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9 Garden Makeover Ideas to Add Value to Your House!

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If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, it’s very important to pay great attention to your outdoor spaces!

Yards and gardens have always been a very desirable facet of any property, but now – with more people working from home or on a hybrid basis – this is more the case than ever before.

So, how can you get your garden looking its best? Here are a few Garden Makeover Ideas that will help you to boost your property’s overall value.

Garden Makeover Ideas
Garden Makeover Ideas via Pixabay

9 Garden Makeover Ideas

1. Seating Areas

If you don’t have decking or a patio, it’s a great idea to get one installed and keep it well maintained. The idea of being able to sit outside on a sunny evening and relax in the privacy of one’s own garden will always be appealing to house hunters.

This space does not need to be large – you just need room for a couple of chairs and a table. You’re likely to get extra interest if you have permanent or built-in garden furniture, but even a removable outdoor suite may help to inspire potential buyers.

Seating Areas Garden Makeover Ideas
Seating Areas via RattanDirect

2. Hideaways

An arbour, pergola, summer house or outdoor snug is another great feature. It offers an additional element of coziness and privacy, and can make an unused area of your garden much more attractive. Consider designs that support climbing plants for an extra wow factor.

Shelters like this are great for couples, people who love to entertain and even families with children, as they offer a great outdoor environment for romantic meals or drinks, party breakouts and even outdoor learning.

3. Grass

A lush green lawn will attract most buyers – particularly those with a young family, as it offers a wonderful, space outdoor play space.

It takes a little effort to maintain, but the results are worth it. If you already have a lawn in your garden, work hard to combat weeds and keep the grass as healthy as possible so that those who view your property know they won’t have to put in much effort themselves.

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4. Lighting

Lighting Garden Makeover Ideas

With the increased availability and affordability of solar lighting, more and more gardens are experiencing a “glow up”!

Arrange string lighting along your fences or around seating areas for a fairytale feel, or highlight paths and the edges of seating areas with stake lights.

Even if your lighting is not permanently affixed and you plan to take it with you when you leave, it can make for very impressive brochure photographs or a great experience during evening viewings.

Outdoor lighting makes your garden more attractive well into the evening and helps to suggest the potential for outdoor gatherings. It also offers an element of safety, making access across your garden easier in the dark and potentially dissuading trespassers.

5. Outbuildings

A shed or workshop will make your property appeal to the handy people and hobbyists among your potential buyers, while bike stores provide extra security. If you have a garden office, home-workers are likely to fight tooth and nail for a chance to buy your home!

A secure and well-maintained outbuilding is a superb element of additional storage for items like gardening tools, seasonal decorations, bikes, garden toys, craft supplies and plenty more. If you’re able to properly insulate the structure and add power, it’s even better!

6. Water

We highly recommend installing a pond or water feature in your garden or yard.

There are so many designs available, so you’ll easily be able to find a fountain or feature that works for you. There are even solar powered water features, helping you to enjoy this option without spending too much on power or worrying about your environmental impact.

These features are highly desirable thanks to their relaxing effects and aesthetic charm. They make for a superb focal point – plus, a pond will attract wildlife like bathing birds, and perhaps even frogs and frogspawn! This is great for nature lovers or families with young children.

7. Fence or Wall Upgrades

san francisco garden fence styles Garden Makeover Ideas
San Francisco garden fence styles via Flickr

Privacy is vital in a garden, but it’s also important that your gates, walls or fences look attractive and not too austere.

Repair any damage to these features and give them a lick of paint where relevant. Oil gates for a smoother opening and closing action.

You might decide to add climbing plants or hanging pots and baskets to walls and fences for extra interest.

Potential buyers will love the prospect of privacy, and will enjoy the fact that your fences or walls serve as pretty features in and of themselves.

8. Colour

A garden that is rich with colour will always appeal to buyers more than wild overgrowth or a blank canvas.

Consider planting colourful species in your borders and pots to give your outdoor spaces a burst of energy. Scented flowers are also an excellent choice.

9. Levels

Gardens that feature a range of levels are all the rage, and it’s easy to see why. They offer a great deal more interest than a flat outside space, and provide plenty of opportunity for fun planting.

Levels can be complex – with drawn-up designs and intensive landscaping – or simple, with hanging pots and baskets, plant shelves or tables, troughs and planters of different heights and shapes.

Creating landscaped levels can make a sloping garden more accessible, harnessing a natural feature and making the best of it. Also, if your garden slopes down sharply towards the house, adding levels could help to redirect water to prevent damp from affecting the walls.


You may even decide to hire a landscaper – or give this a go yourself.

Of course, if you’re planning to make a good profit on your sale, you should budget carefully before making a start – as more intensive changes like landscaping can get expensive!

You’ll get superb results if you can introduce lush grass, colourful plants and water features, add levels and lighting, provide privacy and storage and offer potential buyers the opportunity to interact with your property’s outside spaces by adding seating areas and hideaways.

By considering the above suggestions when planning a garden makeover, you’re likely to boost interest in your home and increase its value significantly.