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Do Strawberries Grow On Trees (Important Guide)

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Strawberries are small and slow-growing plants that rarely grow 6 meters in height. They have several stems, which become matted with age, and a hairy bark of a mottled reddish-brown. The blooming season for flowers is in winter and fall.

The fruits stay on the trees the entire winter and serve as a food source for the birds. Even though fruits are edible, they’re not as tasty to humans as to the wildlife.

The strawberries are evergreen plants, which grow with age and are well cultivated as the privacy edge. What many people wonder is, do strawberries grow on trees. Continue reading this article.

Do Strawberries Grow on Trees
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Strawberry Varieties

1. June bearing

This type of strawberry has a high yield in June or May. You can get a small second crop after this first crop, but the plants will stop producing fruit until the following year.

This strawberry variety works well when you want more fruits to make baked goods and jams. Popular types of June bearing are Sequoia, Earliglow, Chandler, L’Amour, Cabot, Allstar, Cavendish, Honeoye, Kent, Jewel, Sparkle, Seneca, and Surecrop.

2. Day neutral

This strawberry variety does not affect the length of the day and is less sensitive to extreme temperatures than other strawberry varieties. The flower buds form when the temperature is about 35 to 89 °F.

This leads to fruit production during the long growing season, from spring to autumn and, in mild climates, throughout the year. The most popular neutral types include Seascape, Albion, Tribute, Selva, Tristar, San Andreas, and Sweet Ann.

3. Ever bearing

The ever bearing strawberry produce fruits only in autumn and in spring. There are those, which grow in autumn and summer and vice versa. The most popular varieties are pink panda, Quinault, and fern.

Do Strawberries Grow on Trees?

No, there are different types of fruits, which grow on trees: apples, oranges, mangoes, and coconuts, among others. Nevertheless, strawberries are not on the list. The misconception that they grow on the trees may be due to the Arbutus unedo or strawberry tree.

The strawberry tree does not produce any strawberries. These develop small red berries, but the berries only resemble real strawberries in color. It is best to look when you see these trees, especially in USDA hardiness zones 8-11.

Do Strawberries Grow on Trees 2
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Do Strawberries Grow in Bushes?

Maybe strawberries grow on the bushes, if not the trees. In the end, they grow beyond the ground. Unlike bushes like rhododendron and oakleaf hydrangea, the strawberry plant does not have woody stems, which remain upright.

However, it is not wrong to say that strawberry bushes are there. The problem is that they look like strawberry trees because they don’t produce strawberries. In contrast, the Euonymus americanus or strawberry bush has five striped red berries of diameter 0.75 inches in the fall.

Do Strawberries Grow on Vines?

Although strawberries are found on trellises, they don’t grow on vines. They have runners that are stems, which grow horizontally and form buds at the end. Over time, these buds develop into new plants.

The strawberry plants’ growth pattern is also different from the natural vine plants such as bougainvillea and wisteria. Strawberries produce long stems just for growth, whereas vines do so regularly.

So, where do strawberries grow? Most have runners, not bushes, trees, or vines. Some strawberry varieties develop long runners when compared to others. So, gardeners use trellises to grow them vertically rather than spreading them around the garden.

Runners usually grow after one month. You should be arranging them using garden tape and trellis. If you require more strawberries, allow the runners to increase, and the buds develop. Else you can cut them if they’re affecting other plants.

How to Plant Strawberry Seeds or Plant?

Strawberries are very durable, which makes them ideal for different growing conditions. Typically, these plants love to spread as they grow. So, if you are planting a lot of plants, make sure you give them enough space.

There should be a rule of 30 centimeters between every plant. After planting, put straw or mulch around the plants. Essentially, this has several benefits, including lowering the number of spreading weeds and preventing destroying and spoiling fruits on the ground.

Planting Strawberries in a Pot

Usually, strawberries grow well in a pot. Whether you hang them on the ceiling or place them on the balcony, a pot can be a portable way and wonderfully decorative to grow strawberries.

Growing them in the pots means that they can be easily moved if the place is too sunny and hot. Also, hanging strawberries look great on the balcony too, unlike the plant’s dark green leaves.

Planting strawberries in a pot Do Strawberries Grow on Trees
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Planting the Strawberries in The Raised Beds

The raised beds become the best place for growing strawberries because the plants are well-drained and also protected from slugs and snails. When growing them on the raised beds, be sure to leave enough space for each strawberry and not plant them close to each other.

What to Plant with Strawberries?

Most of the gardeners prefer using the companion planting method. If you are among the group, the good news is that you can grow more plants alongside the strawberries. These include onions, lettuce, chives, asparagus, and spinach.

However, some plants are not planted close to the strawberries. They include melons, mint, kale, celery, and cauliflower. If you want to add strawberries to the diverse garden, check whether they are well-matched with the planted plants.

Watering Strawberries

Strawberries love regular watering, and it is imperative to make sure they do not get very dry between watering. Plants in the baskets and pots need slightly more water than their counterparts bed planted.

They do not like very wet leaves, therefore be vigilant when watering them and try to do it yourself if possible.

When Can We Eat Strawberries?

This is a question that many are asking. Strawberries have very tasty, which are rewarding to eat. It usually takes about 16 weeks between planting strawberry seeds until you harvest and eat the first fruits. If you cannot wait that long, consider planting seedlings rather than seeds.

Strawberries become great plants for novice gardeners because they are easy to grow and produce excellent fruits that you can enjoy when eating. You only need to take care of the plants, water them, and you will enjoy delicious strawberries.


Strawberries are delicious fruits, which can be fun to grow. They bloom in winter and fall. Likewise, they have little berries, which are edible.

These berries contain potassium and vitamin C along with many other vitamins and minerals. In a real sense, strawberries do not grow on trees, but other species that look like them grow on trees.