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How Long Does Applesauce Last? Will It Go Bad?

Applesauce – Long-Lasting Tasty Treat!

During fall, you stocked up your pantry with applesauce from the big sale. As usual, the stock has exceeded your essential requirements by large. Right now, few jars are nearing their expiry date as on the label. Here comes the query: How long does applesauce last?

Or you have a half-opened jar in your fridge that you completely forgot about. Its been there for more than a year or two. You might be wondering: Is it consumable? You are preparing a meal where are you can use the leftover sauce. However, you’re not interested in becoming sick. What say?

How Long Does Applesauce Last

Do these scenarios ring a bell with you? Apple sauces have a long shelf life and last much longer than the label date. Apples also are packed with healthy benefits.

However, this mainly depends on how it is being stored. Learning about how to store, shelf-life period, and how to find if it has gone bad will be of great help. Peruse on to find more information!

Methods of Storing Applesauce

Applesauce from the local stores is usually sold unrefrigerated. Whether it’s in a bottle, a jar, or a package, unopened applesauce is commonly stored in this manner. This is because the sauce is commercially sealed and pasteurized to avoid contamination by microbes.

For retaining the quality of the sauce for a long time, keep the unopened jar in a cold and dark place. Keeping it in the pantry is a great option. In case it doesn’t fit into the pantry, you can also store it in a cupboard in the kitchen.

You need to make sure it’s away from any source of direct heat and sunlight. As for the temperature, avoid placing it in an area where the temperature varies drastically.

Once you open the bottle or package, you have to refrigerate the sauce. Make sure it’s tightly sealed while storing. This is applicable when storing leftover homemade sauce as well.

Freezing is an excellent option if you’re planning to keep it for an indefinitely long period. While freezing, leave some space in the container as it expands once frozen.

Canning Applesauce - How Long Does Applesauce Last
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Canning applesauce is another option. You can do this by pressure canning, water bathing, or steam canning. Pressure canning is not a safe method. It’s more or less the same as water bathing.

For more information, go through this video:

Is It Possible to Freeze Applesauce?

Freezing applesauce can change its texture. Just like other food products, after freezing when you thaw the consistency turns watery and mushier. A good stir might help a little, but don’t expect too much.

The watery consistency will remain as such. Freezing is fine if you are okay with it. For most of the recipes that include baking, this change does not matter. You can strain the excess water and use the remaining sauce to attain good results.

To find out if this process works for you, try freezing a small batch and use the thawed sauce for your recipe. Is it not working? You can discard it as it’s only a tiny amount.

Freezing the sauce is based on your requirements and planning to use all the leftovers for one dish? Pour the stewed apples into a freezer-safe box and put it in the freezer.

Wish to portion it? For small portions, freeze it in an ice cube tray. For more substantial portions, try using a muffin tin.

Steps for Freezing Applesauce

Be it homemade or store-bought; applesauce is the best for any season. After preparing, the sauce will last for 1 to 2 weeks. By storing in a freezer, you can extend the shelf life.

Things required:

  • Applesauce
  • Bowl or pan
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Freezer safe container

Chilling the Sauce in The Refrigerator

Pour the sauce into a bowl or pan. Cover it and keep it in the fridge. Let it remain there until it is thoroughly chilled. This may take between 1 – 24 hours based on the quantity. Take the bowl from there fridge once it’s completely cooled.

Pour in The Freezer-Safe Container

Going for long-term storage? Place the applesauce in a tight freezer-safe container. You can either use a resealable freezer bag or mason jar. Note that the container type has no impact on the quality or taste of the sauce. Hence go for one that has optimum convenience.

Squeeze the Air Out for Freezer Bags

Gently press on the freezer bag and flatten it as much as possible. This will remove the excess air in the sauce, enabling you to store well.

For Firm Containers, Leave 1” Headspace

While freezing, the sauce becomes harder and sticks to the container’s edges. As a result, the opening will become difficult as it will hold the lid firmly. To avoid this, leave a spacing of 2.5 cm between the lid of the container and the applesauce.

Sealing and Labeling

After pouring the sauce, cover it with a lid, and seal the opening in an airtight manner. Attach a label to the container mentioning the storage date, ingredients, and brand used.

Store in The Freezer For Two Months

Frozen applesauce will remain intact for around two months. Some homemade types remain edible for much longer.

Defrosting the Applesauce

For defrosting, place it in the fridge. Within a few hours, it will be ready for use. Need the whole package immediately? Thaw using a microwave or cold water. Remember to consume quickly, or else may become bad.

Want to use it for the next few days? Thaw by placing it in the fridge.

How Long Does Applesauce Last?

Applesauce bought from the local stores come with an expiry date. That date estimates how long it will retain its freshness.

If stored well, unopened packages will last for 12 – 18 months from the manufacturing date. As an unopened packaging is tightly sealed, and chances of contamination are less. This means it may last way over the expiry date.

Now comes the next question: How long does applesauce last after the expiry date is over? It’s hard to give a specific time frame. I would say it may go up to a couple of months more.

For sure, as time exceeds, the quality of the product degrades. Hence don’t expect the food item to retain its original taste and freshness.

Did you open the package? Then stick to the manufacturer’s instructions on how long you can keep it in the fridge. Most labels suggest 10 to 14 days of storage in the refrigerator. This timeframe differs for different brands.

For instance, Leahy Apple Sauce recommends using the sauce within 5 days from opening. As for Holmes Apple Sauce, the manufacturer advises you to finish it within 30 days after opening.

In case you accidentally left the sauce on your countertop overnight, check thoroughly before consuming. If it’s been there for a long time, it’s advisable to toss it off.

How to Find Out If the Sauce Has Gone Bad?

This is quite easy. Firstly, check the storage container if it’s leaking or damaged. If so, throw it away. Next, see if there are any changes in the aroma or color.

In case of mold, discolorations, or off smells, it’s better to toss it away. If it appears fine with no offensive smell, you can use it. Or else discard it! Approach with caution, as the initial signs of spoilage, are not easy to spot for such food items.

Wrap Up

There you go! You can store applesauce in various forms – canned or frozen. I have tried storing store-bought options like Leahy Apple Sauce and Holmes Apple Sauce. By adhering to the instructions on the label storing seems to an easy task.

Go ahead and store those jars of applesauce safely in the freezer. Are you planning to bake a pie next season? You can use your stock without any worries.

We wish to hear your experience as well. Do share your success stories with us. Also, let us know if this post was helpful. For more questions, feel free to write to us. We are here to help!