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Cedarcide Vs Wondercide – 7 FAQs to Know!

Every year new type of bugs tends to hit your lifestyle. Is your cat or dog affected by the bugs present in their body? Where did the bugs come from? There are many queries, but the answer is either among Cedarcide Vs Wondercide.

Both are quite the answer to your daily problems, which come from unimaginable sources. If you are worried about which is the best product, well, this is the right blog you have landed upon.

Well, Cedarcide is a naturally-sourced insecticide and repellent which is made for personal uses. It helps the pets in your house be safe from the bugs and mosquitoes that tend to appear out of nowhere. It is pretty organic.

In like manner, Wondercide is a product line that utilizes several essential oils that act as insecticides and pest repellents. As we may say, both of them are products cut from the same cloth.

Similarities in Cedarcide Vs Wondercide

It is essential to know the similarities and differences if you are willing to buy either Cedarcide Vs Wondercide in the process. Talking about the similarities, both look identical, as if they are standing in front of the mirror.

So let’s look through some similarities first.

1. Nature of Use

Both of them in Cedarcide vs Wondercide is used for the same purpose. Although Wondercide is a mixture of various natural oils, one can say both are used as insecticides indoors, not only that both are pest repellents.

When used with great care, both products are bound to provide the best results as the formation of the product and the nature of use are the same.

2. Use of Ingredients

Cedarcide Vs Wondercide can be the right query to have for you. You might be irritated by the bugs once in a while. So what should you go for? There is rarely any difference between the two when we talk about ingredients.

Both of them in Cedarcide Vs Wondercide is made using cedarwood oil, lemongrass oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, etc. Hence, both of them are pretty similar products for use.

Cedarcide Yardsafe Cedarcide Vs Wondercide 3
Cedarcide Yardsafe via Amazon

3. Area of Production

If you are using any product, you must know where it is made. There is not much difference in the case of Cedarcide Vs Wondercide, even in the area of production.

Wondercide is made in Austin, Texas, whereas Cedarcide is made in Lewisville, Texas. Truly nothing much to choose from the two.

Differences in Cedarcide Vs Wondercide

The differences between these two products: Cedarcide Vs Wondercide, always helps you know what to choose from. If you are confused about Cedarcide Vs Wondercide, the differences in the product might be helpful to you.

1. Use of Ingredients

Many bug-affected readers might be confused to see ingredients used in the differences section. The ingredients used in both products are similar overall but different to some extent. And, that is a fact.

In the case of Wondercide, they use sesame oil, neem oil, rosemary oil, while on the other side, Cedarcide also uses diatomaceous earth, which is not found in the earlier one. So the ingredients are also quite different.

3. After Use Issues

Are you uncomfortable with the smell that sustains for long times? Does it bother you if a greasy residue is left on the areas where Cedarcide or Wondercide is applied? Well, you need not worry.

Although both the products in Cedarcide Vs Wondercide are outstanding when used. Their effectiveness is of the utmost level. But at times, the aftermath of the product use can be different.

Using Wondercide means leaving an oily residue on the surface used, while Cedarcide doesn’t do that as the drying is seen completely when used. In that case, it is good to use Wondercide in the outdoor areas.

4. Spray Time

Does it make you happy when you see that the repellent has a pretty little spray time? Well, not at all. This can frustrate you and question the holding ability of the product.

Cedarcide has a longer spray time, while Wondercide has the least. You can spray for 40 minutes with Cedarcide compared to 20 minutes of Wondercide.

5. Smell

Repellents with a good smell tend to please the user and vice versa. If you are looking for either Cedarcide Vs Wondercide, typically based upon the smell, well, Wondercide wins the battle hands down to its competition.

Besides the essential oils used in the product, Wondercide uses other oils, handle the smell. The odour level of Wondercide is shallow upon use. On the other hand, the odour of Cedarcide stays through for a very long time in the air. This can affect people who have allergies and can be pretty troublesome for them.

5. Price of product

If you are buying anything for homely use, it is imperative to know what price you pay. In the case of either Cedarcide Vs Wondercide, both of them don’t have a tremendous amount of price.

But one tends to exceed the other. When we have a look at Cedarcide, it costs you around $47.99, while Wondercide costs you almost $25.00, which is cheap and affordable.

Wondercide Cedarcide Vs Wondercide 2
Wondercide via

6. Category of Products

If you are sitting in your home reading this article, you must first know the product categories of both Cedarcide Vs Wondercide. If you are unaware of the products’ use, there is a lesser essence of using them.

In the case of Wondercide, they are primarily used for dogs, cats, yards, homes, and family members. But things tend to differ for Cedarcide. It is mainly used as bug sprays, indoor and outdoor pest control, flea and tick sprays for pets, and many more.

6. Area of use

It is good that your pest repellents cover a pretty decent area and keep the family safe. But how do you feel if the effectiveness is compromised? Interestingly selection among Cedarcide Vs Wondercide can be based on this factor once and for all.

As Cedarcide’s can go empty faster due to the longer spray time, they can be of better use in indoor works. When you readers think about treating the decks, porches for insect clearing, it is good to go with Wondercide as the can doesn’t get empty very quickly.


After you look through the similarities and differences in the case of either Cedarcide Vs Wondercide, the conclusion is the right place to decide. This section will provide you with the best option and a clear mindset.

When you look at both the products, choosing one might be challenging. But we come through to clear out the confusion. You can go with Wondercide, as it is the best product. For all the mind boggling things it can do to you and your pet in the house, Wondercide is the life saviour.

Frequently Asked Questions in Cedarcide Vs Wondercide

1)    What Insects does Wondercide kill?

Wondercide is a convenient product when we talk about indoor use. As a result, there are a lot of insects that Wondercide can kill.

This includes ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, ticks, scorpions, wasps and every other flying, crawling, biting and stinging pests.

2)    Can I use Wondercide on myself?

This is an exciting question that tends to revolve around the use of Wondercide. You might also be keen to know about its effects on humans.

To be sure, there are no issues in using the Wondercide onto ownself. The composition of Wondercide is pretty good that uses human food-grade ingredients. As a result, it is a safe product to use.

3)    How is it easier to get rid of dog ticks in my house?

If you love your dog, coping with dog ticks must not be a huge issue. But if you feel it’s irritating, Wondercide is right here to the rescue. Using Wondercide will kill the maximum amount of dog ticks.

If you are applying, you can spray generously around the cabinets, boards, corners, and window flaps which can kill the maximum amount of dog ticks with ease.

4)    Is Cedarcide toxic?

When we talk about Cedarcide, it is primarily non-toxic. However, on the rarest of occasions, it is found to irritate your lovely cat due to the long-lasting smell it beholds. The smell is too strong for any pet in your house to like and admire.

5)    Does Cedarcide kill flea eggs?

Do you have pets and extensive lawns around your living area? Well, fleas are the most common guest in your living place. You can forget that you ever had a flea or also flea eggs with the use of Cedarcide.

Not only kill the flea or flea eggs in your lovely pet, but it will also repel the new ones to come through. One thing that needs to be highly taken care of is that if there are excessive fleas, you need to use them daily.

6)    Is Cedarcide natural?

A lot of the keen eyes might be thinking about the authenticity of Cedarcide. It is understandable to have this query in your mind. When we talk about Cedarcide, it is derived from cedarwood oil, so it’s 100% natural. It is safe for your home and also the pets around you.

7)    Where is Cedarcide located?

Cedarcide was the idea of family members in Lewisville, Texas, who loved their pets and animals as you readers do. Those people started manufacturing products that would keep you and your pet safe.