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How To Bypass Primer Bulb On Weedeater – The Ultimate 6 Steps Guide

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Your weedeater’s primer bulb could be broken, which isn’t the greatest thing for you. When it comes to piles and piles of leaves in your backyard, this is especially true.

The weed eater is also one of the most important things for you at this time. You all know that the weed eater is near useless without the primer bulb attached to it.

If you don’t use the primer bulb, your weedeater will turn on immediately. So, you might ask: How To Bypass Primer Bulb On Weedeater?

To begin, remove the screws and discard the defective air bulb. Then, pull away from the metal plate and clean out the air bulb seat.

Replace the air bulb with polythene and secure it in position with the metal plate. Finally, press down on the tiny ball of polythene till bubbles form in the carburetor line.

Primer Bulb Broken How To Bypass Primer Bulb On Weedeater
Primer Bulb Broken via Reddit

What Is A Weed Eater Primer Bulb?

Have you ever wondered what that little button or knob is on the weed eater’s handle for when you’re trimming your yard? It’s a priming bulb that draws enough gasoline into the carburetor to start the engine. This bulb, usually near the carburetor, is also known as an air bulb.

What does a Primer Bulb Do?

A primer bulb is a form of air bulb on a weed trimmer that pours gasoline into the carburetor to start the engine.

Each time you press the bulb, a fine mist of gasoline is sprayed as well as the air required for the weedeater to start. Air bulbs are mostly made of plastic or rubber, and they eventually crack or break after extensive usage.

This can be fixed by purchasing a new bulb and replacing it. However, you may find yourself in a bind if there is no replacement bulb available around you and you need the weedeater switched on quickly.

However, we’re going to show you how to bypass the primer bulb in a few minutes. So, let’s take a look at how to bypass the primer bulb on the weedeater step-by-step.

How To Bypass Primer Bulb On Weedeater

Equipment You Need:

  • Screwdriver

To remove the screws that secure the primer bulb’s metal component in place.

  • Polythene (Flexible and Highly Durable)

To be placed under the metal plate to form a ball-like structure.

The Step-by-Step Procedure

Step 1. Remove The Screws

  • There are two screws on either side of the air bulb.
  • Using a screwdriver, remove the two screws from the metal plate.
  • However, you may also come across Philips head screws or flat-head screws. The manufacturer of your weed eater mostly determines it.
  • When you’ve finished removing the screw, put them aside in a specific place, so they don’t go missing.

Step 2. Pull Away Air Bulb and Metal Plate

  • Now you can pull the metal plate up to remove it from around the air bulb.
  • Remove the previous faulty air bulb by pulling it straight up.
  • Don’t worry if anything is stuck or not moving properly.
  • As needle nose pliers are excellent for removing stuck objects, you can use them in anything that gets stuck.

Step 3. Clean The Air Bulb Seat

  • Clean the Air Bulb area thoroughly and carefully.
  • You see, a lot of dust and debris can build up around the air bulb seat on the weed eater.
  • There’s a good chance that it’ll do significant harm to the weedeater’s inner mechanism if they enter the carburetor.

Step 4. Now Put The Polythene Bag in Place

  • It will seem strange, but it’s what you need to do.
  • Place the polythene under the metal plate where the air bulb was.
  • Now push outward from the hole using your finger.
  • This will form a ball of polythene and function similarly to a primer bulb.

Step 5. Screw The Metal Plate Back On

  • You should now reattach the metal plate by carefully tightening it using the two screws.
  • Make sure there is no outside air getting into that tiny ball of polythene by making it too tight.

Step 6. Press The Polythene Ball Few Times

  • It would be best if you now got your DIY bulb prepared so that you may begin operating your weedeater right away.
  • When you properly tighten the screw fittings, you’ll notice gas accumulating in the ball of polythene, which is precisely what we want.
  • All you have to do now is keep pressing that little ball against the carburetor line for a while, and you’ll see bubbles form.
  • That’s when your weedeater is ready to operate.
  • Try to start your weedeater now.
  • It might take some effort at first, but it will eventually fire up after some attempts.

Pro-Tips For Using Primer Bulb of Weed Eater

The use of primer bulbs is critical when operating a weedeater, and it’s only natural to provide some basic instructions for utilizing the bulb. The following are the instructions:

  • Keep the bulb clean

Permanently maintaining primer bulbs’ quality necessitates cleanliness, much like any other piece of equipment. Avoid accumulating dirt and oil on it for a longer life.

  • Reduce rust as much as possible

For any equipment, corrosion can’t be avoided. Try to be meticulous in minimizing the use of the bulb. This will result in less corrosion.

  • Avoid applying unnecessary pressure

The primer bulb generally activates after you press it twice. Don’t apply excessive force; rather, search for faults on the weed eater or the bulb to ensure that everything is in working order.

  • Replace the damaged bulb

The best thing to do if your light bulb breaks is to replace it. The replacement process is straightforward, quick, and completely cost-effective.

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You can now use your weed eater without any issues and problems and enjoy using it as much as you want. Also, keep in mind that primer bulbs wear out very quickly, so you must replace them as soon as they do.

There are even two types of weed eaters; those with primer bulbs and those without. Some machines may be more reliable than others no matter what, but usually, the cheap ones lack the durability needed to last long. So, you should always pick up a more expensive machine to get better performance.

For that reason, you must know the right tools and techniques for repairing your weed eater if needed. It will benefit you in the long run because you’ll be able to keep your weed eater running smoothly for as long as possible.

With that being said, most people don’t even know how to use a weed eater correctly. And no matter which machine you have or what your experience with them is- it’s crucial that you read the manual!

You’ll find everything there about how to operate the machine without harming yourself or your surroundings. So, we hope that we have given you enough information and that you’ll be able to bypass the primer bulb on the weed eater the proper way.