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How to Cut a 45-Degree Angle with a Hand Saw – Ultimate Guide!

Want to know how to cut a 45-degree angle with a hand saw? You are at the right spot!

For a beginner at carpentry or just someone who loves DIY projects in their backyard, it is always a matter of a headache to pull off clean and smooth cuts.

Well, using the latest tools like power saws to make smooth and clean cuts and angles is certainly easier and quicker.

However, these power saws aren’t accessible to everyone.

Starting out, you may not want to invest a hefty amount in these expensive tools. But it is also true that you can’t pull off a smooth angled cut without one. Many beginners tend to lean towards the power tools when it comes to making complex angular cuts.

Before power saws weren’t even a thing, people still used to cut in angles using manual hand saws.

With a few additional tools, tricks, tips, and techniques, you will be able to perform a similar task using the manual hand saws.

So, in this article, we will discuss how to cut a 45-degree angle with a hand saw.

A hand saw on a table—how to cut a 45 degree angle with a hand saw
How to cut a 45-degree angle with a hand saw? – Image via Bailey Alexander.

Why Need a 45-degree Cut?

You may need to make a 45-degree cut for various reasons.

Whether you need the cut to make sides of a frame or you may want to make a mold or support system for your next construction.

It is not impossible to make this work if you have the right tools and techniques.

Tools Required

In this process, you will need a couple of tools besides the hand saw to get going.

Following are the tools you will be using to make a 45-degree cut with a manual hand saw:

  • A hand saw
  • A miter box
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood Pieces

Now that we have discussed the requirements, let’s get started to know the actual process. We have created a step-by-step guide to help you with the hectic process.

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Before You Begin…

We know that you are here on this page for that step-by-step tutorial.

But before you start cutting the wood, you should consider the following things to get the best result:

  • Be cautious while taking the measurement.

Take proper time to take the measurements, as you can measure multiple times but only cut once. If the measurement is incorrect, you can correct it. But if the cut is incorrect, you cannot undo it, and the material is ruined.
So, make sure you are confident about your measurement.

  • Use a sharp blade.

The dull and old blades make your cuts rough and ugly. You should use sharp and well-conditioned blades to get smooth and accurate cuts.
Also, look for rust and dents if the blade has been in your garage for quite a while.

  • It would be best to be careful while choosing your material.

Use appropriate woods according to your need and the type of project. Remember that some projects require certain kinds of wood while others require quite different types.

  • Use a miter box.

No matter how expert or beginner you’re, you must use a miter box for accuracy.
Your hands can make mistakes, but using a miter box not only provides angled slots but also keeps the wood firmly in one place.
This significantly affects the quality of angled cuts.

  • As cutting a block of wood with a hand saw can be dangerous sometimes, you must follow all the safety precautions properly.

Use gloves and boots, and keep the children away from your workspace. Also, you must not have electronic devices or wires around the sawing table.

  • Last but not least is patience.

You can’t hurry to build great things.
You should take your time and carefully cut the wood to get smooth and clean results.
Taking time to make your cuts gets you your desired result and ensures your safety. You won’t want to get wounded in the process, would you?

Thus, follow the precautions mentioned above before making the angled cuts.

A man using a hand saw—how to cut a 45 degree angle with a hand saw
How to cut a 45-degree angle with a hand saw? – Image via Irgi Nur Fadil.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Cut a 45-Degree Angle with a Hand Saw!

Follow the steps below to learn how to cut a 45-degree angle with a hand saw:

Step 1: Take the Measurement

The very first step is to take the measurement and make the required markings on the wood you are about to cut.

  • Make a mark at the point you want your wood’s length to be. Then, measure out the marking using a ruler or a measuring tape.
  • Again make another mark where you want your cut to start.

After making these two markings, you will see that they create a 45-degree angle.

Step 2: Arrange Your Miter Box

After you have made the marking, it’s time to set up the miter box.

  • So, place your miter box on a firm, leveled surface.
  • Then, place your wood inside the miter box so that the marks on the wood are perfectly lined up with the blade slots on the miter box.
  • You can place the wood’s end at the absolute end of the miter box so that the cuts are perfect.

Now, let’s cut!

Step 3: Cut Them

The next step is to cut the wood.

  • Insert the saw blade in the miter box’s blade slot.
  • Feel the blade making contact with the wood and push it forward.
  • Now, start sawing carefully.
  • Make sure you have your gloves on so your hands don’t hurt.
  • You must be careful with the blade being in contact with your skin to avoid getting cut.
  • Saw the wood using the hand saw carefully and steadily, and try not to make a curve.

The more stable your set-up is, the smoother and cleaner cuts you will get. Remember that this is the most crucial step in the process.

Step 4: Remove the Wood

Now that you have made a cut remove the wood from your miter box.

It may require a bit of external pressure, though. Gently push it from the bottom to remove it from the miter box. You will see a 45-degree cut after taking the wood out.

Step 5: Sand the Edges

After taking the wood out of the box, you may see some rough surfaces.

To get rid of that roughness, you need to rub some sandpaper around the surface. After sanding the wood for a few rounds, you will get a perfectly smooth cut.

Step 6: Repeat the Process

For multiple 45-degree cuts, repeat the process as mentioned above to go ahead with your project.

Watch this video for a good visual guide:

How to Cut a 45-Degree Angle with a Hand Saw – YouTube


So, this is how to cut a 45-degree angle with a hand saw like a pro.

Next time when you need to make an angled cut, remember to give this process a chance. However, you must be extra careful while doing the work mentioned above. The slightest error may make the cuts inaccurate and waste your time and materials.

You can use several other methods and tools to make an angled cut with a hand saw. But you should definitely do ample research before you start following one.

I hope you liked this article highlighting how to cut a 45-degree angle with a hand saw. May you succeed in your current project.

Happy construction!