuring out the optimal planting time can be challenging.

In this article, we’ll dive into the factors that affect tomato planting in Louisiana and discuss helpful tips to ensure your tomato plants thrive.

So, discover the optimal timing for planting tomatoes in Louisiana and start growing your delicious harvest today.

Let’s begin!

When to Plant Tomatoes in Louisiana
When to plant tomatoes in Louisiana? | Image via Dorian Wallender

When to Plant Tomatoes in Louisiana?

The optimal time to plant tomatoes in Louisiana is when the soil temperature is warm enough for the seeds to germinate and the danger of frost has passed.

This time usually ranges from the mid of March to mid-April.

However, if you’re planting transplants, you can plant them up to mid-May.

While the cold snaps in late March might have worried you, it’s highly improbable to experience more hard freezes afterward.

The reason I am advising you about early planting is because it ensures more production and higher-quality tomatoes.

Growgardener’s NOTE: Tomatoes prefer warm soil and air temperatures, so planting them too early can lead to poor growth and yield.

Choosing the Right Tomato Varieties!

Growing tomatoes in Louisiana can be challenging due to the hot and humid climate, which can cause fungal diseases and flowers to drop before the fruit can set.

Thus, choosing a suitable tomato variety that can tolerate the local climate and produce a good yield is essential. When selecting tomato varieties for Louisiana, looking for those that are heat-tolerant and disease-resistant is essential.

Many tomato varieties, including determinate and indeterminate types, are well-suited for Louisiana’s climate.

Let’s discuss both varieties first!


Determinate tomato varieties, like bush tomatoes, are an excellent option for growing in Louisiana.

These types of tomatoes grow to a specific height and have a shorter growing season. These specificities make them easier to manage and more resistant to disease.

They also require less staking and pruning than indeterminate varieties.


Indeterminate tomato varieties, on the other hand, grow tall and require more staking and pruning.

While they may take longer to mature, they can produce a higher yield than determinate varieties. However, they are more susceptible to disease and may require more attention to prevent fungal issues.

Other Varieties

When choosing a tomato variety, it is also essential to consider other factors, such as taste, size, and color.

Heirloom varieties are an excellent option for those prioritizing flavor over disease resistance.

Additionally, cherry tomato varieties are perfect for snacking and are well-suited for Louisiana’s hot climate.

When to plant tomatoes in Louisiana - tomato variety
When to plant tomatoes in Louisiana? | Image via Pixabay

Preparing to Plant Tomatoes in Louisiana!

It can be challenging to grow tomatoes in Louisiana’s hot and humid climate, but with the proper preparation, gardeners can still enjoy a bountiful harvest.

Just follow the simple guide below to understand the proper preparation method.

Hardening off Transplants

Hardening off is essential in preparing transplants for planting in the garden.

It involves gradually exposing the plants to outdoor conditions over several days or weeks, such as:

  • Increased sunlight
  • Wind
  • Temperature fluctuations

Hardening off helps the plants to acclimate to the outdoor environment and reduces the risk of transplant shock.

But what’s the right way to harden off the plant?

To harden off tomato transplants,

  • Start by placing them outside in a sheltered location for a few hours daily.
  • Gradually increase the amount of time they spend outside each day.
  • Protect the plants from strong winds and direct sunlight during this process.

After a week or two, the plants should be ready to be planted in the garden.

Preparing the Soil

Preparing the soil is crucial in getting your garden ready for planting tomatoes in Louisiana.

  • Start by removing any weeds or other debris from the planting area.
  • Then, test the soil pH and nutrient levels using a soil testing kit.

Tomatoes thrive in slightly acidic soil with a pH between 6.0 and 6.8.

  • If your soil is too acidic, you can add lime to raise the pH, or if it’s too alkaline, you can add sulfur to lower the pH.

Now, let’s move to the next tip.

Choosing the Right Location

Choosing the right location is vital in preparing to plant tomatoes in Louisiana.

Tomatoes need plenty of sunlight, so choose a location with at least six to eight hours of direct sunlight daily.

Choosing a location with good drainage is also important to prevent waterlogging, which can lead to root rot.

Avoid planting tomatoes in low-lying areas or where water tends to collect.

If you’re planting tomatoes in containers, choose a location sheltered from high winds and receives adequate sunlight.

Proper Spacing

Tomatoes require adequate space to grow and develop properly.

If plants are spaced too closely, they can compete for sunlight, nutrients, and water, resulting in stunted growth and lower yields.

When planting tomatoes in the garden, space them at least 2–3 feet apart, and leave at least 3–4 feet of space between rows.

If you’re planting tomatoes in containers, choose a container that’s at least 18 inches in diameter to allow for proper root development and growth.

When to Plant Tomatoes in Louisiana - planting tomatoes
When to plant tomatoes in Louisiana? | Image via Pixabay

That’s all!

Now it’s time to move toward the conclusion.


When to plant tomatoes in Louisiana, you asked? I hope all your worries have ended now.

The best time to plant tomatoes in Louisiana is when the soil becomes warm enough to germinate the seeds.

It is better to find the best variety that is both flavorful and disease resistant. After choosing, you just need to follow the proper method to plant the tomatoes so that you can get an excellent harvest.

I hope you are now ready to embark on your tomato-growing journey in Louisiana.

Happy planting!

Moiz Atiq.