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How to Cut Artificial Grass – 3 Steps Guide!

Artificial grass is an excellent substitute for real grass. It is a great long-term investment as it does not require constant care and upkeep and stays green and luscious all year round, unlike natural grass.

Artificial grass has become popular in landscaping and decorating commercial and residential areas.

If you are unsure how to cut artificial grass, then keep reading our guide to find out.

Artificial grass turfs are industrially manufactured in large sheets or carpets. It is then rolled and delivered to the location they are ordered from.

You can lay out each roll of carpet per the dimensions of the location.

All grounds are not necessarily plain, so the turf may need to be cut around to fit seamlessly and properly. To ensure you lay down your artificial grass smoothly and perfectly to obtain a clean finish, learn how to cut artificial grass from our experts.

Artificial turf—how to cut artificial grass
How to cut artificial grass? – Image via 小谢.

How to Cut Artificial Grass?

Before we get into our primary concern, let’s first see why we actually need to cut the ready-made rolls and what are the different methods.

Why Do You Have to Cut Artificial Grass?

When industries manufacture artificial grass, they package and ship it in the form of large rolls of turf for the sake of easy transportation and storage.

However, it doesn’t necessarily have to fit when the artificial grass is bought for a site. The pavement site might have landscaping, flowerbeds, plants, trees, etc.

To ensure that the turf fits seamlessly around the landscape, you must cut it precisely around the edges to get a smooth and clean finish.

Artificial grass turfs can be a little pricy, but they are a long-term investment and worth it. So, you don’t want to ruin it during the cutting process.

That is why it is essential to learn how to cut artificial grass properly.

To lay down your artificial grass and ensure it fits around your place’s existing structures and landscape, you must carry out some major cutting. You must ensure that the grass fits perfectly around the garden design and merges appropriately with the ground level.

First, we will discuss the two main ways to cut artificial grass.

1: Straight Cutting

You first need to lay down your artificial grass and cut it in straight lines around the landscape to fit the turf in.

Measure the turf’s dimensions and the site and cut the artificial grass from the backside.

Cutting it from the back will give you cleaner and more precise cuts, as the grass yarn will not interrupt the cutting process, increasing its precision and accuracy.

The purpose of cutting straight is to adjust the size of the artificial grass according to the site that needs to be paved.

2: Curved Cutting

Once you have cut your grass straight to fit the dimensions, the next part is to cut the turf in curved areas to get a more precise setting and give your lawn a cleaner and more well-designed look.

The trick here is to lay down the grass properly and get rid of any folds in the turf.

You can use chalk to mark the areas to cut them precisely. Use the tip of your blade to get a better guide while cutting around. While cutting around the curves, leave a small gap between the grass turf and the object.

A gap of 1/8th inch is sufficient.

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Preparing the Turf Before Cutting

Before cutting the artificial grass, following through with the preparations is extremely important.

These steps are necessary to make precise cuttings without ruining your yard. Follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to cut artificial grass accurately.

Step 1: Measurements

Before you begin cutting, the first and most crucial step is to make precise measurements of the grass turf according to the landscape of your land.

It will help you lay down your artificial grass more neatly and prevent excessive gaps and seams between the patches.

Step 2: Planning Ahead of the Design

It is important to lay out the grass and plan the cutting design.

Because once you cut the grass, there is no going back! Therefore, it is crucial to have a lay of the land and mark all the flowerbeds, pots, trees, or any other objects present on the ground.

Lay down the turf flat on the land, remove any folds, and then mark the turf with chalk so you know where to cut the grass.

Step 3: Choosing the Right Tools for Cutting

You cannot simply pick up scissors or knives and start cutting the artificial grass.

The turf is made from a solid and durable material meant to last, and it is pretty difficult to cut through using standard tools.

  • You will need to use appropriate tools to cut the artificial grass; otherwise, you can damage the turf and cause asymmetrical cuttings, ruining the look of your garden.
  • Using a sharp cutting blade is your best option while cutting artificial grass. And to make the process more efficient, cutting from the back is suggested since the back side has no yarns and fibers, leading to cleaner and more precise cuts.
  • You may need some other tools like a compass, a marker, chalk, a measuring tape, and a ruler to help you get more accurate cuttings.
  • Remember to wear safety gloves while cutting the artificial grass. The blade is sharp and mishandling it might cause severe injuries.

That would be all!

Here’s an interesting YouTube video that can help:



Artificial grass has gained popularity due to its durable, easy-going, low-maintenance nature.

Many landscapers use artificial grass to embellish their lands without the hassle of maintaining and caring for a natural grass lawn.

It is crucial to lay the turf properly if you plan to adorn your garden using artificial grass to get the desired look. To achieve a neat and beautiful garden, you need to know how to cut artificial grass properly.

We have covered all the basics in our guide on how to cut artificial grass and achieve a stunning garden.

We’d love to hear about your lovely landscaping projects in the comments!